Tuesday Randomness…

Another weekend has already come and gone, and Monday’s gone, too.  Have you missed me?  I’ve been busy going to dentist appointments, having lab work done, and other “not-so-fun” things.  Wow, these appointments roll around quickly–and often!  Here are a few other things that have been going on around here…

On Friday evening, my husband and I bought pizza for us and our oldest son and his family– you know, the ones with the new baby.  Although members of their church have kept them well-fed for the past week or so, we hadn’t sent any food.  They decided to come to our house to eat.  Baby Chase must have liked the way that pizza smelled, because he got fussy as soon as Ed came in with the boxes!  We took turns eating so someone could keep baby Chase happy until his mama finished eating!  There’s never a shortage of people waiting to rock and spoil Chase.  In fact, we have to take turns!  We don’t know, if or when, we’ll have any more babies in the family, so we’re gonna’ enjoy Chase!

On Saturday, I finally tackled taking down the Christmas tree.  It took me the entire day!  I watched two movies and an hour television show while packing away the ornaments!  I carefully wrap each ornament in toilet paper, then bag them in sandwich bags filled with air–and believe me,  I have a lot of ornaments to wrap and bag.  At least I got caught up on some of my recorded shows!

It feels good to get the last of the Christmas decorations put away.  I haven’t decorated my year-round tree yet, although it is sitting in the living room waiting…I will eventually cover it with snowmen ornaments and snowflakes for January.  The other day, my granddaughter asked me why I still had snowmen sitting around.  She informed me that Christmas is over!  I explained to her that I leave my snowmen out for the month of January because they’re the closest thing we’ll have to snow!

While I was taking down the tree on Saturday, Ed was involved in an adventure of his own.  He was busy cutting down two dead trees.  It was one of those days when things didn’t go exactly as he planned!  Not one, but both of the trees that Ed cut down, fell across the fence, then landed in the neighbor’s pasture!  It turned out to be an all-day-job getting the trees moved and the neighbor’s fence put back up!  Fortunately, our family lives close by, and when they saw Ed’s plight, they all pitched in to help!  In fact, our grown children (and their children) ended the day by having a wiener roast over the fire after the clean up was over.  Now there’s a happy ending!

On Sunday, I developed some kind of allergy attack, and all I could do was sneeze all day.  I must have sneezed at least a hundred times!  Then my right eye began to water and swell.  I don’t know what all of that is about, but it continued on into Monday, as well.  Ed’s now begun to sneeze, his nose is running, and he says his throat is sore just a bit.  Ed’s symptoms sound more like a cold coming on, while mine seem to be more like allergies.  It’s always something, isn’t it?  At least it’s not the stomach flu, that has been making the rounds!

On Monday night, our daughter graciously offered to host a family “pot luck” supper–even after babysitting little Alex all day.  By the time we each brought a couple of dishes, we ended up having a feast!  Roast beef, macaroni and cheese, peas, corn, biscuits, and three different desserts–on a Monday night!  Wow!  What a way to  start the week–great food with great people!  That’s going to be tough to follow for the rest of the week!

That’s about it for me for today…as always, I’m taking a ride on Tuesday Train!  Just click the train to find out how you can join in the fun!


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  1. I envy that your ornaments are safely off the tree and packed up snugly. mine, at least the ones that made it on to the tree for Christmas 2011 are lying on the lids of plastic bins or on the floor. Husbands undecorte a tree differently from wives. No complaints, because he did the job. And this afternoon he rounded up the little boxes and big plasic bin that they go in. So I will follow your example and have an old movie on while I sort and tuck things away. Enjoyed your weekend chronicle. Hope your allergic spell and Ed’s cold symptoms disappear! Thanks for all your thoughtful comments during my missing in action days.

  2. I think that means Brandy’s new job is going great since she’s not too tired to host a meal. That’s good news!

    I’ve never thought of filling plastic sandwich baggies with air to keep ornaments safe. Good idea. I always see those storage boxes at the store and wonder how in the world the ornaments would stay safe hitting the sides. My hallmark ones all have their boxes and stuffing to go in, but the ones the kids make or any that I have from my grandma or when I was a kid I wrap in tissue and put them in a shoe box. Then all the ornament boxes get packed in a plastic storage container, safe for another year. Hopefully, that is.

  3. Followed you over from Tuesday Train and am now a follower.

    My Christmas stuff is “down” but in piles and boxes stacked all over the house. It was so pretty while it lasted:)

  4. Hi, I’m a passenger on the train ride. New Follower here. Sorry about your sneezing and your hub not feeling well. I’m just getting over how your hub started out – doc had to put me on antibiotics. Hope you’re both fine soonest.

  5. Thanks for all the updates. I still need to tackle our tree. (haven’t felt well this week) Sorry about the tree issues, so nice to have people to help out when needed. I would love to play pass the baby!

  6. Wow – that dinner at Brandy’s sounds like Thanksgiving. LOL

    Wouldn’t it be funny if pizza wound up being Chase’s favorite food? LOL

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