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I feel like I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of activities during the entire month of October!  October is always like that for our family.  We have two family members who celebrate birthdays, the fair comes to town, there are always several fall festivals, and this year we hosted the Halloween Party.  I’m tired.  Pooped.  Worn out.  As a result, I have a case of “writer’s block”, too, so this will be a totally random post!

I spent three days, last week, decorating the house for Halloween, and another three days, this week, taking those decorations down!  In between, I spent a day on the couch resting…Then I spent the day, yesterday, decorating for Thanksgiving!  I’ve jumped from ghosts and goblins to Pilgrims and turkeys!  I am NOT ready to tackle another major holiday already–and Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  In fact, even Christmas is only 49 days away!

The good news is…the time changes this weekend, and we gain an extra hour!  I’m actually joking…I HATE the time change!  For the next month, I will be ready to go to bed an hour earlier than I want to, and I will be ready to get up an hour earlier than I need to!  It will also be getting dark an hour earlier in the afternoons 😦

Okay, since I’m suffering from writer’s block, let’s talk about what’s going on in the news.  Yeah, I know.  It’s a jungle out there…

First of all, after watching the news coverage on television for an entire month, I’m still wondering, “Where is baby Lisa?”  and exactly what happened to her…Something strange is going on, I’m just not quite sure what it is!  Who puts their baby to bed at 6:30 then drinks wine with a neighbor until they “black out”…and where were the other two children while this was going on???

What’s up with the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters?  Each night as I watch the news, it just seems to get more ridiculous–and violent.  It’s crazy enough that grown people are out there participating in this madness and mayhem, but some are dragging along their children as well!  Do parents not have any common sense anymore?  (see previous paragraph)

Then there are these Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations…Oh give me a break!  The press is all over this like “white on rice”.  There’s a “snake” in the wood pile somewhere.  The timing is just too perfect with the Iowa caucus coming up…If by some chance, the man is guilty of something, he certainly wouldn’t be the first, especially in Washington!

Last, but certainly not least, what’s up with the 20-40% rise in the cost of peanut butter?  Just another nail in our coffin!  Now it’s no longer economical to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.  What’s next, and where does it stop?  I don’t know about where you live, but here the weekly “specials” at the grocery store have become a “joke”.  These days, the “specials” are  higher than the regular price was just a few short months ago.  Some people laughed and made fun of Glen Beck when he predicted astronomical food prices were coming– but by George, he was right!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see ya’ back here on Monday–hopefully more refreshed and rid of my “writer’s block”!  Thanks to Java for hosting Follow Friday!

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  1. Good Morning! I am visiting your blog from Follow Friday 40 and Over & have also subscribed. I’m looking forward to following your blog. =) I am back to my blog after a hiatus. I hope you can visit
    Have a great day!

  2. Hey! No writers’ block in sight. Your random thoughts are thought-provoking and yes, entertaining! And your decorating energy and party stamina are awesome!

  3. I’m with you on the time change! It’s already getting dark here by 6:30 … I’m already wanting to go to bed way earlier than I need to … with the time change, I’m going to want to go to bed before we’re even done with dinner! 😦

  4. I mentioned the time change to my husband and he was happy. I told him I hate it…I hate the early darkness to the afternoons but mostly I hate waking up so early. I always wake up too early as it is. Now it will practically be the middle of the night!

    Have a nice weekend

  5. I think I’m the minority here, but I love the time change. I’m a very nocturnal person, so the early darkness is just right for me. Ashley likes it too, so there won’t be any turmoil in this household about it. Don’t hate me for saying it, but I wish the time was like this year-round. I better shut-up and wish you a nice, restful weekend before you start chunking pumpkins at me. 😛

  6. I miss Glenn Becks tv show so much. He warned us of these occupiers also and did you hear yesterday of acorns involvement ugghh…
    I am not sure what happened to that baby and have the SAME questions you have WTHeck and dear God I hope someone is taking care of her and it is not more tragic.

  7. I agree that this “Baby Lisa” thing is getting very suspicious indeed. It reminds me very much of Kryon Hormon, the little guy missing from his school, in Oregon more than a year ago.

    You have been busy. You need to take it easy for awhile. Then there’s Christmas shopping to do. Bug sigh….

  8. Randomness is fun sometimes! I wouldn’t be able to decorate for each holiday like you do, although I’ve thought about it a time or two. Thinking about it doesn’t get it done though.

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