Thursdays Thoughts…Aprons

Apron–an outer protective garment that covers primarily the front of the body, according to Wikipedia.  It can be worn for hygienic reasons, as well as in order to protect clothing from wear and tear.  It’s also a garment that you don’t see much of anymore–according to me.

I grew up around lots of aprons.  First of all, my grandmother wore one every day.  She just wasn’t dressed if she didn’t have her apron on!  She always wore a dress, covered by a full apron.  These aprons she made herself on her Singer peddle-type sewing machine!  Believe it or not,  I don’t have a single picture of grandma wearing an apron.  I guess she always removed it at picture time!

Grandma used her apron primarily to protect her dress, but I remember watching her use it for a variety of other uses as well.  I’ve seen her use it to hold peas as she picked them in the garden, or to hold eggs as she gathered them from the hen-house.  An apron can be a handy thing to have around–but you don’t see many in use these days!

When I was growing up, I also had an aunt who worked as a waitress.  In those days, waitresses wore very thin, lacy-looking aprons in lots of pretty colors–I remember my aunt had lots of pastels in her collection.  Anyway, sometimes she’d let me try one on, and I thought I was really something!

The image above is similar to the kinds of aprons my aunt used to wear– way back in the early sixties!

I have a drawer full of various aprons that I’ve acquired over the years. Of course, I have several Christmas aprons in my collection! It just doesn’t seem like Christmas if I don’t wear an apron to bake in!

Lately, I’ve become more aware of trying to protect my clothing in the kitchen. It must have something to do with growing older… Call me old or call me wiser, but I’ve been wearing an apron around the kitchen more and more while I cook supper–to protect my clothes.

Two of my favorite aprons in the drawer are very old. I have no idea where one of my favorite aprons came from. It’s possible that it was a gift from my mother, but I don’t know for sure.

I like it because it reminds me of my grandma, and it also covers the entire front of my body. Unfortunately, it also tends to give me a headache from being around my neck, so I usually end up folding the bib part under and just tying it around my waist.

My second favorite apron was a gift from my sister-in-law (my brother’s wife) many years ago.  I remember at that time Kay had just learned to sew, and she made my little daughter, Brandy, and me,  matching aprons for Christmas that year.  Brandy eventually out-grew her apron, and I’m not sure what ever happened to it, but I still wear my apron today!  I always think of Kay whenever I wear it.

Speaking of sewing aprons, I once had to make an apron in Home Economics class, and I was scared to death of that sewing machine!  I finally conquered my fears, and made my first garment for the class–an apron.  I still remember that apron to this day–it was bright green, and had white flowers with bright orange centers sprinkled all over it.  It looked just like an apron from the seventies!   Sure wish I’d kept that apron…

Speaking of school and aprons, brings me to my last memory.  Many of you may know that I used to work as a paraprofessional at school.  Well, the teacher that I worked with was always wearing an apron in class!  She wore very nice clothes, and I suppose she wanted to keep them looking nice.  Whenever we did a cooking project or an art project in class–on went the apron!  I didn’t follow her example, and had some paint marks on some of my clothing to prove it!

Eventually, the teacher stopped teaching in a regular classroom, and moved into a higher position at the school.   As she was packing up her classroom things, she presented me with one of her aprons!  I still have it among my collection in the drawer.  Did I mention that I have a drawer dedicated to aprons?

How about you, do you have a special apron, an apron memory–or do you even wear an apron?  Who knows, after writing this post, I just might get inspired to drag out the sewing machine and stitch myself up another apron!   Have a great day y’all…

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  1. I have a thing for aprons : ) I was in Anthropologie yesterday and they have some super cute ones!

  2. I don’t wear an apron, but I’d like one … and you’ve prompted me to go shopping for a pattern and some fabric … and make myself an apron! 😉

  3. I remember my grandmom’s wearing aprons too. My Mom didn’t, so I guess I never thought much of it. I do wear one while making Thanksgiving dinner or making Christmas cookies. My apron has moo cow spots on it. I used to collect cows and the kitchen in my first house was full of cow stuff.

  4. My mother went through a period of time that she wore aprons when I was very young but it wasn’t something that stuck. I don’t cook with one either and I’ve got the bleach marks to prove it. I use Clorox spray cleaner to clean up the counters with and I am always getting too close with my shirt.

  5. I have an apron from my wedding. It was some Bohemian tradition years ago with little babies hanging from it! I have a few aprons but I don’t wear them I think it’s about time I start! Love your story.

  6. Ahh…the sweet memories of my Granny wearing her apron. 😀

    • I’m as messy as a 2 year old in the kitchen, so I usually try to remember to wear something over my clothes. LOL

  7. I have a small collection of aprons. I’ll have to post about them some day. I didn’t purposely set out to collect them, but now I have them scattered throughout my kitchen and love it! I also have 3 or 4 that were mine as a child. I just found some red floral ones at the thrift store the other day. Very vintage-y with ric rac…or is that bric brac?
    Funny story about my first sewing venture in school. It wasn’t an apron but a pair of cotton pants with a zipper up the back. I got an ‘A’ on the project. Thankfully I was at home the first time I wore them, because the zipper tore right out when I bent over! Haven’t sewn since!

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