Valentine’s Days Revisited…

It’s almost here, folks–that over-commercialized holiday called, Valentine’s Day!  I knew it was “officially” almost here when I began seeing the commercials for “Hoodie Footies” and “Vermont Teddy Bears”…  I wonder how many women will receive those pajamas with a hood and feet?!  How unromantic!  I personally overheard Jennifer telling Brad that he better never buy her any of those!  


As for me, I could go for that HUGE Vermont Teddy Bear, but I already have a HUGE one sitting in the bedroom.  He takes up an entire chair, or half of the bed–depending on where he is sitting!  It wasn’t a gift from Ed, but from myself, one Valentine’s Day.  Yes, I actually bought myself a teddy bear–because I loved him when I saw him…I’m funny like that sometimes.  I came home with it riding in the back of my PT Cruiser, about five years ago!

I still remember Valentine’s Day as a child.  I loved addressing those cards, and I loved opening the envelopes containing the funny little valentines.  Back in my day, valentines actually still came with little white envelopes!  I don’t like these new valentines that fold and have a sticker holding them closed.  Has anybody else noticed that the stickers DON”T STAY STUCK?

Ed and I were married before we ever got to spend a Valentine’s Day together.  It never worked out for him to be around on that particular day.  I don’t remember my first Valentine’s Day gift from him, but it was probably a box of candy, because that was what people gave in those days–before Valentine’s Day became so commercialized.

My daddy always gave mama a box of candy, and Ed’s daddy gave his wife the same.   I remember Ed’s mama’s was always one of the lacy, frilly boxes of candy.  Now that I’m thinking back, I think I remember Ed’s parents buying me a box of candy one Valentine’s Day while he was overseas.  They did a lot of sweet things like that.

I remember getting my first flowers from Ed, for Valentine’s Day in 1974.  Ed didn’t like to spend money on flowers, and had never bought me any before.  That year, I strongly hinted that I would love to receive a bouquet of flowers…  Ed and I were both working at the same hospital, in the radiology department, at the time, and he had the flowers delivered to the little office where I worked.  I was absolutely thrilled!

I remember Valentine’s Days with each of our three children, while they were growing up.  Sitting there at the table with them while they addressed their valentines for school…then later, sitting and watching them enjoying the valentines they’d received!  Of course,  I enjoyed giving them little Valentine’s Day surprises from Ed and me, too…(sorry no photos handy)

Flash forward many years, past the raising of our three children, and I was working at school–in the first grade.  Valentine’s Day is a BIG DEAL to first graders!  We would spend days making Valentine’s Day decorations for the classroom, then finally we decorated those little white Valentine’s Day bags to hold our (yes, I had one, too) valentines.  A day or two before Valentine’s Day, the students would bring their cards to school, then carefully drop them in to each other’s bags.  It was so much fun to watch!  On Valentine’s Day the students could hardly wait to tear into those cards, and the level of excitement equaled that of Christmas time!  As for me, I always came home with a bag full of sweet valentines, and usually a few gifts, too.

It was while I was working at school that I realized just how commercialized Valentine’s Day had become!  I can’t begin to tell you how many “gifts” are delivered to school for the students for Valentine’s Day!  It’s way past the point of ridiculous.  It’s more than enough to keep several adults rolling several carts filled with flowers and stuffed animals, and making deliveries ALL DAY LONG!

What ever happened to exchanging sweet cards and giving boxes of chocolates–and just enjoying the simple pleasures of life?  Everything has gotten way too complicated, don’t you think?  Wishing everyone an uncomplicated weekend, filled with life’s many sweet simple pleasures!

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  1. I always made the day special for my children by making cinnamon/sugar coated, heart shaped biscuits for breakfast, serving them with strawberries and link sausage. I’d put their candy and card beside their plate.

    I’ve been known to buy myself flowers on Valentine’s Day….its alright to do that…
    I hope your day is special…
    Mama Bear


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  2. We got little boxes of heart candies from my parents when I was a kid.
    Today, being parents myself, this is how we spend V-Day now:

  3. I’m in love with that teddy bearrr! Soooo cute!

    • I buy myself stuff sometimes on the spur like that too…frivilous but fun! This year my Husband and I will have dinner out and cards. Some years we buy a TV or office chairs, some years it is steaks at home and cards, sometimes flowers, but no always. There is not enough money to spend on stuff we do not really need anyway. The fun cards and some yummy chocolates are alwasy the best. A great FP choice!

  4. I still just give cards and candy to my son, mom and grandma on Valentine’s Day. And you’re right, those heart stickers on the cards don’t stay shut!

  5. Wow! What a teddy bear! 🙂 I used to love exchanging sweet cards with my classmates! I was thinking about buying those tiny cards again and mailing them to all my friends.

  6. flowers have been advertised for around $70 here. just nuts. when I said please don’t spend that money on me to my husband, i sincerely meant it!

    • I love flowers gifts, and the gifts are receivedd from an interesting man. Thanks from hechicerapattsfunatrevida.

  7. Wow. That is one GINORMOUS teddy bear. I think he scares me.


    I can’t wait to publish my next post — all about unique (as in, wackadoodle) Valentine’s Day gifts. People come up with the ODDEST ideas…and it’s the blogger’s right to exploit them, right?

    Fun post…

  8. Valentines Day is supposed to be about showing love, not about the presents. It’s becoming commercialized like Christmas.

    • Ua rit…It should be nly fo love.

  9. I wonder whether we are past the point of no-return on this holiday – can we snatch it back from the jaws of commercialization and make it a matter of simple fun again?
    Thank you for your thoughtful wishes! Hope your holiday is sweet and meaningful too!

  10. The best part about Valentine’s Day in Korea is that the girls are supposed to give the boys chocolate.

    The boys are supposed to return the favor on White Day, March 14th.

    And if you’re single, you’re supposed to eat black bean noodles on Black Day, April 14th

  11. What??? Gifts delivered to school? Oh wow! We don’t buy presents, my hubs may or may not send flowers but he is extremely thoughtful year round so either way is okay, and we’ve booked dinner out somewhere nice for Saturday night since Valentines Day is Tuesday.

    My daughter2 just mentioned the other day how much fun it was to pick out cards and address them for her class. Have a nice weekend!

  12. Valentine’s Day is solo fest for me with fair trade organic dark chocolate and my favorite music to just get me through the day. But I have fond memories of Valentine’s Days of my childhood. Those cards are still in my old closet at my parents’ house.

  13. That was really fun to read. It made me think of my Valentine’s during my elementary school years. Last year I received a delivered bouquet of flowers and I felt the same you did when you received your bouquet. That was my first delivered bouquet as well. Nice post!

  14. i remember those little cards as well. I still find them up here so they are coming back! I ususlly get a box of chocolates (a small box because I eat low carb) and a really nice card that he writes in and it makes me cry. I get a call from the kids and love it. Sometimes we go out to eat, but other times, he cooks (which I really like!)

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  16. I know what you mean! VD was simple until my kids switched to a public middle school. All of a sudden there were all these choices of sweets and flowers to order for friends and it continued through high school~!
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  17. I cannot believe people are having gifts delivered to kids at school for Valentine’s!

    My hubby doesn’t make a production out of Valentine’s Day … and that’s ok with me. He shows his love in so many different ways every day of the year … which is far more important to me. 😉

  18. I dont think I have had a valentine experince worth remembering.The day just comes and goes.Maybe with text messages from my family and friends and thats all.But I hope this one would make a difference

    • Amanda, I can relate… Most of the time I’m just getting text messages from family and friends… To make myself real like Im involved in the celebration, I have some dinner with a friend so we can celerbrate Single Awarness Day!! 😉 This year, maybe speed dating! That way, I can have an experience to remember and possibly luck up with getting one of those enormous teddy bears!!! 🙂

  19. Admittedly I haven’t tracked all my past Valentine’s Day gifts from dearie.

    We celebrate Valentine’s with only a very small gift for each other. After all there was Christmas, then my birthday is a few weeks later…

    Love demonstrations/actions are year round, not 1 day. We are each other’s Valentine’s gift 365 days annually.

  20. A perfect start to the month of hearts. Made me see red hearts flying all over the sky. Thanks your for sharing a post that makes our heart smile in delight! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  21. I was also given a giant teddy bear for Valentine’s Day once! It took up my entire bedroom…forced me to move into the spare room. Come to think of it, that Teddy Bear was kind of a jerk…

    I’m hoping that Valentine’s Day is a little more tame for everyone this year as well…no need to capitalise on the materialism. Well, unless someone wants to give you a new car. Then, capitalise away, my friend! 😉

    Great post and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  22. So thats where the evil eye came from…..last year my step daughters (school age) were given a small box of candy from their dad, and were completely put off because my gift was so much more substantial – jealousy reared its ugly head….but they were told “Its a romantic holiday, NOT halloween ! You’ll get stuff when you grow up and have a boyfriend with a job!”

  23. I think the only time in my life where I was really aware of Valentine’s Day was in grade school…when teachers would force us to give each other cards and make tiny mailboxes, etc. Otherwise, it’s a holiday that I generally ignore/avoid. Don’t need a commercial excuse to celebrate my love!

  24. I bake smiley cakes with hearts on Valentine’s Day 🙂
    Enjoyed your post.

  25. Hi Kathy:

    Nice post! Thanks for the reflection on Valentine’s Day. A few years ago, I decided to buy those little cards and mail them to my adult girl friends for Valentine’s Day. They enjoyed them and their kids thought it was cool that their mommies were getting little Valentine’s Day cards too!

    It was my way to remind friends to reflect more on giving and receiving LOVE than the commercialization of the holiday. You may find this post an interesting read, (

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    Blessings for a love-filled Valentine’s Day!

  26. I have fond memories of doing the cards with my children. My husband isn’t crazy about Valentine’s Day. This year he won’t be home 😦 I will treat myself to a movie or maybe go to a casino. You really have a good memory from the past.

  27. I loved the heart candies with the messages. I had to make sure the right person got the right message though! lol Congratulations on being fresh pressed!

  28. I have a vermont teddy bear too! Thank you for sharing these moments! Some day I hope it won’t be myself purchasing chocolates to eat on my coach, enjoying a Hugh Grant movie with my dog!

  29. I’m a Valentine’s baby, so all the goodies came my way. Between it being my birthday and a lover’s day, I always got 2 presents. But now, ahem, lol, well, let’s just say that I’m kind of over the Valentine’s Day thing.

    Very nice blog


  30. I celebrate love in many ways, everyday! 😀

  31. Thanks for the simple, ‘sweet’ reminder that life should be uncomplicated – but spent with the ones that are important to us. Enjoyed your post!

  32. You have a gift for celebrating life and bringing that celebration into others lives.

    I remember waiting all year long to get some of those little candy hearts. It was such fun to share them and all of us having fun reading the little messages on the hearts.

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  34. I have become notorious for supposedly giving my wife presents that are really for myself. It started before we were married 16 years ago when I gave her a shirt and told her if she didn’t like it that I would be happy to wear it. Oops! But I’m glad to learn of the Hoodie Footies. With two-year-old twins running around, I did recently hear my wife mention to someone that she wished she could get pajamas with feet in them for herself!

  35. As for your question on keeping Valentine’s Day simple, my husband and I started years ago to stay home and cook ourselves an elegant meal. We’d have things we didn’t normally buy – crab cakes or filet mignon (had to look up how to cook it too!). It was fun and far less expensive than going to a restaurant.


  36. I’ve never had the fill of this day more then I did as I grew older. however in school was the begining of such feelings. much less of a time around first grade. I’ve always felt left out becouse my parents didn’t buy gift cards while other kids did and passed them out. It seemed to have taken me too long to understand what I was missing out on. but it’s never too late to go and celebrate the holiday.

  37. Enjoyed your post! I agree, not only has Valentine’s gotten to commercialized, but all the holidays have.

    Like you, I remember the wonders of receiving Valentine’s in a little white envelope. And taking the time to decorate a shoebox or making a large heart shaped envelope to hold them all in.

    Love the innocence of it all. Thanks for making me look back with a smile!

  38. It is sad how every holiday has turned into this circus. I was however, even more sad when my third grader came home this year and for the first time they weren’t doing valentines exchange in class, they weren’t making the cute little desk envelopes for people to put their mail to you in, they weren’t celebrating the holiday at all. That made me sad. As I get older I am seeing more and more of the joy sucked out of our childrens lives.

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  40. Hi. I love your phrase because I “second that emotion” – “–that over-commercialized holiday called, Valentine’s Day!” And have for many years. I became a Valentines Day “scrooge” during the 2000s when I never had a decent g/f to share it with.
    Then came 2009 when I did and we both thought it “commercial B.S.” but gifted anyway (our relationship imploded by June of that year at her hand) and last year when I had met my true Soul-mate who, unfortunately lives 5,000 miles away and I haven’t financed a trip to her since she had to go back (damn Visas!).
    So this year I almost tear-up everytime I hear a Valentine commercial, but hope what I mailed to her two weeks ago (bcs that is how long it takes to get to UA via postal mail) will brighten her day – I “timed it” that way! BraVO! on getting Freshly pressed!

  41. I am French (born in Italy) so both, there not long ago Valentine’s day was really not much, in Paris, may be some few ‘ lingerie” stores, would give a hint about the event..well in Paris is romance every day, so no need for a special one ..:)
    Now like in here, is chocolate, flowers, jewels in USA, I agree it’s so commercialized that it is loosing the charm.
    Finally I cook chocolate for this time, so I should not complain, just trying to make it simple, as we can celebrate Love every other day of the year, right?
    Have a lovely week-end.

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  43. Yes. Everything is getting way too complicated. Valentine’s Day is so lovely, though. Have a great one.

  44. Love love love, full of love to all

  45. Lets see if this year this day gets special for me

  46. Simple pleasures. I love that! Hope you have a great weekend! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  47. What a great reflection on the holiday! I immediately think of The Vow movie whenever I see Valentine’s-related things now; the trailers are over-played but, nonetheless, it seems like an adorable flick. Given that Valentine’s is so commercial, why can’t we celebrate the couples AND singles? We should just celebrate people on Feb. 14th..that’s a better idea.

  48. The Valentine’s Day is coming, there are many flowers and chocolate on the street!

  49. I’m only 18 and I still remember having Valentine’s cards come in white envelopes as a kid! But I do remember the slow transition as more kids began giving out the cards with the non-sticky stickers….

    Now I just spend Valentine’s alone baking cupcakes for myself and watching chick flicks.

  50. I still have the urge to fill out some superhero valentines and I will be buying myself some chocolate 🙂 Who says singles can’t celebrate? 😉

  51. I agree: valentines day needs to be much simpler. That’s why I’ve decided to forgo the whole thing altogether, including dating, romance, and women. Thanks a lot valentines day!

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    A very nice story

  53. Lovely….and congrats on being freshly pressed!!

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  55. Love it or hate it, I’m not the biggest fan of valentine’s day. The flowers, long lines at the florist, and yes I know, I could order things online but, I don’t know, just not the biggest fan! Nice post by the way, thanks for sharing!

  56. I have long gone away from commercial gifts, opting instead to give my wife a collage of pictures set to music, and a poem expressing just how precious she is to me.

  57. So true! My husband and I make it a point to NOT go out on VD…we pick another day that is more laid-back. This week it will be heart-shaped homemade pizza and candles for me, my husband and 13-year-old son.

  58. Great post. Valentines day could be every day if we paid attention to the little things that really matter!

  59. Here’s a cute Valentine’s Day cartoon:

    I agree that Valentine’s Day has become way to commercial.

  60. My two year old and I decided we’re going to make some chocolates for my husband 🙂 I think it’s the pefect idea, something fun to do together but yet very simple!

  61. Hey you got your article featured! Nice!

  62. Sometimes it seems like the Valentine mentality is the bigger the better. For what other holiday do you see giant bears and giant cards? Advice for the guys: Make your gift memorable in some other way. The easier it is to store, the more likely she is to keep it.

  63. I remember reading into those school Valentines so much more than was there. It took me forever to decide who gets which card. We don’t do anything special on the day. I’m not a chocolate lover but I do try to get Terry someting chocolate, because he is a chocoholic.

  64. Lovely post for the valentines holiday.

  65. I just waited for valentine day all through my school years but then nothing very interesting happened.Now that i am married and have kids we plan out some little things to make all of us happy and then as my husband puts it Valentine is just not a day but then should be celebrated through out the year.Nice way out to forget our presents

  66. Simple is good, maybe a marriage of word and deed presented in a simple form is the trick

  67. I loveeeeeee chocolate but I cant eat

  68. For me this year’s Valentine’s will be extra special because it also happens to be my dog’s birthday. So I’ll mostly be celebrating that, but as a tribute to Valentine’s Day instead of chocolate I’m having Cheese nips.

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  70. We have always celebrated the day with a special dinner including the kids. Everyone gets a little heart-shaped box of chocolates–not too much sugar, but enough to look pretty and feel special. A candle on the table is our way of celebrating being all together, and we do that often. I love hearing about other people’s family traditions–telling those stories is the way to keep them alive. (I feel strongly about this, as I am a professional storyteller) The newest post on my blog, Writing Between the Lines, is all about the stories we pass on. Great post, Kathy. I look forward to more to them.

  71. Valentine’s day is dumb! No offense 🙂

  72. I like Valentine’s Day. Not the huge hype, but I like the red, pink, and white themed stuff. I like wearing pink and red. I like finding jewelry with hearts. Maybe it’s because I used to be a kindergarten teacher… maybe it’s because my girls love Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because I know I’m a romantic at heart, who knows. So, it’s gotten blown out of proportion a bit, yeah. But who cares? I’ll be the first one to buy a Darth Vader shaped box of chocolates for my son on Valentine’s Day.

    My husband and I don’t usually go all out for each other, but we do try to make each other feel loved and appreciated throughout the year, and we do usually at least exchange a card and a small token. It’s become mostly for the kids, and I’m totally fine with that. After all, it’s mostly the children who wrote to Valentine, wasn’t it?

  73. This was beautifully expressed in recalling your Valentine memories. Thank you for sharing. Over the years I have written dozens of poems centering around my love for my wife. I try over and over, but still I have not gotten it right. My newest poem starts out with the line, “I Want to Be…..Where you Are.”

  74. Yes I agree thngs have gotten very complicated. I also remember exchanging valentines cards in school. Now it is all about price – if it don’t cost alot than they must not love you, bull. It seams that all our holidays have gotten too complicated and we have forgot what they really mean.

  75. Thanks for a nice read, Kath. I’ll be putting mine up in a few.

  76. it’s true that valentine’s day has become a day to exchange gifts than exchange love…it’s highly commercialized and the younger generations believe it in that way..thanks for revisiting your valentine memories

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  78. Yeah, Valentine’s Day has gotten more and more complicated over the years. Wish it wasn’t that complicated hehe, I mean, if you buy the wrong thing you are literally screwed (at least for us men)…

    Oh and I must quote a friend of mine:
    “Dont forget the other 365 days in 2012 :p”

  79. interesting post on valentines day. thanks for sharing your thoughts


  80. The beauty of life lies in simple things. I wish it wasn’t so commercialized with sky-high expectations these days!

  81. Wow. Just wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day with a bouquet of lovely thoughts and Best Wishes. Gorgeous article.

  82. My favorite Valentines memory – my sister and I are similar in age and either one of us would have a boyfriend or the other, but seldom both on the “big” day. So we always celebrated valentines by celebrating each other. Neither of us went unrecognized. Flowers, candy,little heart shaped or decorated items. Silly stuff and more practical. The thing is I have other siblings but this was something special between us. We’re both old married gals now but this post made me want to revisit that tradition. Wonder if she’ll remember. On my blog I have a Love Story short fiction writing contest for Valentines Day…. you and your readers are welcome to enter.

  83. Hi there! I really enjoyed your post! I have to say that I entirely agree that Valentine’s Day has become too commercialized. What I find sad is that people have forgotten the true origin of the holiday (yes, it has earned its right to be considered one!). It was named after St. Valentine, who had held secret wedding ceremonies for couples while marriage had been outlawed by Emperor Claudius II. Eventually, Valentine was caught and executed for his “crimes”.

    What really fascinates me is that he had died not fighting for his own love, but for the love of others. And that, to me, is one of the most selfless, and noblest causes I have ever heard. It is for that reason why just need to look past the commercial appeal and see what Valentine’s Day truly is-a beautiful day that recognizes the beauty that exists in loving companionships, and reminds us to appreciate all the wonderful people we have in our life.

    But I do have to admit, those Valentine Day bears ARE very cute…

  84. Thanks for this great post!!

    I totally agree with the queenoftherighteous, that Valentines Day is really about beauty and love for all. That’s why we’re trying to make Valentine’s Day into Generosity Day! Would you join us and help spread the word?

    Some background:

  85. If only I had a Valentine…..

  86. Funny, remember those cards too. Brings back memories

  87. Hi. I find this post very insightful just by observing society. There is authenticity in the supposed intention of Valentine’s Day but there are just entities that unfortunately want to take advantage of it.

    Speaking of Valentine’s, I’ve crafted an open letter to my single friends reminding them how valuable they are. 🙂 Thanks!

  88. I do miss those childhood days when we passed out cards and lollipops to everyone. Thanks for the lovely post!

  89. Flowers would be the best Valentine’s gift for me 🙂
    But I have made the mistake to let myself be alone, again, on this holiday.

  90. I’ll be spending my Valentine’s Day evening playing harp in a romantic restaurant to set the right atmosphere. Would be fine except I just broke up with my boyfriend…

  91. Come to Europe. We do things differently here 🙂

    • I totally agree – lots less crass commercialism.

  92. flowers and a big frilly red box of chocolates? Yes, please. I have to blushedly admit that I loooovvve old fashioned Valentine’s Day gifts. (:

  93. I remember recieving those little Valentine’s cards — held “shut” with stickers, no less — during my elementary years. It was required to give everyone a card, no matter if we liked them or not. But, being socially awkward then (and now) it made me feel liked, at least for a day.

    But since then, I’ve never really cared for the holiday, although I do enjoy the legend of St. Valentine.

  94. It’s so nice to read this story. We never celebrated Valentine’s Day at home, or at school. Sometimes pupils sent each other cards though. My husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day the first two years when we were dating, but since it’s a week after our anniversary we celebrate that instead.

  95. In some countries, it is not only about love. In Mexico, people celebrate friendship too. I just wonder, why Valentine´s Day is not all year long? Wouldn´t that be nicer? I´d like a box of choccies and some romanticism every day of the year. 🙂

  96. Great blog!

    please tell me
    how you do celebrate valentines day? on my blog

  97. Haha! True enough, Valentine’s day has become so commercialized these days. Valentine’s Day here in the Philippines will be tomorrow and our editorial consultant already gave us two roses each an hour ago since, he said, tomorrow, for sure, the price of roses will be skyrocketing! Haha!

    Anyways, cheers for an uncomplicated Valentine’s Day!


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  100. Fantastic photos and such a cute story. This year, we are having to stay away from candy. Thinking about a little night cruise down the river with some wine and cheese. I think I am going to have to go buy some of those fun little cards we used to hand out in primary school now and pass them out around town. Probably have to give like 20 to different people that serve my coffee addiction. Great blog!

  101. […] know, there are roughly 365 days in a year, 366 in a Leap Year). I agree with Kathy’s blog, “What ever happened to exchanging sweet cards and giving boxes of chocolates–and just […]

  102. Great article! This is my list

  103. My goodness at the comments! Now think…if this many people read and comment on your daily blog, just think how many would buy and read that book I keep trying to get you to write. 😀

  104. I wanna every day is Valentine’s day. Love the Valentines Gift Colorful 3D Ice Cream Cake Case for my iPhone 4. Have a nice day everyone.

  105. Interesting to read about your experiences with this holiday. thanks for sharing.

  106. eu sunt handicapat da>la noi pentru valentin s day fericit sau 14 febuarie toate inetrnational

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    very nice blog

  108. thanks my friends by your blog.

  109. A hoodie footie – seriously? Here’s my just finished writing on my site about what I want for Valentine’s and then you show me this? Quick, is it too late to hit the shops? Thanks for making me laugh x

  110. Hoodie footies, whatever next!

  111. I love the people I love every day 🙂 flowers smell less stressful and chocolate tastes more guiltless on all other days of the year, hahaha. Love the ones your with.
    thanks for the thoughts about that day/tomorrow.

  112. I hate Valentine’s Day, because it forces people to prove how much they love each other, when it really should just come out naturally.

    Plus, it’s actually a day for women. You’re the ones who want gifts. Men don’t care about getting gifts on V Day. So all of the pressure is on us to get you a good gift.

  113. Great post for Valentine’s Day! I also wish our holidays weren’t so commercialized. It’s nice to feel like you are special to someone but expensive gifts aren’t neccessary. I bet this holiday also makes some people feel very lonely too, just a thought. Thanks!

    • No, not lonely – just left out. No one wants to be left out. Retired teacher now, but when I was teaching there was always a valentine for me from the kids, handmade, handwritten. It was a nice feeling.

  114. everything is overcomplicated now, i wish we could all find beauty in simplicity but if no one else does, i try to see it myself.. great post!

  115. I had the idea last year to buy a box of cheesy Valentines to pass out at work… But even those are over-commercialized! They’re all Hannah Montana or whatever the newest Disney music-bot happens to be. What happened to the little train that says ‘I choo- choo- choose you!’?!

  116. Never liked Valentines Day, even when I was a little kid. Back then, I thought it was “icky”. Now, I think its unnecessary.

  117. I try to just flat out ignore commercialisation and advertising. It’s not easy given how much of my time is spent on the internet as a blogger and copywriter, but I simply don’t listen when it talks about stuff that is blatantly nonsense. If I buy my partner a box of chocolates, I’m not doing it because I feel I have to either by tradition or the establishment- I’m doing it because I want to.

    My thoughts about Valentine’s Day are a bit different to yours, but along a similar vein –

  118. With both of you in radiology it’s not so surprising how you “see through” the shams of Valentine’s Day to the solid core meaning: LOVE…I’m happy to report that I just sent off my package to my eternal true and only love…an angel symbolic of “soul sisterhood”, a hand written and heavily doodled card, a small dog, a medallion necklace with amber and some other secret stuff…which I’m sure you already know about…X ray this! Go on…it’s fun…let’s X ray everything…we’ll find all the bones….you’ll see!!

  119. loving the teddy bear

  120. My boyfriend and I will be spending Valentine’s day together in orchestra for 4 1/2 hours. I made him a card and wrote him a poem and I have no idea what he’s doing for me because he doesn’t have any money, so I’m sure it’s going to be something very clever 🙂 can’t wait!

  121. I would be devistated if my beau bought me Hoodie Footie Pajamas! How very unsexy and unromantic!

  122. Not long ago I din’t believe in Valentine celebration..since ever, may be because real love was not s in the charts, so I thought. I was wrong. Now I am cooking and posting on my food blog for all the Valentine’s out there. I know there are true Valentines or many expecting to be with open hearts…into the crazy midst of the flowers and chocolate business..
    So tomorrow, I will cook some more
    thinking of them, and happy, after a long search I have found my Valentine..
    I hope you have one in your heart too..

  123. A perfect wish! —-uncomplicated weekends —- makes me smile already 🙂

  124. Once upon a time here in OZ valentines day was just a date on a calender. We just share a champagne and don’t get caught in the commercialisation of yet another day of the year. The cookies etc sounds like a great idea.

  125. Nice post! And it’s also a nice blog you have there, I love the design 😀

    I also made a post on another perspective at Valentine, check it out in my wordpress blog if you have the time 😀 (and leave a comment, if you will)

    Keep up the nice works!

  126. I would love one of those pink onesies – haha – unromantic maybe but they look soooooo comfy!

  127. lol I love the idea of that all in one thing. I’ve seen so many people in them and haven’t got around to getting one myself. I really should as they’re cute! 🙂

  128. lol I love that teddy. He’s huge.

  129. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My blog site is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Thanks a lot!

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  131. My parents always bought us candy and cards My mom is a big Hallmark customer- me I’d rather make the cards myself- not to mention one card can cost anywhere from $3 to $10!!! way too comercialized!

  132. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

  133. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

  134. Is it just me or is valentines day fast becoming just an excuse to spend money. I tell my hunny every day there is much love. Every day should be special.

    • It’s not just you. Valentine’s Day has become an excuse to sell, sell, sell to the buying public.


  135. I just happened to findcome across your website and your article Valentine’s Days Revisited… Reflections…by Kathy. The info you provide kind of causes me think. Thanks for sharing.

  136. Check out the current information and facts concerning
    valentines gifts for him.

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