Thursday’s Thoughts About Being Burglarized…

A couple of days ago, while writing about these crazy times we’re living in, I mentioned that Ed and I have been burglarized three times during the past thirty-nine years.  Some people were shocked. Do you mean to tell me, we’re the only ones who have ever had such a run of bad luck?

The first burglary happened a couple of years into our marriage.  We were living in a mobile home park in the city, with rented mobile homes on both sides of us.  It was a disaster waiting to happen, but we were too naive to know it!  Our neighbors changed frequently, and we never got to know most of them.

One day we came home from work to find that our home had been broken into!  The backdoor had been the point of entry.  Our stuff was strewn everywhere, and the stereo equipment, that Ed bought while stationed in Okinawa, was missing–along with a jar of silver coins and Ed’s gun!  Those stereo speakers weighed a ton, so it was no easy feat walking off with them, and our reel-to-reel tape player wasn’t tiny either!  It took some nerves of steel to walk out the door with those bulky things, in mid-day, with neighbors all around!  Of course, we later found out, that it was one of our neighbors who committed the robbery!

Burglary number two also took place while we were at work, but this time they broke into our car in the hospital parking lot!  Evidence showed they tried to steal the car, but apparently didn’t know that our car had to be in reverse (safety feature) in order to crank it.  They settled for our car stereo instead.

Burglary number three took place, just a few years ago, in 2004, again while we were at work.  Only this time, we were robbed repeatedly, over time, without our knowledge!  It all began one day when I missed some of the cash that I’d been keeping tucked away at home.  I was pretty sure of the amount I had tucked away, but suddenly I discovered I didn’t have as much as I thought I had…  We realized  something definitely was going on,  when I went to the medicine cabinet to get a pain pill, a few weeks later–and discovered there weren’t any in the cabinet!  Both bottles were gone!  One thing led to another, and Ed started checking around the house.  We were not only missing all of our pain medications, but we were also missing over twelve hundred dollars in cash, along with some guns that Ed kept hidden under our bed!

Those missing pain pills sent up a red flag, and we had a pretty good idea who the culprit might be.  Sure enough, it turned out to be a “friend” of our oldest son’s!  A person we had trusted and spent a great deal of time with while he was growing up.  Unfortunately, sometimes people change.  They get caught up in drugs and deception, and friendship and trust get thrown out the window.

We found out that this young man, who was very familiar with our home, would come and steal from us while we were at work–and we never even knew he’d been in our house!  (He knew how to open locks without a key).  He apparently came and stole from us on several occasions before we ever missed anything!  Our suspicions proved to be correct when the “friend” showed up at our house, one final time, not long after we discovered those missing items.  Fate would have it, that our younger son happened to be at home sick that day!

We never recovered any of our stolen property, but we did spend quite a few sleepless nights afterward.  I don’t know which was worse, having our home burglarized by a stranger or being robbed and taken advantage of by someone we trusted, and thought was a friend.  Both experiences left us feeling vulnerable and violated, and a lot less trusting.

By the way, locked doors only keep honest people out!  A determined thief will find a way in…

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  1. Our house was robbed when I was in college. It is a super creepy story-no one was hurt but it could easily have gone another way. I don’t feel comfortable putting it on my blog but I do understand the unease one feels after an incident like you describe.

  2. It’s unnerving enough to be robbed – once. But three times?!?! And most disconcerting would be the one committed by someone who was supposed to be a friend of the family. Disconcerting … and sad. 😦

  3. 3 times in 39 years is a little high but thankfully nobody was ever hurt. Thank you for sharing your story.

    We have had undercover officers just stroll on up to our house without warrants or anything. We definitely called the local police and turns out these were punky out of town cops. The older cops apologized and were very considerate, but it really changes your perception of law enforcement.

    Thank you for sharing your story!

  4. The times we were robbed, it by teens looking for stuff they could sell fast for drugs and we never got the stuff back either. The worst part was wnen the door was open and I couldn’t find the cat. She was an old cat on meds and never went out so I was really afraind for her. The police officer found her hiding under the bed and let me in to check on her. As long as she was safe, I was OK with loosing stuff.did however clean like a mad woman because “someone had been in the house”. That upset me big time.

  5. I cannot imagine how p*&^**( off I would have been to know your thief was a suuposed friend of your sons. Did you press charges?

    On a humorous note…Back in the day, I did have a girlfriend that had her car broken into while it was parked at work. They stole her cassette player and all the tapes accept her Barry Manilow collection. The robbery…not funny. The Barry Manilow part….priceless.

    Hope your invasions are done with now.

  6. My son had a friend since they were in 5th grade. I even baby sat him when he was smaller. We took this boy on our family vacations and considered him as a son. As a teen he got into drugs. We didn’t know until it was too late. He stole money from his work (the owner is a a good friend of ours). He stole our trust from him. We had to let him know he could not be around our children if he continued on drugs. He went to rehab and we thought he was clean. He went back to drugs and we told him he could not come back. It was a very sad day. Sad for us and sad for him.

  7. Investing in an alarm system is expensive at first but in the long run it helps. Also having a big dog helps too.

    Its sad when people who know you steal from you. I wonder if the amount of people who have been burglarized had it happen due to someone they know is higher in statistics than an unknown burglar.

  8. I guess it shows that no matter where one lives, there are people who resort to robbery. Whether one lives in the city, suburbs, or country, the feeling is one of being violated. Sorry you had to go through it so often

  9. Hello Kathy,
    Thanks for checking on me..We didn’t have any damage from the storms….I am still suffering from the allergy and asthma which is my bane in the Spring….I went on retreat for two nights with members of my club. We returned yesterday afternoon. Today I have meetings in the a.m. and tonight. So I’ve not done a post this week. Maybe I’ll get one up tomorrow.
    I’m sorry you’ve had to experience these invasions. We had our boathouse robbed of floats and other equipment when we had the house on the lake. They had to go in from the water and underneath so we figured it was children who did it.
    There have been some burglaries in our neighborhood and they think it is someone who lives on a road that is near here. They expect the person is going and coming through the woods and fields and have warrants out. As a result, a neighborhood watch has been started.
    Mama Bear

  10. I’ve been robbed once since I moved out here in 2000. I went to take a friend of mine to the airport one morning, several years ago, and when I got home, someone had kicked my door in and taken all kinds of electronics and ALL of my jewelry…even the special things I had that once belonged to my parents. 😦

    I can’t imagine going through that 3 times…wow! I don’t understand why a person would want to take something from another person. Guess I was raised better than that. Don’t you wish everyone was…

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