A Friend, Her Book, and A Surprise In My Mailbox…

One of the most wonderful things about blogging is getting to meet nice people from all over the place!  I’ve met so many nice people, and learned so many new things during my years of blogging.  Both are “perks” that I never expected when I began this blog..

One of the nicest, and most interesting people I’ve met is named Doreen.  I met Doreen through a blog hop many, many months ago.  A sentence at the top of Doreen’s blog caught my attention.  It said, “They say everyone has a story.  This is mine.”  I was hooked, so I had to read on…

At the time, Doreen was still healing from the tragic death of her younger brother, David.  She was also in the process of writing a book entitled Bristol Boyz Stomp.   Her book is about the senseless, brutal attack on her brother, which ultimately led to his death. It’s also about the events that followed as the family sought justice for David.

Doreen shared parts of the book on her blog, and I always knew it was going to be an interesting read.  Through Doreen’s blog, I was able to follow along as she shared the progression of her book.  Along the way, Doreen held some contests, and I entered one of the contests.

A few weeks ago, I was notified that I had been selected as one of Doreen’s contest winners, but I  had no idea what my prize would be.  Imagine my surprise when a copy of Doreen’s book arrived in the mail a couple of Saturdays ago!  I squealed with delight!

I was knee-deep in fall activities when the book arrived, so I had to put it aside until things calmed down a bit.  I recently began reading the book, and it’s difficult to put down!  Doreen’s book is riveting, and it’s also a story written from the heart.  I feel as if I am in the story with Doreen.  I can feel her pain and frustration as I read her words.  I find myself wondering how in the world would I cope with a situation such as this…

I’ve wanted to post about this book, and how proud I am of Doreen and her accomplishments.  When I discovered that Bristol Boyz Stomp was being released on Tuesday, November 8, now seemed like the perfect time!

Check out Doreen’s book below.  If you click the picture of Doreen’s book,  it will give you a brief synopsis of the book, plus details of how to order, in case you’re interested.

Bristol boyz Stomp
The Night that Divided a Town
by Doreen M. McGettigan

***Congratulations on the release of your book, Doreen!  It’s a winner!  

It’s Tuesday, which means I’m joining the Tuesday Train blog hop.  Click the train if you’d like to learn how to ride along…


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  1. Sounds like quite a story. I love the blog connections I’ve made since I started mine. A surprise blessing.

  2. Sounds like a must read. I’m so sorry that she had to endure that kind of pain.

    Congratulations, Doreen, on the release of your book. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much Kathy you have no idea how much I appreciate you and your words. XXXOOO

  4. That is so sad what happened to her brother. How awesome that you meet her through blogging and you now have a book that she wrote. It does sound like a good read but so sad that it’s a true story.

  5. How tragic…. I hope they do find justice.

  6. Love your family portraits you shared with us. And the one of your grandmother, you in the middle, and your mother….I especially like the 3 generations there. Way cool. Oh and your outfit in that picture is classic. I so love the cut. I think it’s timeless!!!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I appreciate your visit and taking time to leave me a comment. It’s always a pleasure to have your company.

  7. Thank you Kathy XXXOOO and thank you all for the lovely comments!

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