So, What Was Happening This Time Last Year?…

I’m struggling for blogging material this morning,  so I came up with the idea to share a few photos from last January–you know,  just to see what was going on in our household back then.  Here goes…

Remember when I caught the flu just before Christmas, and our new television/fireplace arrived?  Remember how Brad and Ed were going to put the stand together and make me feel better?  Remember how they got the screws mixed up and messed up the top of it when the screws punched through?  Yeah, some things are better forgotten…but here’s Ed replacing the damaged top in January.

It was January, it was cold, and our outdoor cats were looking for a warm place to spend their time. I bought these little plastic baskets and put fleece throws in them. From the looks of the picture below, the baskets were a big hit with the cats! How many cats can fit into one of those baskets anyway???  I’d say three is the maximum!

We got this funny little pillow for Christmas. You know, one of those things that looks so great on t.v., but when you get home with it, it never works quite as well? We never did find much of a use for it, but some of us tried. See what I mean?

January was also the month that our granddaughter and my husband spent playing “Little Red Riding Hood”. She was “Little Red”, and Ed was the big bad wolf…Notice how she uses her coat for her cloak…and how Ed has that evil grin on his face?

Last January, grandson, Caden, discovered his grandpa’s pool table–even though he had to use a step stool to reach it! Caden’s discovery quickly prompted us to unpack and set up our child-sized pool table for the grandchildren. (So glad we saved it after our own children out-grew it.)  Caden enjoys rolling the balls against each other, among other things…

Last January, Bobs, the cat,  was still enjoying the “good life” of being a house cat.  This privilege came to an end, shortly after–for several reasons.

The main reason was her bad habit of “spraying” in the house.  For some unknown reason, Bobs stopped using her litter box, and began spraying everything!  I never knew that female cats did this!

I can’t tell you how many places I discovered that Bobs had secretly “sprayed”–the back of my chair, my treadmill, the front of my clothes dryer, and yes, even the front of my computer…so Bobs had to become a “yard cat”.  It was quite an ordeal, making Bobs realize that she could no longer be a “house cat”, but we both survived the transition.

Bobs now spends her time  happily rolling in the dirt, climbing trees,  and sleeping in a really plush cat bed–outside!  I still make sure she’s tucked in each night though.  I miss her company, especially in the evenings.  Of course, Bobs isn’t above shooting in through an opened door, but she quickly goes back out these days.

So! Now you know what was happening in our household last January!  Do you remember what was happening in your own?

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  1. I didn’t know female cats “sprayed” either. I know they are extremely moody though. As my mother would say “they get their nose out of joint” at the smallest things. (I have no idea where that phrase came from!!) We always got our cats “fixed” as soon as possible to try to avoid some of those things. Still didn’t stop it all..

  2. You got that entertainment center a year ago?! Crazy how time flys by!

    I also remember the “Bobs the Cat” stories and her antics but that seems about right time-wise for some reason. Thankfully our kitties have not yet sprayed the house and I hope it stays that way!

  3. Wow looks like you are busy the past few days. Happy New year and happy weekend!

    40‘s Blogger

  4. Gosh, a year ago I returned to work, visited my dad when he was on the Gulf Coast, reveled in plenty of snow, pieced the now-completed big girl quilt for T#4 and quilted a doll quilt for T#2. Thanks for the prompt to look back … it’s always interesting to compare what we’re doing now to what we were doing then! 😉

  5. This was a good exercise.
    Maybe I should read my journal.
    Mama Bear

  6. Wow, I’m impressed, I truly don’t remember a lot about last January. I do know we got our dog in November of 2010 and so in January we were still very much in training mode and dog watch mode. I also know we had a super rainy season last year and a new dog. Not fun LOL.

  7. Hard to believe this was all a year ago. Time does fly. I love the picture of the cats in the basket. And I also like the one of Bobs. 🙂

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