Hello Monday, It’s Me Again…

What a “strange weather” weekend!  Thankfully, we didn’t get any of the tornadoes and bad storms that so many other people received, but the weather was unstable nonetheless.  The weather certainly kept us on our toes all weekend!  We received nearly five inches of (much-needed) rain, on Saturday alone–and the rain was followed by high, gusty winds.  Saturday began with temperatures in the 70’s, but ended with temperatures in the 50’s.  Whew!

My heart goes out to all of those folks who lost their homes or businesses during the tornadoes during the past few days.  I just finished reading about some folks, in Alabama, who lost their homes–for a second time within a year!  Can you imagine?  Many families weren’t even finished rebuilding their homes, when they were damaged again–some beyond repair!

The weather wasn’t suitable to be outside on Saturday, so I took the opportunity to take a long nap while listening to the rain on the roof!  When I woke up, I decided to bake a cake–something I rarely do these days.  Later, I ended up doing a little “indoor” gardening–meaning I planted some seeds in starter pots, and placed them in the window sill.  I have some cabbage and tomatoes planted, with squash soon to follow!  I’ve never done this before, so we’ll see how it goes.  You may recall that I’ve always had a “brown” thumb!

Speaking of gardening, Ed and I recently drove my car to pick up a few gardening supplies.  I drive a PT Cruiser, and it never ceases to amaze me at the amount of things that Ed manages to pack inside of that vehicle!  We drove home carrying 120 pounds of fertilizer, 5 “double-sized” bags of miracle grow potting soil, 40 pounds of dog and cat food, a large pail, an azalea plant, a silk wreath, 3 dozen mason jars, and several bags of groceries!  I guess you could say we were “fully loaded”!

You may recall that I posted on Thursday, how our family had “acquired” a new dog, when a golden retriever wandered into our yard on Wednesday morning, and never left.  Our daughter, Brandy, put a message about the “found” dog, on Facebook, on Wednesday, but hadn’t heard anything–until Saturday night, when the dog’s owners called.  They gave enough info to prove they were the owners, but  it was already dark, and the weather was bad, so the owners decided to postpone coming to get the dog until Sunday.

The couple, who happens to live about three miles away from us, came to get their dog on Sunday morning.  (Thankfully, I wasn’t home at the time.)  Brandy said, the dog, whose name turned out to be “Flash”, didn’t want to go with them.  (Apparently, “Flash” had become quite fond of his new home!)  The owners loaded “Flash” up in the back of their pickup truck (I hate that! ) only to have him jump out as they were driving off with him!  Poor “Flash” hurt his leg when he jumped out of the truck, but still managed to get away.  The owners decided to go home to get a different vehicle, and come back.

By the time they returned, “Flash” had gone back to our daughter’s house, went under her deck, and refused to come out!  Finally, Brandy was able to coax poor “Flash” out from under the deck, by using a rawhide chew.  The couple managed to take their dog home, but  he sure didn’t leave willingly or happily, which kind of made us all sad.

I took this picture of a wet “Flash”  early Sunday morning, before he left us.


I was hoping for a happier ending to the weekend, but happy ending or not, the weekend’s gone, so let’s change gears a bit, and join Heather over at Acting Balanced for her “Meet Me On Monday” meme.  You can join in, too, by clicking Heather’s button below.

Acting Balanced

1. What is on your bedside table?  A lamp, a clock radio, a flashlight, and a silk rose in a vase, and a piggy bank.  Exciting stuff, huh?
2. Hardback, Paperback or E-Reader?  I prefer hardback books, but, of course, I have a few paperbacks, too.
3. What is your ‘go to’ drink of choice?  Sweet iced tea, ’cause I’m one of those G R I T S– in my case, that stands for “grandma raised in the south”!
4. How do you like to spend your birthday?  I usually spend my birthdays at home, surrounded by family.  Sometimes, my daughter will host a birthday meal in my honor, and of course, we always have cake and ice cream!  I was fortunate enough to celebrate a couple of recent birthdays at the beach, and that was fun, too!
5. Finish this sentence – I would never be caught dead in …a bikini!  That would be a crime!

Oh!  I nearly forgot!  I’m also joining “The Coupon Queen” for “Make A Friend Monday”.  Hop on over to her place by clicking this button:

Living on Less with the Coupon Queenand you’ll meet more great blogging friends.Have a great Monday, everyone!

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15 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. I agree… my bikini days are over too…

  2. Sweet tea is my drink of choice as well!!

  3. Oh my, just reading about poor Flash not wanting to go “home” just broke my heart … I can only imagine how upsetting it must have been.

    The weather was crazy here, too. No tornadoes, thankfully, but very strong winds on Friday and Saturday and rain/snow 3 miles to the north of us.

  4. Hopefully Flash has a happy home and it was just the crazy weather and getting comfy at your place that made him not want to leave. Weather affects dogs so maybe that was it.

    Have a nice week!

  5. I don’t think I ever had bikini days 🙂

  6. My bikini days never began however, the one thing that took for forever to get used to about living in the sunny south is sweet tea. Wow, what a wake up call.

  7. The story of Flash broke my heart. Poor little guy. Your nap sounds heavenly!

  8. Hi Kathy, found you over at blog hop..

  9. Oh my, Kathy. You have been the agent of Instant Karma, as Mr Lennon would say. Quite a few followers of my blog commented that yesterday’s entry to my blog made them cry. Now you’ve gone and done it to me with your accounting of poor Flash. Go steal him back!

  10. Yes, Yes.. go get Flash. Or next time Flash runs away – DO NOT call the owners.

  11. Just came over from Make a friend Monday…that story is so sad! I kept thinking that any minute you were going to say that they told you to keep her! My aunt found a dog years ago over a holiday weekend, so it took awhile for the owner to connect. He ended up bringing the dog back a few months later because he worked long hours and said she had a better home for him…and that dog went willingly!

  12. Oh I’m so sad over the dog. Sounds like he didn’t like the owners at all. Most dogs run to the momma and daddy! I hope they didn’t punish him! My two piece bathing suit days are over——long over. At least out on public.

  13. Hi! So nice to see you and thanks for the comment at my place! I agree with the bikini for myself too. ::Shudders::

  14. I love sweet tea. We are so lucky, we’ve almost summer like weather here.

  15. 🙂 He wanted to put it in mail box but i told him i didnt know his address lol

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