Exams, Shots, and Other Not-So-Wonderful Stuff…

I’m late posting today, but I’ve been a busy little bee this morning…I’ve already gotten up early, drove to town, had lab work done, and gotten my flu shot!  What a way to start the day, right?  I figure the day can only get better after all of that!  After hearing all of the coughing at the doctor’s office, I feel like I should come home, take a shower, and take a mega dose of vitamin C.  Apparently, the cold and flu season has begun early this year.

I really hate this time of the year!  I love the actual season of fall, but I hate all the appointments that come with it!  First of all, I get to have my yearly mammogram done this month.  Whoopee…Who doesn’t love having their boobies squeezed as flat as pancakes?  It’s the highlight of my day…NOT!

Following the yearly mammogram, comes the yearly pap test and exam!  Things just keep getting better, don’t they?  I don’t get it…I have no cervix, no uterus, and no ovaries, but I still need a yearly pap test.  Go figure!  Of course they have me over a barrel since I still take hormone replacement therapy.  I have to go to the doctor once a year, to get my prescription renewed.  I’ll do anything to keep those hormones balanced…(and Ed will, too.)  I don’t know how long I will be on hormone replacement therapy, but I hope it’s a while longer.  I”m not very pleasant when my hormones get unbalanced.

Following all of that fun comes my dental checkup.  I don’t really mind my dental checkups, but there’s just something about walking into the office and hearing the sound of that drill…There’s also a particular smell that greets you at the door…a medicinal smell, which reminds me of… shots!  I always try to relax during my cleaning, but more often than not I find myself gripping the arm of the chair!!!

Last but not least is the yearly field of vision and eye exam.  I don’t know if you’ve ever had a field of vision test done, but I hate the field of vision test!  You have to stare straight ahead into this machine and press a button each time you see a little speck of light coming from varying directions.  It’s quite nerve-racking!  Did I mention that you only get to use one eye at the time?  I must have this test done yearly because of one of my arthritis medications can potentially harm the eyes.  After the field of vision test is over, then I get to have my eyes dilated and be blind as a bat for 4 hours!  Such a fun way to spend a day…

Well, I’m getting tired just writing about all of the adventures awaiting me during the next couple of months, so I think I’ll go do something fun–like vacuuming and dusting the bedroom.  I can hear the Endust calling my name now!  After that, I think I’ll go outside and enjoy the totally awesome fall weather that we are currently having…and I’ll think of tests, shots, and doctor visits on another day!

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  1. I do all of that at the begining of the new year. I call it getting my oil checked and the tired rotated. There is no end to the probing and prodding we women go through. I get my teeth cleaned twice a year. After I hit 50.. or more like when 50 hit me, I needed one crown after another. That seems to have stopped the last couple of years. And, I wear glasses so I’m there with ya on all of these “small fine tunings” we need. Thank goodness for insurance is all I can say.

  2. I wish I was that good at going for all those test.
    I don’t like them and put them off all the time!

  3. Well, I just whined about the heat last week and now it’s been pouring down rain for three days straight. Today’s been the worst because the wind has joined in.

    Do you like having all those tests done the same month to get them out of the way? I think I might spread them out a bit. Although, it’s probably best just to do what you are doing! 🙂

  4. My internist told me that the need of an annual pap test for women who had a hysterectomy is a myth perpetuated by medical schools training future gynecologists. What do you think?

    I think you are superbly organized to get all your testing done the way you do! Had that field of vision test for first time ever after my stroke. Did not care for the experience either!

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