Meet Me On Monday…Before Thanksgiving!

Another weekend has come and gone, and here we are on the Monday before Thanksgiving!  Time to link up with Java for her “Meet Me On Monday” meme.  Put that Thanksgiving turkey on hold, and let’s have a little fun…

1. I wish I had more time to …finish all of the projects that I have started!   I never seem to have the time to “get around” to them.  One of these days…
2. What is your favorite kind of soup?  Homemade vegetable beef soup.  I’ll be glad when the weather stays cold long enough to enjoy some!  We’re back in the 80’s again!
3. Where will you eat Thanksgiving dinner?  This year we are eating Thanksgiving dinner at our daughter’s house–right next door.  I’ve mentioned this before, but it will be like going home again for Thanksgiving…we raised our family in that house and lived there for 30 years.
4. What is your favorite time of day?  I’ve found that my favorite times of day have changed over the years.  When I was growing up, my favorite time of day was when school got out for the day…After marriage, it was when Ed got home from work…After children, my favorite time of day was their bedtime…Once I began working again, my favorite time of day was whenever I got home from work and changed clothes…Now that I’m retired, my favorite time of day is first thing in the morning, when I’m rested, and the day is still quiet and calm.
5. Did you start Christmas shopping yet?  Yes, I have started my Christmas shopping.  I began my shopping back in early September.  I only have a few more gifts to purchase.

Weekend Wrap Up:

By Saturday I began to feel better, thank goodness.  My stomach has been behaving itself, and so has “Uncle Arthur” (arthritis).  I hope this feeling lasts, but without the Nsaids, it’s only a matter of time before “Uncle Arthur”  pays another visit.  I hope he will skip Thanksgiving!

We had a busy weekend around our house.  I managed to get Ed’s German Chocolate cake baked, and he’s been enjoying it!  I made the frosting with fresh pecans from our trees.

We spent most of Saturday afternoon picking up pecans–lots and lots of pecans.  Ed has taken one load to market already, and we have a second load ready to go next week. ( I can’t wait to use some fresh nuts to make a pecan pie for Thanksgiving!)  We’re grateful for the pecan crop, it helps us pay our property taxes.

On Sunday Ed and I rearranged the living room to make room for the Christmas tree.  Why is it that you have to totally rearrange the room to make room for the tree at Christmas?  Rearranging the furniture is a big deal for us.  We have two couches that weigh a ton, thanks to the two recliners in each one.  It requires two furniture dollies to move one couch!  It will take us until next weekend to recover…we’ll put the tree up then!

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  1. I think my favourite time of day has changed a lot over the years too. For now I like it when everything is quiet 🙂 it doesn’t happen a lot but its nice when it does.

  2. Mmm…homemade vegetable soup is my favorite too. Maybe it’ll get cold enough, and stay that way, so we can make some. My air-conditioner doesn’t know what to do. One day it’s the air, the next it’s the heater. Typical life in Georgia, I suppose. 🙂

    I’m very glad to hear that you’re feeling better and were able to make Mr. Ed his german chocolate cake. (I’m sure he’s glad too.) 😀

    Take care and have a very Happy Thanksgiving, and TRY not to overdo it. 😛

  3. My favorite soup is tomato rice. Glad you are feeling better. Have fun eating at the old house next door. We are going to our daughter’s as well. It will be a great short work week (which I am very Thankful for).

  4. I too love the mornings. Wish I had some of your pecans. I have to go to the store tomorrow, and get some–that should just about empty my wallet.

  5. German chocolate cake-yum! Such a treat…my mom always makes me one for my birthday.

    Glad you’re feeling better…enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

  6. Enjoyed reading your answers. My husband thinks it’s silly to have to move the furniture for the tree. Like everyone has a huge empty spot in their house just waiting for the Christmas tree each year!!! Glad you got your cake made, I bet it is delicious.

  7. I make a mean vegetable beef soup if I say so myself. And that reminds me that now that it’s gotten cold, it’s soup time! 😉

    Glad you’re feeling better and hopeful that you can keep Arthur at bay.

  8. My mom and dad grown alfalfa on the farming part of the property they own to pay off property taxes too.

    Sorry to hear about your bunny, but it sounds like you provided a nice, safe life for her.

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