A ChristmasTrain Story…

Since today is Tuesday, and I always join the Tuesday Train blog hop, I have to share my Christmas train story with you.  Most of my Christmas decorations have a story to go along with them–like where they came from,  who I was with when I bought them, or even what prompted me to get them.  Here is the Christmas Train story of 2011…

I bought a Christmas train set many years ago, when our children were growing up.  I used the train around our Christmas tree for several years, but eventually I stopped using it because it became difficult to put all of our presents under the tree because of the train and its tracks.  The old train has been packed away for quite a while.

Flash forward to now, when all of the children are now grown and we have grandchildren.  We only shop for the grands and a “Dirty Santa Game” that we play with our kids, so we don’t put many gifts under our main tree anymore.  Now there’s no reason not to use the train set, right?  Besides, our little grandson loves trains, and he would get a thrill out of it!  Did I mention that I saw a neat train set while I was out shopping the other day?

I couldn’t really justify buying a new train set when l still had one at home–even though the new one was radio controlled, whistled and played Christmas tunes, and came with a locomotive and five cars–two of which had moving parts!

So, on Sunday I got out my old train set to see if it would still work.  Unfortunately, it required six batteries…I found three old ones, and borrowed three new ones from my daughter–just to see if it would work.  No luck!  I figured maybe some of the batteries weren’t any good.

I asked Ed to go to town and buy us some lunch and six new batteries.  I even gave him the money!  I was thinking if the train didn’t work, I’d go back and get that shiny new set I’d seen at the store.  About 45 minutes later, Ed returned with lunch–and only four batteries!  The batteries came in packs of four, and he said he didn’t want to purchase a second pack!  That made me mad–and before the day was over I had what’s commonly known as a “Jack Attack” (named after my mother, Jackie, who had a nasty temper).  What was I supposed to do with only four new batteries?!

Ed used  the four new batteries that he bought, plus two borrowed batteries, and  finally got part of the old train to work.  It was sluggish…(could it have been from mixing the batteries-duh?!)   Ed said, “the switch just needs a little cleaning”…I said, “Put it back in the box!”  I was still fuming because he didn’t get the correct number of fresh batteries.  No way was I putting a sluggish train under my Christmas tree!  I could just imagine that train making its way to the far side of a fully decorated tree–then stalling!  Oh my...I also instructed Ed to throw the train into the Goodwill pile, which always makes him mad!  He hates giving anything away!

On Monday, after giving the train situation much thought,  I went back to the store and purchased that shiny new Christmas train.  I’ve been very conservative with my shopping this year, and I decided to treat myself for a change.

Guess what?!  The new train only required four batteries!  It’s a good thing because I’m still fuming about being two batteries short for the old train!  I’ll bet next time Ed will buy two packs of batteries whether he wants to or not–in this case he got lucky…or did he?   I sure do like the new Christmas train!


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  1. Men…what can ya say. I once sent a girlfriend a card that asked “Why did the man cross the road?” on the inside it said ” Why to do any of the things they do?” While both of our husbands are good ones, they (men in general) don’t think like we women do. A woman would have bought exa batteries to have on hand as well as the correct number needed……just in case. I bet that train is cute as can be running around your tree.

  2. Well, at least you got your train. 🙂

  3. It’s so frustrating when husbands don’t listen to us. Mine always seems to have to learn things the hard way instead of heeding my advice.

  4. Men can’t train them, can’t live without them. So funny. My hubby does the opposite, he comes home with the big 40 batteries pack! Oh My, good thing we love them.

  5. LOL It is so good to hear that someone else fumes at the things their hubby does. Sometimes, it is maddening! LOL WTG on the new train.

  6. Sorry the train doesn’t work. I was thinking of putting my small Christmas train out this year since I may not put everything else out. Hope he loves his Christmas train!

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