A Penny For My Thoughts…

I’m thinking…I wish this weather would get in a stable pattern, and stay there.  One day it’s hot, the next it’s cold.  One day of sun, two days of clouds.  Enough already!

I’m thinking…I’m ready for the “sickness bug” to move on down the road.  For over a month, somebody or another in our little circle of family has been sick!  It’s been stomach aches, ear aches, bronchitis, head colds…you name it!  I’m wondering if any of it is related to the irregular weather patterns?

I’m thinking…March is going to be a busy month for our granddaughter!  She has a parade to be in, a festival to dance at, a wedding to get ready for, and kindergarten registration is coming up!  That’s a lot for a five-year-old to be dealing with–and she’s also been one of the sick ones in our family!

I’m thinking…it won’t be long before I’ll be too old to mop and wax the floors.  I did the kitchen floor the other day, and it almost wore me to a frazzle!  I have two more rooms needing to be done.  Why did I not choose Pergo flooring?

I’m thinking…I sure have a lot of yard work waiting to be done!  I worked out there for two hours yesterday–just picking up fallen limbs and pine cones.  I always think of my blog friend Debby, from over at “Just Breathe”, whenever I pick up  pine cones.  Debby collects “pine cone stuff”.

I’m thinking…I’m excited about planting more seeds in the garden.  Our potatoes haven’t sprouted yet, but all of our fruit trees are already sprouting leaves!  I hope it doesn’t freeze again!

I’m thinking…we may end up with a new dog in the family–at least temporarily.  A golden retriever showed up in our yard yesterday–wearing a shock collar.  He had a friend with him, also wearing a collar.  The friend continued on his travels, but the retriever stayed.  Apparently, someone’s invisible fencing didn’t work.  We’ve put out inquiries, but not response yet.  We don’t live close to anyone, so we have no idea where he came from.  I’m sure someone’s missing him, we just don’t know who.

I’m thinking…I wish I could sleep a little longer than 7 am.  Lately, my body clock seems to be set for a bedtime of midnight, and a rising time of seven o’clock.  Who wants to rise at 7 am if you don’t have to–especially after not going to sleep before 12!   To put it mildly, “Getting older stinks.”

I’m thinking…how sad it is that cute little Davy Jones has died.  I loved watching “The Monkees”!   I still think of Davy looking the way he did back then…I was surprised to see that his hair was no longer black, but he was still cute!  Like I said, “Getting older stinks.”

I’m thinking…I need to get off this computer, and go vacuum the bedrooms.  They’re not going to do it themselves!

So! What’s on your mind today?

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  1. Glad you shared your thoughts before pulling out the vacuum. I’m with you on looking for a little consistency in the temperatures. Wide swings here. Supposed to be high 70s today here and on Sunday mid to low 40s.

    Hope Maddie is fully recuperated and ready for all her scheduled activities!

  2. I cannot sleep past 6:00-6:30. Regardless of when I go to bed or how tired I am when I go to bed. Before I retired, I was looking so forward to sleeping in (my usual bedtime was 11:00-11:30) … now I am lucky to stay up to 10:00-10:30 and am up only a few minutes later than I’d get up when working. Go figure!

  3. My husband always wanted a Golden Retriever. Is it wrong to say he travelled from our yard in PA to yours? I hope he finds his owners. If not, I know you will take good care of him.

  4. Your life sounds too full, well-rounded, and wonderful to fall under the term “getting older stinks.” Remember you’re not in it alone and life is only what you make of it.
    After all, look at the surprise it brought you – a canine visitor who may or may not be sharing many “unstinking” days with you.
    Enjoy and if necessary, hold your nose when your golden days are less than rose filled. better yet, light a Yankee candle. They have the strongest fragrance.
    As for me I share your pain about the wood floor. I’ve been promising it a waxing since Christmas.

  5. Wow – Miss Madison IS going to have a full schedule in March. She’s turning into quite the Social Diva. LOL 😀

    This weather is certainly crazy – that’s for sure. As I type this, I have the AC on. Hard to believe it, but it’s been in the 80’s the past few days. That kinda weather made me think of the beach. 🙂

    And another thing to believe or not – it’s already time to change our clocks again. On Sunday, March 11, it’ll be time to Spring Forward. It seems like it was just time to Fall Backward. Time does fly – there’s no denying that. 🙂

    Maybe Brad and Jennifer would be interested in the dog since their’s passed away not to long ago. Something to think about… 🙂

    Take care and thanks again for a great post !!! 😀

    • * not TOO long ago.

  6. I’m thinking that the snow we got yesterday (14inches of it) should be all gone by Sunday because we now have 3 days of rain coming in. I’m thinking that I would love to sleep till 7 because we have a puppy that wakes me up at 4 because his bladder is full. I’m thinking that I’m glad he wakes me up :). I’m thinking that the dog may have a microchip in him and your local dog officer or vet can scan for it to find his owner at no charge. I’m thinking I HATE shock collars!
    Have a good weeken.

  7. I’m thinking that you think too much!! LOL.. I am the same way 🙂

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