A Few Of My Favorite Christmas Things…

Let me begin by saying, “I love Christmas decorations!”  I always have.  I began collecting decorations way back in 1972, and although I’ve slowed down quite a bit, I’m still collecting.  By decorations, I mean all things Christmas–anything that strikes my fancy.

As you can imagine, some of my collection is getting old, and many things that used to be animated, have begun to fail.  I was sad this year, when the large skating pond Ed bought for me many years ago, finally stopped working.  I found pleasure, many years,  from watching those little figures gliding across their “frozen pond” while holiday music played.

The old train bit the dust this year, too.  Once I finally got enough new batteries for it, I was going to give it to our grandson to play with.  As hard as Ed tried, he couldn’t get the old train to work.  I was going  to throw it out, but Ed couldn’t stand to let it go…it’s in his work shed!  If you look close, in the old photo of Brad below, you can see the old Christmas train under the tree.  This photo is about 19 years old.

Some of my favorite Christmas decorations remind me of my mama because I purchased them from her while she was an Avon salesperson. All of these decorations are getting pretty old, too. Here’s a gingerbread house that I got from mama.

The house has a candle inside of it, but I’ve only lit it once or twice. These days I keep it inside of my curio cabinet during the Christmas season. Many of those little decorations surrounding the gingerbread house are gifts from former students.

I bought this ceramic Christmas tree from mama, too. It has scented crystals inside of it to make the room smell like a Christmas tree!   The little carolers surrounding the tree, I collected from a dollar store one year, simply because they reminded me of some people from our church–the choir!

Last, but not least, are my Santas From Around The World.  I saw these one Christmas and just had to have them.  The only problem was, by the time I saw them,  the store was already sold out of USA and Germany!  I bought the rest of the set anyway.  Meanwhile, without my knowledge,  Ed was searching high and low in all of the surrounding stores to find the USA and Germany pieces.  He found some in Savannah, and drove 120 miles, round trip, to get them for me.  I still can’t believe he did that!

Wow, I’m just getting started, and my word count tells me it’s time to wrap things up, so I’ll stop.  Perhaps I’ll do a “Favorite Things Part 2” sometime.  For now, I’m off to wrap the rest of those Christmas gifts!


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  1. My grandma would have loved those Santas! She usually left one or two on display all year long because she liked looking at “his jolly old smile.”

  2. I love the Santa collection-how fun!

  3. Your Christmas decorations are fabulous. You really have a one-of-a-kind man in Mr. Ed. He is so sweet, and yes, I can actually see him driving 120 miles to get those Santas for you. And, just think, Chase will be making his grand entrance any day now and that’ll be your best Christmas present of 2011 by far. God bless. 😀

  4. You have some lovely collections. I have never seen those Santas, they are really cute.

  5. I love reading about the collections other people have….
    Merry Christmas….don’t forget to take time out for yourself..
    Mama Bear

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