The Male’s Version Of Wal-mart

A few months ago, my husband discovered what I like to refer to as “the male’s version of Wal-mart”, otherwise known as Agri Supply.  Our nearby store has been around for at least a dozen years, but we never saw any reason to check it out–until Ed needed a part for the tractor.

Ed came home from his visit to  Agni Supply bearing the latest copy of the Agri Supply catalog!  For a long time, every night I’d see him browsing through his catalog, just like a kid!.  (He reminded me of our children, and how they used to spend hours with the Christmas catalogs.)  I hadn’t seen Ed that excited over anything in a long, long time!

Now, lately Ed and I have gotten in the habit of taking regular Saturday morning shopping trips together!  (Sort of like his parents used to do about twenty years ago!)  The Agri Supply Store is located just down the road from the Dollar General Store, so Ed lets me out at the Dollar Store to do my grocery shopping, while he heads on down to Agri Supply.  Sometimes Ed’s gone a long time…

This past weekend, I decided I wanted  to go down and check out The Agri Supply Store for myself, so I asked Ed to let me ride along.  We did our shopping at Dollar General, then headed over to Agri Supply.  Man, by the time we arrived, that store was hoppin’!  The parking lot was forty times busier than the Dollar Store.  In fact, the crowd reminded me more of a Wal-mart crowd!

Once inside, I discovered most of the shoppers were men!  There were a few women and children, but the majority of shoppers were of male gender–and let me tell you,  they were all doing some serious shopping!  I don’t think the women over at Wal-mart were any more “intense” about their shopping than those guys were!  I enjoyed just doing a little “people watching”!

Agri Supply has a little something for everybody!  In fact, that’s their slogan!  There were tractor parts, truck parts, boat parts, gun safes, hunting gear, farming supplies, pet supplies, farm animal feed, cooking supplies, canning supplies, dinner bells, clocks, rain gauges, rope, buckets, hampers, hardware, and so much more!  There was even a toy aisle for the younger shoppers–John Deere, of course!

The store was huge, and I got tired before I got a chance to look at everything. However,  I did manage to discover a small “lobby area”, complete with a television and magazines, for anyone who needs a place to rest and wait,  while their spouse finishes his shopping!   Even Wal-mart doesn’t have that!   Perhaps I should suggest that to the folks at Wal-mart on my next visit!

***Let me just add a little footnote here before I go.  I’ve been busy as a bee, working outside in the garden, so I haven’t had much time for the computer lately.  I’ve found that , after a day in the sun and soil, I”m tired and ready for bed!  I’ll be around to visit and catch up soon!  Have a great Monday…

Living on Less with the Coupon Queen

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  1. We have something similar here … Rural King. I never thought of it as the male version of Wal-Mart, but you know, it really is! 😉

  2. The closest thing we have to that is a Farm and Fleet, although I am not 100% sure they would have something for everyone. I can’t believe all the men shopping, who knew?!?! I love the idea of a place to sit and rest, espicially if the store is so big. I am jelous of you being out in the garden, we have rain today and it is slowly melting the rest of the remaining 4 feet of snow. :-/ Thanks for joining the hope again today, its always nice to see you, have a great week Kathy.

  3. My husband discovered a similar store up here. They were able to help us convert our patio heaters from UK to US connections. He came home so excited about all their wares. I have not been inside yet : )

  4. Even though I love my life in the northern suburbs of metro NY, your description of Agri-Supply and your Saturday morning shopping trips makes me a bit desirous of the country life.

  5. I loved your take on Ed’s new shopping destination! Hoping I can get out and do a little gardening. Am on the prowl for athletic shoes that fit my extra narrow heel area so my left ankle doesn’t roll. So far have found two brands with sizes in “narrow.”

    Neither are narrow enough, but bought the most narrow one anyway for my physical therapist to check out.

    In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy your gardening!

  6. Hi Kathy,

    I work for the corporate office of Agri Supply and I just wanted to say thank you for the kind words. You are certainly right . . it is a grown man’s toy store. For those of you who don’t happen to have an Agri Supply in your neighborhood, please visit our website at

    Thank you, Kathy and Ed, for your business. We appreciate you shopping with us and hope you will continue to visit our store often.


    Michelle Mitchell

  7. Love that there is a “rest area” for whoever needs it. That will surely come in handy. Not sure that there is anything like that up here so I may have to go to the website and look around.

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