Halloween Party–Gooseneck Style…

Last week found me preparing for our family Halloween Party on Saturday night.  I spent two days hanging fake spider webs and spooky things  all over the house.  I must have done a convincing  job, because our 5-year-old granddaughter has been scared to come over and visit for the past couple of days!  Actually, the main source of her fear comes from a large spider hanging over the front door…that drops down whenever there’s a loud noise.  We finally had to turn it off during the party.

Of course, what’s a Halloween Party without a few outside decorations, too?  In addition to the two jack-o-lantern/skeleton men on the front porch, and the lit-up spiders on the windows, I asked Ed to make his traditional “Halloween Man”.  As usual, Ed didn’t disappoint!  Just envision a man hanging from a tree, with one foot missing, and fake-blood stains all over his hands and clothing, and a face that looks like this…

The family arrived at our party right on time!  As promised, I had the television tuned to the Georgia/Florida football game.  Everyone sat glued to the television until after the game ended.   Our Georgia Bulldogs beat the Florida Gators–for the first time since 2007.  You should’ve seen us.  We’d jump up during the commercials, take a few photographs, then take our places on the couch before the game started up again.  It was hilarious!  The Bulldogs were the stars of our party for a while.

The game ended, we finished taking pictures of everyone in costume, then it was time to eat.  We had some very interesting-looking foods at this party.  Check out what we had going on in my kitchen:

The drinks of choice were Spider Cider, Vampire Juice, Toxic Elixir, and Green Witches Brew–complete with floating eyeballs!

Check out our appetizers of… ear wax (mini marshmallows dipped in melted butterscotch chips), scabs and pus (frosted flakes and mini marshmallows), or rat droppings (mini chocolate chips)…

My own personal favorite was…used band aids (graham crackers/frosting)!  Yum Yum!  There were also a few ghoulish eyeballs and some gummy worms thrown in for more variety!

The rest of the menu consisted of taco soup, chili, hot dogs, hamburger dip, chips, deviled eggs with “eyes”, pumpkin rice krispie treats,”white trash”, “cow patties”, and various other goodies.  Many thanks to my girls for their help in preparing the goodies.

Once the meal was finished, it was time for a few games! The games were a real challenge this year because they had to be suitable for children and adults. Fortunately, even the simplest of the games turned out to be challenging for all.

We began the evening with a little cometition of bean bag toss.  Our oldest son, Brett, is pictured here with his little son, Cade.  Cade liked the bean bag toss.  Youngest son,  Brad,  blew everyone out of the water with his 40 points!  He took home a tin of popcorn for his winning efforts.

Here’s a photo of me trying hard to ring the legs of the spider during the ring toss game.  I wasn’t successful.  This game is a lot more difficult than it looks!

Here’s a photo of Brad trying his hand at “ghost darts”.  We put a little twist on the game of darts.  You had to throw while wearing sunglasses–covered in aluminum foil!  Leave it to us to make things “interesting” 🙂  It’s hard to aim at a dart board when you can’t see it!

Perhaps the most interesting game of the evening was the “candy corn relay”! The object of the game was to work as a couple to see who could get the most candy corn into the middle bowl within a minute–using only a spoon in your mouth. No hands allowed!

The final game of the evening was to guess how many candy corns were in a jar.  Daughter Brandy was great at this game, and only missed the correct amount by one!  The correct amount was 299, and she guessed 300.  Now that’s a great guess!

Following the games, Ed took the kids (and “kids at heart”) on a little hayride in a hay wagon that he built especially for this occasion. ( He simply put sides on an old pallet which he placed on his tractor lift.) Brandy’s family even decorated the little wagon for Halloween!  When our granddaughter saw Ed’s little hayride wagon, she asked, “Where’s the rest of it?”

The day following the party, someone reminded me that I neglected to award a prize for “best costume”. Oops! It completely slipped my mind. If I had chosen a winner, it would have been daughter-in-law, Christina’s, pregnant skeleton costume!  It was adorable.  She hand painted the baby on her shirt, in addition to the skeleton bones on her slacks!

I think that’s the best-looking family of skeletons I’ve ever seen!  What do you think?


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  1. It looks like fun for all. I watched that Ballgame, too. Auburn still has to play Georgia so I wanted to see how they did against Florida.
    I vote for the skeleton couple too. How neat.

    Kathy, you get two points today for being a follower and for commenting. All of the answers are on my blogs or profile so not hard to find.

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  3. Oh the food! I don’t know if I could eat the graham cracker bandages-they look so real!

    Glad a good time was had by all and we’re always happy to see Florida get beat. Just sayin’ : )

  4. Looks like everyone had great fun. I love your food ideas. ear Wax…scabs and pus.. My grandsons would be all over that. The more gross it is the better. Great costumes. Great memories.

  5. I absolutely LOVE this story and the pictures. Everyone looked great. What fun games. And what unusual foods. What a creative mind you have. And, I think Christina’s idea about the way she painted her shirt was too cute. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. 😀

  6. Now that is a fun family party. How cool are you and your family! Love your costume and the picture are wonderful. Lots of fun games and treats too.

  7. You are so creative. I was hoping for a report on the party and you (and the party) did not disappoint!

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