Around The Kitchen Table…

I’ve been scanning and editing old pictures for the past several months.  I’ve discovered something while doing this…Families used to spend a lot more time sitting around the kitchen table in those days!

The photo above was taken in the early to mid-seventies of my sister-in-law and me, sitting at my little kitchen table. I loved that little octagon kitchen table very much!  It was little and cute, and just right for my tiny kitchen.  A lot of good times were spent around that little kitchen table–from family meals to playing board/card games with family and friends!

The next photo was taken in my mother-in-law’s kitchen, also in the seventies. That’s me and the same sister-in-law sitting with Ed’s mom.  A lot of good times went on around this kitchen table, and many great meals were eaten while sitting there.  I feel a bit nostalgic seeing my father-in-law’s favorite silver glass on the table.  He drank from it at every meal, for as long as I knew him…

Here’s a photo of mine and Ed’s parents, along with our children. It was taken in Ed’s parents’ second kitchen. (Yes, they actually built a second kitchen for canning and large family gatherings.) Do you recognize that little octagon kitchen table? (By then, our family of five had out-grown the little table.)   I love having old photos of our children with both sets of their grandparents…

Last, but not least, here’s a photo of family gathered around my parents’ kitchen table. There’s me and my sister-in-law again 🙂 You’ll also notice Ed’s mom in the edge of the photo. (It wasn’t unusual for our parents to join each other for special occasions.)

These days, people don’t gather together as much, and they certainly don’t spend  time around kitchen tables like we used to do. Everyone is just too busy with other things. Too often, meals are eaten in front of the television or even in the car!

I wish everyone could just get back to the basics and what really matters most–time spent with loved ones around the kitchen table!  I highly recommend it.

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  1. I have a lot of memories like this……Family meals would find the women in the kitchen around the table getting the meal prepared and then again afterward before and after we had cleaned up….Mother didn’t have much space in the area around the sink and stove so a lot of prep work went on at the table….
    Jim and I had gotten into the habit of eating in the living room but I’m trying to change that…

  2. I love the sitting around the table time. It’s so intimate and warm to sit with people you love and just enjoy their company. When my grandsons want to get up and run as soon as they are through eating she tells them, “Sit! We are having polite conversation.” I have to laugh at the memory that is creating for them. My husband is a sitter. He can be counted on to still be at the table with the women when the other men have run away.

  3. That is so true, we just don’t sit around the table like we use to years ago. Love the photos.

  4. I know what you mean about gathering around the table. I hate to admit it, but I can’t remember the last time I sat at my table to eat a meal. Me and Ashley fix our plates and then head to the den to watch TV while we eat. I wish it was more like the old days when my parents were alive. Seems like we were always around the table and always talking and laughing. Ahh…now I’m feeling nostalgic. 🙂

    • You remain in my prayers, Miss Kathy. I hope that you start feeling better soon. 🙂

  5. Awesome, so glad he liked it!

  6. Amen to sitting around the table. Hope those meds and less-than-100% symptoms all get ironed out.

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