Meet Me On Monday…After The Weekend Is Wrapped Up

Happy Monday, everyone. I trust that you all had a wonderful weekend. It certainly went by in a hurry, didn’t it?

It’s been a while, but Java has started her “Meet Me On Monday” meme again, so I’m joining with her again. It’s good to get back to the routine. Thanks, Java. I’ll post and answer the questions, then tell a little about my weekend at the end.

1. I can’t stand when someone …lies to me on purpose.  It’s a pet peeve of mine.

2. Do you do daily, weekly or monthly grocery shopping?  I shop every other week, usually on Fridays–and I get “sticker shock” each time I enter the grocery store!  The prices are getting ridiculous!

3. What kind of car do you drive?  I drive a 2001 PT Cruiser, and I still love it–even after all these years.

4. Crunchy or soft tacos?  Crunchy only!  I just can’t make myself like the soft ones.
5. What’s the habit your proudest of breaking?  Biting my fingernails.  I have to keep them trimmed to the tips of my fingers though.  Everytime I break one, I still get the urge to bite!

It’s been a busy and tiring weekend.  Saturday was our daughter, Brandy’s, birthday.  I decided I’d cook her a birthday dinner on Sunday, since she and her family were out of town on Saturday.  This decision required me having to fight the Saturday crowds to purchase the necessary supplies…It was a madhouse out there!  I’m  glad I don’t have to fight Saturday crowds very often.

Most of Sunday was spent in the kitchen, but everyone seemed to enjoy getting together and having some of mama’s Sunday dinner.  They don’t get that opportunity very often these days.  In fact, I so seldom cook, I’m losing my touch.  That’s a scary thought!  

Unfortunately, Brad and Jennifer weren’t able to join the rest of us for Brandy’s birthday dinner, and we missed them!  As the family grows, it’s getting harder to juggle getting everyone together at the same time.  Lately, we seem to be averaging two out of three families, but I can’t complain since we still see everybody a couple of times weekly, even if not all at the same time.

I began having computer issues last week.  I stopped being able to leave comments on some blogs.  Thank heaven for computer-savy sons!  Brett suggested that I download Google Chrome.  He helped me download it, and what a difference it made in my computer!  It’s faster, and I can leave comments again!  Yay!  Thanks, Brett.

The weekend weather was “picture-perfect” here.  The evenings were cool, but the days were sunny and warm.  I did resort to turning on the heat  Sunday morning when the temps dipped to 45 degrees.  Such good sleeping weather!  I hope we have a lot more of this kind of weather before it turns cloudy and cold.  I love fall, but I don’t care much for winter!

So how about you, how did you spend your weekend?  I hope it was a good one.

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  1. So true as the family grows it gets harder and harder for everyone to get together at the same time. Yes, grocery prices are very maddening! Up and up and up. It would be different if we didn’t have to eat – looks like they’ve got us in a headlock 😉

  2. I get the urge to bite my nails only if they break, as they get all rough (ew) so I try and carry a nail file everywhere. lol

  3. Fingernails for me too. And I really agree with number 1, even though I didn’t think of it when I posted my reply.

  4. I’ve had to turn on our fireplace each morning this weekend to take the chill off … We had frost yesterday morning.

    I am a reformed nail-biter. And if one breaks off, I too have to fight the urge to bite.

  5. Hi stopping by on the “Meet me on Monday” blog hop. Yes, totally agree about how hard it is to get family together. I don’t know…the world today is so impersonal. Seriously, some people wouldn’t be able to function without, their technical gadgets. If if wasn’t for Facebook, Twitter, or texting I don’t think I would ever talk to my family. I try at least 3 days a week with my clan to sit down for dinner as a family & catch on each other days. Family bonding to me is so important.

    Sonya M. Jones

    Tee-iabo Designs

  6. My husband told me yesterday that I should be able to support groceries for our family of five on $150 dollars a week. And we have two in diapers! There’s no way with the grocery prices! He hasn’t really done shopping since 8 years ago; he has no idea!

  7. I say I am not a technical person, but I do love testing, emails, blogs and facebook….when they work right. If they don’t, I’m lost. I call my IT support….. Terry.

    I miss the big family get togethers. We have a small family so it is possible to get everyone under one roof.. The most difficult thing is the schedules of everyone now that our children are adult and have little ones, jobs, plans. lives. It hasn’t come together in years. I’m still hoping. I’ll just enjoy yours. 🙂

  8. I am pretty sure we meet doing Meet Me on Mondays!
    Enjoyed reading your answers.

  9. I’ve been wondering about Google Chrome. E-mail me and let me know how it’s going. 🙂

    I’m just loving this cooler weather. 😀

    I don’t think I’ll say too much on the fingernail issue…mine look terrible. 😦

    I’m glad you guys got together for Brandy’s birthday. What a sweet, sweet person. 😛

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