Christmas Catch Up, Part Two…

Now where was I, when I last posted?  Oh, yes!  It was about to be Christmas Eve…Ed and I made some Christmas candy, then hosted a family “Low Country Boil” on the Friday evening before Christmas Eve.  Everybody was able to come except Jennifer, who had to work.

Not a lot of excitement went on around our house on Christmas Eve this year.  Usually, we host a family party or get-together of some sort, but this year we left the evening free.

Our oldest son, Brett,  and his wife, Christina,  celebrated Christmas with Christina’s family on Christmas Eve day.  Jennifer and Brad celebrated with her family on Christmas Eve night.  Brett and Christina decided to let their son, Caden, open his Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve night, so Ed and I went to their house and watched him enjoy his new toys for a while.  Caden got a battery-powered tractor for Christmas, and he was thrilled!

Later in the evening (on Christmas Eve), Ed helped our son-in-law put a trampoline together.  At some point, Brad came and helped them.  I think the men finished their project shortly before midnight–and tried out the trampoline when they finished!  Boys will be boys!  After all, part of the joy of Christmas is getting to play with new toys…

Christmas morning began with a phone call from our granddaughter, Madison.  She wanted us to come over and see what Santa had brought her.  I asked her if she had looked outside, and she replied, “No.”  We walked over to her house just as she discovered the trampoline sitting in her yard.  The look on her face was priceless!   I feel really blessed to live close enough to our grandchildren to be able to share special moments like these…

Jennifer had to work on Christmas Day, so she wasn’t able to eat with us or to be there for our “Dirty Santa” gift exchange.  However, she joined us via telephone and gave Brad advice on whether to pick a new, wrapped gift or steal an opened one from somebody during the exchange!  She chose to steal Brandy’s gift of a wedge bed pillow and matching throw!  Here’s a picture of  Brad on the phone with her…

It turned out that great minds think alike, and two of the gifts in the “Dirty Santa” game were remote-controlled helicopters.  Our son-in-law opened up the first helicopter, but it was quickly taken from him.  That’s why it’s called “Dirty Santa”.  Both of our sons ended up with helicopters as one of their gifts.  This made for a lot of laughs and some grown-up fun.  Give a man a toy and he’ll become a kid again!

Some time later, well after the “Dirty Santa” gift exchange was over, I realized that nobody had received our priceless, thirty-year-old family heirloom–those infamous “Christmas Panties”.   I knew that Jennifer received them last Christmas, so I asked Brad where they were.  He told me that Jennifer had decided to keep them for an extra year…It turns out that he was telling a little lie to cover up the fact that he forgot to bring them out at the end of the gift exchange!   Later that evening, after Jennifer got home from work, she pulled the forgotten gift from behind our couch and presented it to–Ed!  That’s right, Ed was the lucky recipient of the Christmas Panties this year!

We were so busy, we almost forgot to take our annual Christmas family photo this year!  Finally, late in the afternoon, right before everyone was getting ready to leave, we all picked out a funny hat and posed for our picture.  Daughter, Brandy is wearing one of this year’s new additions to my collection.  It’s a chimney with Santa’s legs sticking out of it!  I like Christina’s hat with the spring on top of it, too…


Our family had exactly one day to rest up from Christmas, then we were off to the hospital bright and early for the scheduled arrival of little Chase Walker on Tuesday, December 27th!  His mom and dad had to leave home around 6:15 in the morning–in the rain!  Ed and I arrived at the hospital around 9.  We’d been in the waiting room for about 45 minutes when I heard Brahms’s Lullaby playing over the intercom.  I wondered out loud if this meant that our baby had arrived.  I got my answer about five minutes later when they paged us to come to the nursery!

Yes, indeed, our little Chase had arrived, and let me tell you,  he’s one sweet little bundle of joy!  What a Christmas gift!   The Christmas of 2011 will definitely be a Christmas to remember…

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  1. Trampolines are so much fun! Don’t be surprised to find your boys out there more often jumping and wrestling with the kids. We play on ours all the time.

    Sounds like you had a very memorable Christmas this year!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. What a precious “late” Christmas gift!

  3. The boys in my extended family would all love the helicopters too : ) Congratulations on your new grandson-he’s a handsome boy!

  4. The children got some great gifts. Looks like it was a fun Christmas and the baby is the best gift of all!

  5. LOVE the Santa hats!!

    Congratulations on the new addition to the family, he’s a little cutie 🙂

  6. I can’t imagine a better “gift” than little Chase. 🙂

    And you’re right about boys being boys. My friend, Steve, and his brother and brother-in-law all three got remote controlled helicopters this year. Must be something in the air. 😛

    I love the family picture. I always look forward to those when a holiday comes around. 😀

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Wishing you and Mr. Ed a fantastic 2012. ♥♥♥

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