Livin’ In Crazy Times…

My husband works in a small, rural hospital, so he rarely comes home with any exciting tales to tell.  Last week was an exception!  Ed came home telling the tale of a burglary, which took place in the hospital parking lot–in broad daylight!  The vehicle with the smashed window was discovered by one of Ed’s employees, as she walked through the parking lot on her way to work!

The vehicle belonged to another hospital employee, and apparently had been burglarized between the hours of 7 and 8 am, when most employees are reporting to work!   Not only was the vehicle broken into during some of the busiest daylight hours, the surveillance tape showed the perpetrator making multiple attempts to gain access by smashing its windows with a huge rock!  Once he finally gained access to the vehicle, he ripped out the stereo, and took off!

The plot thickens a bit here, because after the thief was later apprehended, he turned out to be a cousin of the employee whom he had burglarized!  Uh oh!  It was also discovered that he’d been on a “crime spree” since about 1 o’clock that morning.  In six or seven hours, the thief had managed to break into eleven different vehicles!  He’d smashed the windows/windshields on all of the vehicles, then ripped out the speakers and stereos.  I’m thinking this dude must have been high on some powerful drugs!

The last we heard, the guy was sitting in jail.  I’m thinking the  police should have just turned the guy over to the people who owned the vehicles that he destroyed!  I’ll bet a few of the victims would love to have his head on a platter!  I’m sure the cousin he robbed would like to own a piece of him!

Ed and I have been robbery victims, a total of three times, during our thirty-nine years of marriage.  Let me tell you, it’s not a pleasant feeling!  There’s something about having someone steal the things that you work hard for–while you are out working to pay for them–that makes me MAD!  Then it makes me want to get even!

As the economy continues to worsen, I’m sure we’ll continue to see more and more stealing.  During the past year or so, some of my husband’s employees have had their homes burglarized while they were at work, and of course, shoplifting is rampant everywhere these days–even the grocery store.  Not too long ago, my daughter witnessed someone about to steal a package of  raw meat!

Just the other day, I was shopping when I heard the guy next to me exclaim, “What the heck?”  He’d picked up a tube of ointment to purchase it, only to discover he was holding an empty box…I’m sure the ointment had already been slipped into someone’s pocket.  I tell you, we’re livin’ in some crazy times!

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  1. I would be MAD too! You feel personal violated when someone takes something from you. I hope this person gets to sit in jail for a very long time. I am sure the other prisoners will “take care” of him.

  2. Wow, you’re certainly right. These are crazy times!

  3. Not only would I be mad, but I wonder how long or if I’d ever feel safe/secure in my home again.

  4. We have been broken into twice and it made me sick to think of someone going through my “undies” to find stuff to steal. I did laundry for days till I felt that my clothes were really clean. I heard that people are now stealing gas because of the price. These are crazy times.

  5. Wow, those are interesting stories. We used an internet gained voucher the other day in a restaurant. The owners asked for ID. When we asked why, they said people steal the vouchers and try to get free food. My brain just doesn’t even work that way.

  6. Found your blog on Meet Me on Monday blog hop….

    We have been having a lot of car break ins in my area lately.
    Its unbelievable what people leave in their cars… laptops, phones, money, shoes, sneakers etc. I am not blaming the car owner for the crime but we all should learn the good habit of removing any
    valuables when we get out of the car. This economy is making people do all kinds of crimes, very sad. My city has about 60,000 people, I grew up here but hate it now. It has deteriorated so much within the past 10 years. We hope to move very soon. I hope to move more near the countryside.

    Nice to meet you!

  7. You’ve been robbed 3 times! Wow… Thank goodness, I have never had that experience. I can only imagine the violation I would feel at such an invasion. We did have our truck window broken (to smitherines) in a parking lot once. There was nothing inthe truck to take, which seem like the theives were pretty stupid in the first place. that was an aggravation just getting it fixed.

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