Cutting Trees, Burning Fields, And A Smoking Hound…

As usual, the weekend went by way too fast, but it was fun while it lasted!  The weather here was sunny and cool–which meant it was perfect for outside activities, and my family had plenty of those going on.

When my husband announced, on Friday, that he planned to cut down a few more trees around the farm, I took that as my cue to leave town and go shopping on Saturday!  I can never relax whenever Ed is in “tree cutting mode”!  You may remember a couple of weeks ago when two trees fell across our neighbor’s fence and smashed it…and then there was once the incident concerning the pine tree falling across my rabbit hutch…Anyway, my daughter, granddaughter, and I went shopping, on Saturday morning,  while our men folks stayed home to work around the farm!

It turned out that the other two females who live on the family farm also went shopping on Saturday.  Perhaps they knew Ed was going to be working, too!  For a few hours, there wasn’t a female on the entire place!  Heaven help us!  The men had the place all to themselves!

Thankfully, the tree cutting proceeded without incident, and hopefully, that task is about finished for a while!  The second task on Ed’s agenda was burning off the field in front of our house, and I wasn’t too thrilled about that thought either!   You may remember my story, from a few years back, about that same field accidentally catching fire and nearly burning us out of house and home!  Our neighbor farmer was harvesting his rye out of our field, when the field accidentally caught on fire while he was in the middle of it!  The fire department came,,  as well as scores of friends and neighbors, to help fight the fire and get it under control before it reached our house and the woods around us.  It was a very close call.

Anyway, Ed’s been wanting to burn off his section of the field for a while now, but the conditions were never suitable on the weekends.  Finally, Saturday seemed like the perfect time to light the match!  Imagine everyone’s surprise when the fire was lit, and the field refused to stay burning!  (Especially knowing how fast it has ignited in the past)  Despite repeated tries, the fire would only burn in “spots” and not straight across the field as it should have.  I guess there’s a big difference in burning dried rye and burning dried weeds!  I don’t think we are in any danger from those weeds igniting.

Speaking of burning, while everyone was trying to get that stupid field to burn, late Saturday afternoon,  our two dogs were trampling around in the dried, smoking brush along with us.  At one point, Ethan, our old hound dog, came out of the field panting smoke.  At first, we thought his breath was fogging due to the cool evening air, but then I realized the smoke he was panting was blue!   Apparently, he swallowed something while it was still smoking!   I quickly called him aside and gave him some water in a bowl.  He drank half of a large bowl of water before he paused.  Afterward, he stopped smoking, and seemed fine.  Crazy hound dog…

One thing for sure around here–there is rarely a dull moment.  Falling trees, burning/ non-burning fields, smoking dogs…it just keeps me wondering what in the world will happen next.

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  1. I can’t imagine lighting my yard on fire, on purpose LOL. Yep, I’m just a big city girl LOL.

  2. We had a great weekend out of doors too. My husband would love to help with burning stuff : ) What is it about men and fire?

  3. Our time out of doors will be the first part of this week … it’s going to get around 60 today and almost 65 tomorrow. I’m curious – why the field burning?? 😉

  4. No dull moments for you. Good idea to leave and go shopping. I can’t believe what Ethan did. Glad he is okay!

  5. I always liked buring leaves. I like the smell. I won’t send terry to help. His fires seem to always get bigger and taller than he plans. We’ve had to run for the hose on more than one occasion. Why do dogs do such dumb things? I cannot even imagine what that would feel like. Good thing you saw him and could help.

  6. Well, at least you can’t say Mr. Ed is boring. LOL 😛

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