Tuesday Tidbits…

It’s 8 am, and I am sitting here, like a zombie, my body still struggling to get used to daylight savings time!  Last week, I would’ve had an hour’s worth of activity behind me by now…  Why oh why, can’t we leave time alone–or at least leave it one way or the other?

My daughter and her family are still struggling with sickness.  At least one person in their household has been sick ever since January!  Yesterday brought more doctor appointments and more trips to the pharmacy for my daughter and granddaughter.  At one point, all three people in the family were taking antibiotics!  I hope and pray they will soon be well!  Sickness struck my oldest son’s household, too, but everyone there seems to be recovering quickly.

My brother called yesterday to tell me that his computer had died…I am sad because I feel like I’ve lost a “life line”.  I enjoy emailing my sister-in-law, and receiving her emails, as well.  He says he will get it fixed or get another one, but not right now.  Sigh

Last week, I discovered what a good “work out” gardening and yard work can be!   I raked and burned pine straw and leaves for TWO DAYS!  Ed joined me on Friday, and the process went along much faster.  We’re not quite finished, but things are looking much better.  Strong winds prohibited any burning on Saturday.

Ed and I also planted two rows of vegetables in our garden over the weekend.  So far, we have planted carrots, radishes, garden peas, and green beans.  This year, we’re learning as we go–or should I say learning as we grow?!   Two weeks ago, Ed and Clint, our son-in-law, planted irish potatoes, some of which are now trying to break through the ground.  I plan to write a gardening post soon.

I’ve adjusted pretty well to my new dosages of thyroid medication, and  HRT, and I am feeling much better overall.  I feel better and have more energy than I’ve had in a long, long time!  It was well worth the struggle to get to this point, and I sure hope it lasts!  Before, I could barely hold out to vacuum the floor, now I”m raking the yards!

It’s funny, whenever I blog,  I write about whatever is on my mind, not always thinking about who might read it.  Yesterday I posted about our Agri Supply store, and my experience there.  This morning I woke up to find a comment from an employee of Agri Supply’s corporate office!  She thanked me for my kind words about their store.  Who knew, that any  Agri Supply corporate office  personnel would find and read my blog?!

That’s about it for my random Tuesday tidbits.  My daughter just walked in, from next door,  eating a bowl of jello–for breakfast!  They always feed you jello in the hospital, perhaps it’ll make her feel better…

Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. Funny how different the seasons are around the country. We’ve had some nicer weather but the ground is still pretty solid-way too solid to plant anything. Enjoy your potatoes!

    Many companies/businesses now have a social media person and as part of their job they google their brand to see what’s being said out there. They also manage things like twitter and a business facebook page. At least you liked them : )

  2. Hope everyone in your family will get over this … and stay well! 😉

    We had summer-like weather yesterday. Absolutely gorgeous. Our neighbors are itching to put in their garden, but it’s way too early here … as nice as it’s been, it’s still only mid-March … still plenty of time for more winter-like weather.

    But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy this weather.

  3. Hope you all recover soon.
    I totally sympathize with the time shift. This is my first experience of time change and I was totally zonked out yesterday. Am relieved that this does not happen only to newcomers.
    Good luck with your garden and looking forward to many delighted moments and posts on the same.

  4. I’ve not adjusted to the time change either. I forgot to change the clock by my bed and discovered I was already and hour behind when I went to get coffee yeterday morning.

    I’ve been out cleaning out my little flower area in front of our condo. I have arthritis in my hips so it’s all ouchy work. I wish you well on your garden. I’ll be looking for your progress posts.

  5. Your garden is going to be so awesome!

  6. Hope everyone gets back to feeling 100% soon. 🙂

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