Yesterday Once More…

I’ve been traveling down memory lane for a while now, through old photographs.  I’ve had a lot of laughs, a few tears, and have scratched my head on more than one occasion while thinking…What in the world were we thinking when we wore that!  It’s funny how we think we look so “cool” at the time, only to discover, years later, how hideous the styles really were.

I noticed a pattern in our picture-taking over the years.  We only seemed to take photographs on birthdays, Christmas, and special occasions.  Our collection of pre-children Christmas photos consists  of pictures of everyone’s  Christmas trees, the gifts around the trees, and Christmas dinners.  Why did we waste precious film taking pictures of food and wrapped gifts?  If you’ve seen one baked turkey, you’ve seen them all, right?

Christmas at Ed's parents in the 70's

I know why we only took photos on special occasions.  It was because film was expensive in those days.  We had a Polaroid camera for several years, and we only got eight pictures from a package of film!  Black and white film was cheaper than color, so we have more black and white photos than color ones.  What a disappointment!  To me a black and white photo is not much of a photo.  I can’t stand them, and I don’t know why–in this modern-day–people will choose a black and white photo over a color one!

Ed in Okinawa~1971

I love how looking at photographs can transport me right back to that special time in my mind.  Old photos of Ed while he was stationed in Okinawa conjure up the feelings of  loneliness that I felt all those months while he was away, but also the feelings of great happiness when he finally came home!  As I scanned those photos, I couldn’t help but marvel at  all of the miles those photos had traveled.  I wondered how many times those photos had been handled and looked at through the years.  (Believe me, I handled them a lot during the 21 months that he was gone!)  One old photo even had three tiny cat paw prints embedded in the finish of it!  I couldn’t help but wonder whose paw prints those are…Perhaps, “B.B.” our first “cat child”?

Some of our photos have all but faded away.  Black and white ones have turned light, while the color ones turned dark.   On the computer, I was able to lighten up some of the dark photos enough to see what the images once showed, but not enough to get a decent photograph to reprint.  I couldn’t help but think how these photos are somewhat like my memories…Fading with time and age. 

a faded photo of my family in the early 70's

Thank goodness all of our photos aren’t Polaroids!  Shortly after the birth of our first child, 33 years ago,  we bought a Minolta 35mm camera.  It was the best money that we ever spent!  From that day forward, we always had at least one good camera on hand to capture the moment–even if somebody’s eyes were closed in the picture!  Ahh…Those were the days, weren’t they? 

I can’t leave without posting a nostalgic song to go with this nostalgic post.  I loved The Carpenters.  Nobody else can sing like Karen Carpenter could…and the sound of her voice takes me back every time!

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  1. I really enjoyed your post. You know I am a music lover , This is a great song, I don’t know how I missed it all these years. The other thing we take pictures of every year is the Christmas tree. O’boy, what was I thinking is right. After we got a fake one, when the girls were teens, they all look the same. Why bother.

    When we ran from the hurricane a couple of weeks ago, I garbage bagged all my photo albums and piled them on my bed. It was covered and mounded with albums. Redoing all of them and scanning takes forever. I need to do that too.

  2. I loved that song and KC…her voice was amazing and her story is so sad. We have lots of pics growing up of the same thing-presents and trees and food. And that didn’t change much year to year : )

  3. Loved your take on photos and memories. Love Karen Carpenter but hearing her always makes me so sad.

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