Never Too Old To Enjoy The Circus…

Ringling Bros. Circus 2012

On Friday, I joined my daughter and granddaughter on a school field trip to the circus!  The little pre-school my granddaughter attends doesn’t have access to a bus, so parents were responsible for transporting their own children to the circus.  Parents and children had to meet at 9:30 to pick up their tickets from the box office, which meant we had to leave home early in the morning!  It’s a 55 mile drive to the Savannah Civic Center.  Nothing like an early start to a fun day!

Love those elephants!

My daughter, Brandy, and I have been to the civic center on several occasions, but never without our husbands.  The men have always been the ones doing the driving on past trips.  On Friday morning, she and I left armed with traveling directions, and set out on our own to find downtown Savannah.   Fortunately, “Google Maps” gives great directions, and we drove straight there without any problems.  In fact, we had 20 minutes to spare!

Our seats at the circus turned out to be good ones.  We were seated front and center, so we had a great view of everything going on during the show.  I took my camera along, just in case we had a decent view.  I took photographs throughout the show–meanwhile,  a small child sitting directly behind me, on their parent’s lap,  kept his shoe in the middle of my shoulders for almost the entire show.  I was certain I would have a permanent shoe print on my back for the rest of the day!

Hanging by her heels!

I actually think Brandy and I enjoyed the show more than granddaughter, Madison, did.  The show kept us on the edge of our seats most of the time–from the ladies performing on hoops, to three motorcycles flying around the inside of a steel cage!  A fantastic comedy team kept us entertained in between the circus acts, so there was never a dull moment.   Although there were no lions or tigers this year, the other animal acts were very good–including two performing camels!

Believe it or not, Madison’s most memorable part of the entire circus was when one of the elephants “pooped” during the performance!  It probably wouldn’t have been so memorable, had it not been for that foul smell!  It was a bit unbelievable how the smell seemed to fill the entire civic center!  Oh my goodness!

One of my favorite acts.

Following the circus, we left the civic center armed with more directions to get us over to the “south side” of Savannah, where we planned to eat lunch.  The Google directions were great, but unfortunately I misread them and got us a bit lost!  We ended up in Garden City, and had to call Brandy’s husband for directions to get us back on track!

Within minutes, we were safely headed in the right direction once again.  That was our only mishap of the entire day–with the exception of me entering the men’s restroom at the civic center!  Oops!  I didn’t realize I could move so fast–until I spotted that man standing in front of a urinal!    In my defense, it was an honest mistake.  There was a sign on the wall, just outside the men’s restroom, that said “Ladies”.  However, barely noticeable was a tiny arrow below it pointing down the hall to the actual Ladies room!  (The door to the men’s room was actually propped open, so I didn’t notice the paper sign on the door either.)

Despite a couple of exciting mishaps, all’s well that ends well, right?  We all had a very nice time, it was a memorable day, and I discovered–you’re never too old to enjoy the circus, but I just may need a little help finding the ladies room next time!

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  1. I have never been to the circus! You’ve made me determined to add seeing the circus to my bucket list. 😉 Glad you had a wonderful time! Have a great week!

  2. I still remember the aweful smell of the elephant poop and how we had to go outside the tent to keep from gagging…45 years ago when I went as a child, lol.

    Otherwise, i have fond memories to this day. It is wonderful that you got to share that with your granddaughter 🙂

    As for the bathroom thing…I cannot count the number of times I havr done that! Glad I am not the only one, lol.


  3. I haven’t been to a circus in many decades. I did go as chaperone a couple of times when my girls were in school. My younges daughter has a clown phobia and is terrrified of them so, that stopped that. She worked at a McDonalds in college and had to hide in the bathroom when Ronald McDonald paid them a visit.

    Since I was just in Savannah I am wondering where you ate?There are so many great restaurants.

  4. Looks like a fun day! Makes me want to see the circus again, I haven’t been in eons.

  5. Now that sounds like fun. I can’t wait to have grandchildren and take them to the circus!

  6. Tagging along on a field trip is always fun…enjoy them while you can…
    Mama Bear

  7. What a fun outing. I haven’t been to the circus in a really long time. Where I live the train tracks run through the entire town. Occasionally I’ll see the circus trains going through. I love the gymnasts.

  8. I just love these pictures and the story. I haven’t been to the circus in a number of years, but this story has really made me want to go back. 🙂

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