Grandpa, Tell Me About The Good Old Days…

I’ve spent a lot of time rummaging through old photos this past year.  I made a book on Shutterfly using a lot of those photos, then  gave it to Ed’s mom as an early Christmas gift.  This week I decided to make a video montage with some of the photos, in honor of Ed’s dad.  Today I’m sharing that video with you.

What is it about getting older that makes us so nostalgic?  Have you ever noticed how older folks only like to talk about the past?  My parents did this, and Ed’s did, too.  When I was younger, I couldn’t understand why they seemed to enjoy remembering the past so much, but lately I’m beginning to “get it”.

This  video montage recaps life with the Bacon family, especially Ed’s parents.  It begins with photos taken in the 1940’s in front of the home which the couple shared for over 50 years.  It shows all five of their baby boys, two of which never lived to grow up.  It shows pictures of the family farm where we continue to live today, too.

You’ll also see Ed, while he was growing up with his two younger brothers, us during our courtship, Ed while he was in the army, me spending time with his family while he was away in Okinawa, and us with our parents on our wedding day.

The montage goes on to show some fun family times throughout our lives, and holiday times with each other.  There are several photos showing  my parents, and Ed’s parents together. Our families were close, and we had lots of good times together.

Many of the people shown in these photos have long since passed away, which makes me realize, even more,  just how precious our time together really is. Take a moment from your hectic Christmas activities, and step back into the past with me…

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  1. What sweet memories. I love the goats. Teehee !!! 😛

  2. That was just beautiful Kathy. I always enjoy your old photos. What program do you use to make these videos? They always turn out so nice. That’s a perfect song. I am a big Judds fan/ family disfunction and all. You’re pictures told a wonderful story of lots of love.

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