Another Beautiful (Super Bowl) Weekend…

We couldn’t have asked for a more “picture-perfect” weekend around here!  The sun was shining and the temperatures were in the mid to high 70’s.  Definitely not our typical February weather!  Unfortunately, today is cloudy, and there is a slight cooling trend on the way, but after all, it is only February!

Ed and I began our Saturday by shopping for a few new trees.  We needed to replace a few of last year’s pecan trees, and we decided to plant a few fruit trees, as well.  I got a bit carried away–and we ended up buying ten pecan trees!  I kept thinking about how our “pecan money” comes in so handy–and just before tax time, too!  We also bought a grape-vine, a new blueberry bush, two peach trees, and two plum trees.  Ed spent the rest of the weekend digging lots of holes!  Now if we can only get some rain, perhaps in a few years we’ll have our own supply of fruit!

In addition to those trees, we have two garden spots almost ready for planting.  I hope we have better luck than we did with our last gardening attempt.  Our son-in-law, Clint, has a green thumb, so perhaps Ed and I can buy the seeds and fertilizer, then convince Clint to “pamper” the plants!   We’ll see how it goes, it’s almost time to plant potatoes!

We had lots of wonderful family time over the weekend, including a “Super Bowl Party” over at our daughter’s house.  I’m not much of a football fan, but I do enjoy a family get-together with lots of good food, and  those Super Bowl commercials!  It’s the only time I know of, when everybody gets quiet to watch the commercials!  I don’t know about everyone else, but I loved the Doritos commercials–especially the one where the dog buried the cat, and uses Doritos for “hush money”.   We all laughed out loud at that one!

The food was delicious.  The Super Bowl is always a good excuse to pull out the football dishes and have lots of snack foods!  We had chili and hot dogs, wings, and lots of other delicious snack foods.  We even had a cheese ball that looked like a football!

I’ve never been much of a  Madonna fan, but I did enjoy the Super Bowl half-time show!  It had a little something for everybody.  We couldn’t help but wonder if Madonna would be “sore and stiff” on Monday following all of her half-time activities–after all, she is over 50!  How about the guy who looked like Richard Simmons, but was dressed like Cupid?  (Was he the  guy who was wearing winged, glittery shoes, or was that someone else?)   He was quite entertaining with his tricks on the wire!

After last night’s game, I’m sure there are lots of hang overs and headaches today!  My sons informed us that today is the “most popular” Monday for calling in sick.  Who knew?  I’m glad I don’t have a headache or a hang over, however, I do have plenty of housework demanding my attention…I think I’d like to “call in sick”, but instead I guess I’ll get busy!  Have a great Monday, everyone.

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  1. No matter how people feel about Madonna and her music I give her credit for being in such fabulous shape. She turned cartwheels on live tv!

  2. Happy Monday to you too. I liked the half time show (minus the girl who stuck up her middle finger – what was THAT for!). That cupid guy was a bit creepy.

  3. That’s a lot of new trees. I would love a plum tree.
    Super Bowl was fun and I enjoyed the commercials. Your right, everyone is quiet for the commercials but then my husband gets mad when I talk during the game.

  4. I liked the half time as well. Her clothes stayed on and I could understand the words. I remember asking how her feet would move in those boots! I mean I could not walk in them and she was dancing in them!

  5. You must have a lot of land to be able to plant that many trees! I didn’t watch the Super Bowl but did find a website that has all the commercials, so I’ll watch them over the next couple of days. 😉 Have a terrific Tuesday!

  6. Jim said there were a lot of no-shows at the Home for the Sunday evening shift and also for the day shift on Monday which made his shift yesterday harder. I don’t understand people letting something like that make them shirk their duties.
    I watched a video on the computer while the Super Bowl was on but did catch Miranda Lambert and co. doing America The Beautiful in pre game and some of Madonna’s show.
    Jim just planted 4 Blueberry Bushes and has some of his heirloom seeds started for the garden.

  7. That was definitely one of my favorite commercials too. The look on the man’s face when the wife asks, “Honey, have you seen the cat?” And he looks at the dog who just happens to have a fresh bag of Doritos ready for him. I laughed and laughed at that. 😛

    As far as the half-time show, I’m not a Madonna fan, but it was alot better than I thought it would be. What really got my goat was all over Facebook the next day was an article claiming that her half-time show had a hidden satanic meaning. Oh for heaven’s sake…there are some people that will make something out of nothing. 😦

    Hope you have a nice week. 🙂

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