The “Awesome Eighties”…

Good Morning America celebrated the “Awesome Eighties” every day last week.  I really enjoyed looking back at the styles, music, and trends of the eighties, and it started me thinking…What was I doing during the eighties?

Let’s see…I began the eighties in my mid-twenties, with only one child, and ended the eighties in my mid-thirties with three children!   I guess I don’t have to tell you what I was doing during part of those awesome eighties!

April 1984...mother of two

I spent fourteen years at home,  raising our family.  Ten of those fourteen years took place during the eighties.  I was a bit preoccupied during the awesome eighties…

During the time I stayed at home with our children, I did various things to  earn and save money.  I learned how to make and decorate “character cakes”, and I made and sold children’s birthday cakes for a little while.  I used cloth diapers with the first child, and made most of my own baby food with the next two.  I sewed most of my clothing, and some of our daughter’s.  I made curtains, throw pillows, and various other things for our home.  Later, I learned how to make dolls, and sold them and handmade Christmas ornaments for extra money at Christmas.

During the eighties I finally got my driver’s license, and gained my independence.  I really didn’t have a choice anymore–I was now somebody’s mom and chauffeur.  I spent three years of the eighties taking  little ones to preschool classes–five mornings a week.  On Monday afternoons, I also took our daughter to dance classes.

April 1987...a family of five

One activity that I remember well from the eighties was going camping.  Our family purchased a used camper in 1986, and that was the beginning of a family adventure that lasted nearly a decade!  Our family had a lot of fun in that camper!  It was our “home away from home” for two full weeks every summer, and lots of weekends in between.  You wouldn’t believe the stuff we could pack inside the hallway of that camper!  Five bicycles, lawn chairs for everyone, a cooler,  a grill, a camp stove, and various other assorted accessories!  Sometimes we even threw in a wading pool or the guinea pig and the parakeet!

For a time, every Friday night at 10 o’clock found me glued to our television set!  I loved watching Don Johnson on “Miami Vice”.  Who knew someone could look so good wearing a black t-shirt with a white suit–and no socks!  I’ve dreamed of visiting Miami for over twenty years now–and finding Don Johnson in that white suit!

I was notorious for cutting the shoulder pads out of my dresses and blouses back in the day.  Occasionally, I still do.  I can’t stand all the extra bulkiness!  I hated stirrup pants, but finally gave in and bought a pair of them before they went out of style.  They drove me insane every time I wore them–just like I thought they would.  There was just something so wrong about that piece of elastic under the arch of my foot, and it made my feet sore!

I did love the bright neon colors of the eighties though, and I dressed my children in the bright colors for spring and summer.  I have lots of pictures to prove it–probably much to my children’s dismay!  They had school pictures taken while wearing those bright neon-colored shirts!  I still love neon colors to this day…

Easter - the end of the eighties...

I kind of  liked the “big hair” look of the eighties, but didn’t have the right kind of hair, or the  patience to pull off that look.  I never managed to get my bangs (or my daughter’s)  to flip back and layer the way some people could do–not even with all the gel and hairspray in China!  In fact, my own hair managed to get shorter (with a little help) with the addition of each child!  I barely had enough hair to comb by the end of the eighties, but it didn’t bother me a bit!

I’ve enjoyed this time spent reminiscing about the days of the eighties.  To me, the 80’s weren’t as good as the 70’s, but they were better than the 90’s.  What do you think?  And what were you doing during the awesome eighties?  I’d love to know as I hop on board Tuesday’s Train!


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  1. What a delightful look back. My husband and I were raising our two sons and working. Yep! I liked Miami Vice, too!

  2. This was fun! I’m going to think about it but I was in uni until 82, grad school til 84, then got married. Didn’t have my first baby til 88 so I was working and a newlywed. We did have a lot of fun in those years. I loved the 80s and I had the big hair, the big collars, the bows, the shoulder pads (WHY???) and oh yeah, I was still super thin : )

  3. sounds much the same as my life in the awesome 80s…In 1978, we bought a soybean field 2 miles from my parents and built our own house so by 1980 we were living in it, and soon had a pasture full of horses and cows. I sewed lots of clothes for myself and my Daughter, our children grew up and went to the same high school that I had gone to. I grew and canned much of the food we ate. Both my children became Christians in the 80s. Toward the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, our son joined the Army and our Daughter went away to college. It seemed like a much longer period than the same 10 years do today.
    Mama Bear

  4. The 80’s were a pretty good decade for me. Finished my degree and finally got a “real” job where I could support DD & me. Bought a house all on my own. DD was baptized. Got to watch a lot of winning Cardinal baseball. Fell in love with DH. Yep, the 80’s were a pretty good decade.

  5. Ashley often tells me that I’m stuck in the 80’s, so I guess you could say that I love the 80’s. 😀 The clothes, the hair, the music, the TV shows…I loved it ALL!!! 😛

  6. I also enjoyed the 80’s and I didn’t have big hair either but it was long for a bit, then really short and curly (as in perm curly). Our children started school, I went to work outside the home and hubby worked 2 jobs and went to college! Good thing we were young and had lots of energy!! Sounds like you were busy as well. A great time for all.

  7. I raised my children during the 80’s. I love the music from the 80’s. I always cut out the shoulder pads too! I really love all the photos. I really need to go through mine and scan them on my computer. The 70’s were good too.

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