(Thursday’s Thoughts) Here’s What’s Happening In Our Neck Of The Woods…

It’s turned out to be a busier than normal week around here, but sometimes busy is nice and it certainly makes the time pass quickly.  The problem with being busy is–it makes me tired and cuts into my blogging time!  I went to bed early last night–without writing a post for today.

I went to the doctor for my three months checkup on Tuesday afternoon.  Guess what?!  I had to have blood drawn again!  I don’t usually mind all that much, but I’d just had it done last week.  Unfortunately, they didn’t test my thyroid levels, so…I had to have that done.  Did I mention how much the nurse hurt me last week, as she gouged my vein?  Ugh!  Fortunately, I didn’t get the same nurse on Tuesday!

After weeks of feeling sort of lousy, I finally began feeling better last week.  Perhaps it was the visit from my brother and his wife!  Getting the hustle-bustle of the holidays behind didn’t hurt either.  Whatever the reason, it’s nice to be feeling better again.  I just hope and pray the feeling lasts for a while.

Since I’m feeling better, I volunteered to babysit two of our grandchildren for a while yesterday.  I hadn’t had much snuggle time with baby Chase, and I felt sure that my daughter-in-law must be in need of a break by now.  My suspicions were confirmed, and she brought the boys to me on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday turned out to be a bit of a “child fest” because my daughter, Brandy, also walked over and brought little Alex for his first visit to my house.  Little Alex is still trying to figure me out.  Brandy and I look a lot alike, and I think he gets a bit confused occasionally.  Alex cries every time Brandy leaves the room, and yesterday he cried whenever I left the room, too!  Anyway, granddaughter, Madison, came over for a bit, too, after she got home from pre-K.  I enjoyed all of my visitors.  Baby Chase slept through most of his visit, but the others sure had a great time.  After everyone went home, after lunch, this tired Mimi took herself a nap!

Alex, Madison, and Cade playing together

Today I plan to straighten up the house a bit, and pick up Madison from pre-K at noon because her mom has a doctor’s appointment at eleven.  Tomorrow I get to join Madison and her mom for a fun field trip–to the circus!  That should prove to be fun–and tiresome, but I’m looking forward to it.  Who doesn’t love the circus, no matter how old you are?!

That’s about all that’s going on in my neck of the woods, what have you been up to?

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  1. How fun to have all the grandkids nearby! And how nice for your own chiildren too. Enjoy the circus…I haven’t been in years but I always liked it.

  2. Me? I’m staying home with my daughter today because her mouth is still slightly swollen and she’s still in a little pain from her emergency oral surgery on Tuesday. Such fun life brings sometimes, eh?

  3. So glad you are feeling better and get to enjoy your grand kids so much. Enjoy the circus. What am I doing? Staying close to the palette stove since its 25 degrees!

  4. Glad you’re feeling better and able to have some fun with your grands! Enjoy the circus!

  5. You are a brave woman. You are just feeling better and then you have busy little ones over. I like the age when I can watch them play and not have to chase them and worry about the toddlers falling somewhere.But, having said that, they are good for your soul aren’t they?

  6. Glad your feeling better. I am waiting for that to happen, the last few weeks I just haven’t been myself and then nothing gets done! Now that sounds like a house full of fun with all the kids. Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Sounds like you earned a nap, although I’m sure you loved every minute of it. The children all look so happy and content at Mimi’s house. That’s special. ♥

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