Fun Friday Photos…

What do you do when it’s 10 pm on Thursday night, you’ve been cleaning and decorating all day, you had unexpected company who just left, and you haven’t written a post for Friday?  You  browse through your old Christmas photos and share a few of them, of course!  Now why didn’t I think of that?  Oh wait!  I just did!

Christmas in the early 2000’s  Our youngest son, Brad, went through a  phase of being “camera-shy”.  That’s him hiding behind the Santa pillow.  Brad’s also a bit of a “wise guy”!  Can you tell?

Same Christmas ~  Here’s a photo of our daughter and her husband (during their second year of marriage, I think).  That’s “Gizmo”, their first “child”, in the picture with them.  He was such a cute “granddog”!  Unfortunately, poor Gizmo died after being bitten by a rattlesnake while chasing his sister, Fluffy” the cat,  around the yard.

Almost all of my “granddogs” have died tragic deaths…rattlesnake bites, tainted dog food, run over by the mailman.  It’s sort of hard to believe, isn’t it?

Christmas 2006 ~ Look who has arrived!  The first grandchild, Madison Elizabeth!  Her little shirt says it all.  She was my present after a long and difficult year of waiting for her mother to give birth!  (I’m talking nearly 9 months of bed rest and a couple of hospital visits)  Ed bought that little shirt for Madison (and me) at the gift shop of the hospital where he worked.

Christmas 2007 ~ Our first grandchild, Madison, got this cute little red car for her second Christmas.  Her Uncle Brett is taking her for a “wild ride” down the hall.  Just look at her little eyes!  Madison traveled many miles in this little red sports car before she outgrew it.

Christmas 2008 ~ Look what Santa brought to our family just two weeks before Christmas! It’s our first grandson, Caden!  He belongs to oldest son Brett and his wife Christina.  Caden doesn’t look very thrilled to be wearing his Santa suit, does he?

This year, Santa’s bringing a baby brother for Caden on December 27th!  Next year we will have two grandchildren’s birthdays to celebrate–one just before Christmas, and one right after Christmas!

Christmas 2009 ~ Just look how those two little “grands” have grown!  This photo was taken following the Christmas play at church.  They’ve grown twice as much since this photo was taken!  Oh, how this grandma would love to slow time down just a bit!

Christmas 2010 ~ What better way to close this post than with last year’s Christmas family photo!  Aren’t we an interesting bunch?  I enjoy shopping for all of those various Christmas hats, and everyone is a good sport about wearing them.

I can hardly wait to see what memories Christmas 2011 will hold.  Just over two weeks to go!  Wow, I’m outta’ here…

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  1. This was fun…I had a flyer from Hallmark…they have some cute hats that play music….
    Mama Bear

  2. Your daughter looks a lot like you : ) Love all the fun ‘hats’ in that last picture!

  3. Such a beautiful family and oh my the poor granddogs. That is ..strange!

  4. I have many pictures of my oldest daughter hiding from the camera too. Usually it was a hand in front of her face.

    You were very dedicated to get a post off after such a long day. I would have just skipped it. You’re a better woman than me.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I love it when you do a Picture Post. Your pictures are always great and have such nice stories attached. I can’t wait to see the pictures from Christmas 2011. 😛

  6. Great post. I love seeing past Christmas pictures.
    So sorry about your tragic loss of your granddogs.

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