Pears And Pecans…

the last of Ed's golden pears...

A while back I wrote a post about my husband’s on-going adventure with squirrels who were intent on stealing our pears.  For weeks, Ed and the squirrels had “the battle of the pears” going on.  The squirrels knocked the pears off the trees, while Ed constantly shot in their direction with his “BB” gun, attempting to scare them away.  Trust me when I say, those squirrels were never in any danger!

It turned out there were more than enough pears for man and animals.  Those three little pear trees had literally hundreds of pears on them this year!  The squirrels ate pears, the rabbits ate pears, the grandchildren ate pears, and Ed ate pears!  I made four pear cobblers, and then froze some cooked pears for future cobblers.

The pears are almost gone.  If I had to guess, I’d say there are less than a dozen total left on the trees.  However, we now have a new crop of something to take their place…pecans!

our pecans are getting ready to fall...

Years ago, Ed’s daddy planted several pecan trees down the dirt road leading from the highway up to our house.  About every other year, the trees bear nuts.  I don’t know why they only bear on odd numbered years, but they do!  It’s 2011, so this is the year they are bearing nuts.  It’s also the year that pecans are bringing record high prices at the market!  We’ve been told that China wants to buy America’s pecan crops this year, so the market is better than usual.  Chinese fruitcake anyone???

For some reason, our pecan trees drop their nuts later than others in the area.  While many people have already harvested and sold their nuts, ours are just beginning to fall…a few at the time!  If we don’t gather the nuts as they fall, the squirrels will!  It’s a little like hunting very small eggs at Easter time–before the squirrels find them!

Gathering nuts…this brings me to the topic of the “pecan picker-upper”!  This is the year that Ed and I have discovered the need for pecan picker-uppers!  In the past, we’ve scoffed at the use of such a thing, but alas, our time has finally come!  Our legs and backs simply aren’t what they used to be…

Has anyone priced a rolling pecan picker-upper lately?  We did.  The price for the small one is forty dollars–plus tax!  In case you aren’t familiar with the item that I am referring to, permit me to show you what you get for forty bucks…

a pecan picker upper

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t seem like much for the money…unless you are stooping and squatting in an effort to gather all of those stupid little nuts–one at a time–in which case, it’s worth more than forty bucks!!!

Nuts anyone?

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  1. My husband would love a pear tree but will never get one. He listened to my uncle complain about fruit trees for too many years. I would love the pecan tree. The picker upper is very interesting and would be better then bending to pick them up.

  2. If I were having to pick up the pecans, I’d pay just about any price for a pecan picker upper (I’ve got some arthritis in my back … all that bending over would do me in!).

  3. We picked pears along with our apples this year…you have to do something with the pears pretty quickly : ) So will you be making a pecan pie for turkey day?

  4. Hmmmm…. Now didn’t you have grandchildren for just such a reason. Make it like Easter egg fun and reward them for a job well done.

    Okay, I know they are not available everytime you need them so I can see how that little contraption would come in handy.

  5. Our pecans, I believe they are Stuarts, only bear in odd numbered years also. I wondered if we were the only ones. We use the picker upper with a coil like a coarse Slinky and the bottom. They are available online for as little as $7. One place was Sears; who would have thought?

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