It’s Party Time…

I’ve been as busy as a little bee getting ready for our family Halloween costume party tomorrow night.  Most of the  Halloween decorations are out, the costumes are ready, and the games are planned.  All that’s left is shopping for and then cooking the food.

I spent the greater part of yesterday hanging fake spider webs…There’s just something so wrong about doing that!  I actually noticed a few real spider webs while hanging the fake ones…

There’s also something not quite right about putting fake rats, spiders, and roaches in your house!  Those rats and roaches just look nasty–even if they are plastic!  Ha!  Did I mention that I have a few bats hanging from the ceiling, too?

It’s become quite a challenge to plan a family party.  I wanted to find games and activities suitable for all ages, so I chose several “carnival type” games.  There’s a little kid in all of us, right?  If not, we can always pretend!  Everyone is usually a  good sport.  I’ve got one funny activity planned for the adults that I hope will be good for a laugh or two.  I’m afraid I can’t top the “mummy wrapping” contest of a couple of years ago, though.

I’m excited about seeing everyone’s costumes.  I think I know what everyone is dressing as, but you never know when someone might pull a last-minute surprise!  The last time I threw a party,   my son swore he wasn’t dressing up, then he showed up dressed as President Obama!  He won the prize for best costume, rightfully so.

I mentioned earlier in this post that I still need to do some shopping and cooking.  Time is passing, so I’d better get busy.  Tomorrow night I’ll have several hungry mouths to feed…and I’ve still got to decorate the haunted cookie house!

Have a great weekend, y’all.  I’ll be around to visit as soon as I can…

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  1. Have fun! No need for fake cobwebs around here : )

  2. Funny how we take the real spider webs down to put up the fake ones!!! Have fun, looking forwarded to seeing pictures of the party and crew.

  3. Can’t wait to see family party pix!

  4. What a wonderful display. Here from the over 40 hop and you have given me so many ideas!

    Your newest follower!

  5. I hope you guys have a blast. I can NOT wait to see the pictures. Something tells me your blog posts for next week are going to be more than interesting. Enjoy your party and have a great weekend. 😀

  6. How fun for the whole family. What a wonderful idea for making memories. I’m sure the grands love it. I once wanted to have a summer time “Great Gatsby” family picnic where everyone had to wear white. I got so many objections, I said to heck with the whole thing. Can I join your family?

  7. Your too much fun. How awesome to have a family Halloween party. Have a great time. Looking forward to the pictures.

  8. I love your Halloween tree…and a party sounds like fun…
    I’m getting ready to send out my PIF gifts….send me your address.
    Mama Bear

  9. That Gord People post was cute!

    As I read this, you are either in the middle of your party or it’s already over as you are two or three hours ahead of us. Hope it was fun!

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