About Those Christmas Decorations…

Well, here it is again–my least favorite time of the year!  I’m “knee-deep” in Christmas clutter, as I attempt to take down and pack away all things Christmas related.  I do not like doing this!  I drag my feet and procrastinate every year,  until the last ornament is put away–and I never start undecorating until New Year’s Day, or after.

My daughter, on the other hand, can hardly wait until after Thanksgiving to put all of her decorations up, then she begins taking them all down on the day after Christmas!  (I’m  barely functioning on the day after Christmas…)  I think my daughter actually broke her own record this year, when she took down and packed away all of her decorations in ONE DAY–the day after Christmas!  This may not sound like much of a feat to you, but you haven’t seen the amount of decorations that she has!  I’m talking SEVERAL trees and decorations in every room of the house!  After all, she is her mother’s daughter!

I really, really, really love my Christmas tree, and I hate to take it down!  I love each and every little ornament on it, and taking the tree down just means I will have to wait eleven long months to see those precious little ornaments again!  I’ve spent thirty-nine years collecting those things!  I may have to drag this chore out until the weekend…

How about you, do you like to take your Christmas decorations down quickly, or do you leave them up for a while after Christmas?



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  1. I wait until after New Year’s. One year it was actually up until President’s day (shhhh… don’t tell anyone!). That was just because of pure laziness and I’ve never done that again. Today was the day in our house and I took it all down. It’s now packed away for another year.
    Except I forgot a few things on the wall, so now I’ll have to get those down and go and find room for them in the boxes. *sigh* I seem to do that every year!

  2. The tree definitely comes down right after Christmas … we have real trees. The rest of the stuff comes down on or shortly after New Year’s Day … it’s coming down today. 😉

  3. Heading to the Container Store today…I need better organization as these past couple years I’ve outgrown what I had and am sort of stuffing things in here and there haphazardly. Besides, I love the Container Store : ) I really enjoy my trees after Christmas…life is slower then and there is more time for sitting. I miss the soft light in the house too. I think I’d like a lighted garland on my staircase year round.

  4. Kathy,like you I love our tree and each and every little ornament. The last few years our kids and grands have helped decorate the tree, so the takedown is my chance to stroll down memory lane, remembering loved ones who gave us ornaments and travels where hubby and I picked up an ornament as a souvenir.

    Both hubby and I love the soft lights, too, so our tree comes down after Jan. 6. Happy New Year! And your daughter is an inspiration. Now Joyce, you’ve got me all envious. No Container Store here!

  5. We take our down the day after New Years and it takes all day so I don’t cook that day. We have plenty of stuff left over and we just have it all and heat up what ever we want.

  6. I always leave the tree up until after New Year’s Day – and sometimes wait til the season of Christmas ends, and Epiphany begins – January 6th. Like you, my ornaments have been picked/purchased through the years for special reasons. It’s always fun to hang them when the tree goes up, and they are lovingly wrapped when put away. I want to keep them for my daughters.

  7. I have taken the tree upstairs down, but I hate to admit the one downstairs is still up. We never use the downstairs unless all the kids are here and I guess I feel that it can wait until I get around to it! LOL

    Happy New Year Kathy and congratulations on that new Grand baby! What an exciting way to start off the new year!


  8. I am always amazed that people take their trees down so soon. I find after Christmas is my time to enjoy it. I will stand and look at ornaments each night. I love them and will not take them down yet!

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