Trying To Keep Up And Other Random Thoughts…

One thing I quickly realized, when I had to report for jury duty on Tuesday morning, is I sure don’t miss being in the “rat race”!  It’s a thirty minute drive, from our house to the courthouse.  I had to get up at “dark-thirty” in order to get myself dressed, eat breakfast, make the drive, and be in court by 8 o’clock!  I didn’t take into account the fact that it might turn out to be a foggy morning (it was), and the fact that scores of students would be on the highway driving to high school, which is located between my house and the courthouse.  I barely made it to court on time–and I detest being late!

I love not having to get dressed up each morning, and race out the door to be at a place at a certain time.  I love being able to slide into a comfy old shirt and slacks or shorts.  I love not having to wear makeup every day.  I love not having to be accountable to anyone other than myself, but what I don’t love is–how quickly time passes each day!

I get up early, go to bed late, and I STILL can’t get everything accomplished that I need to do!  I can’t decide if I”m moving that much slower, or time is passing that much faster!

I used to sit at work and dream of the days when I’d have all the time in the world to do all the things I never had time to do because I had a job.  It hasn’t happened that way at all since leaving the “rat race”!  While I do get a few more things done, there are just as many things remaining undone.  I simply can’t keep up.  I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this, or is it just me…

I fall into bed each night feeling like I haven’t accomplished enough.  Then I go over the list of things I did during the day, and it’s usually pretty long, but it just never seems to be enough!

Now that we’ve started to plant a garden and have acquired six baby chicks, I have more chores added to the list of things to do!  Help!  I think I need an extra pair of arms and legs 🙂

On the positive side, I am enjoying learning about and doing something different, such as gardening!  At the moment, God is blessing me with lots of “good days” (health-wise) so I am able to enjoy working outside.  I pray the good days continue, and I will certainly enjoy them for as long as they do.  There’s just “something” about watching seeds sprout and grow that makes me feel good!  In the past, I haven’t had much luck growing anything…

In addition to gardening, thanks to my tender loving care, our six baby chicks seem to be thriving.  Wow, it’s a lot of work taking care of babies–even if they are chickens!  All have wings now, and they are beginning to get a “hint” of a tail.  I’ve learned a lot of things about chicks that I didn’t know, even though we’ve had chickens in the past.

Our chicks are still living in their “chick condo” in our pool room, but hopefully Ed will finish their “chicken palace” outside this weekend.  It hasn’t been as messy keeping the chicks inside, as I thought it would be, thanks to wood shavings in the bottom and high sides on the “condo”.   I will miss hearing their chirping each day, and the “pitter-patter” of their little feet when they hear me say “Hey Girls!”  Fortunately, I’ll be able to look right outside the window and watch them happily going about their business of being “little red hens”…

That’s about it for my random thoughts on how busy these days are, how quickly time is passing, and how I just can’t keep up!  How about you, are you keeping up, or falling behind?

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  1. I don’t miss the “rat race” … I have gotten used to be able to take my time when getting up in the morning. I’m usually up for a good couple of hours before I get started on my day … getting dressed, making the bed, etc. Having to get up, get ready and be somewhere at a set time was one of the things I disliked about my return to work last year. 😉

  2. I know what you mean about still not having enough time. I always have something on my list to do…which is good. I admit, I don’t “race” through anything and I enjoy pacing myself and “piddling” (I wrote a blog about piddling. I love to piddle!) I think we are lucky to keep active. It’s a blessing!

  3. I pray that some day I get to join you – Not missing the rat race. In the mean time, I am part of that rat race and there are days I cry because I am so far behind what I want to do. Then I remember that my life is about God’s will and not My will. So I am learning to wait on Him. It’s hard to learn this.
    I’m so glad you have become part of the retired generation.

  4. I’m still in the rat race so I envy you. Enjoy! Be aware of how blessed you are.

  5. Since I work at home, does that make me in a ‘mouse sprint’?

  6. My sympathies. Since an April 22, 2011 stroke I have had to pare down my to do list again and again or spiral into frustration and discouragement. The only “chore” on my list right now, other than rehab therapy is laundry. In the last two weeks, I have finally hit on a strategy to keep up with laundry including getting it folded or on hangers and put away. I have to do several small loads every day that I can start and finish in a single day.

    I hope to be able to add one more chore soon. Dear hubby has been doing everything. Doing something “big” halfway doesn’t help hubby or my spirits. Doing something small from start to finish takes a portion of the burden completely off hubby, even tho a small portion.

    Happy for your good health days and your joy in new experiences!

  7. I appreciate everyday that I am not longer in the rat race too, yet a have guilt about it. But then, I had guilt about working when my children were young too. Is that a woman’s plight?

  8. So true. All the time in the world and I don’t accomplish much at all. I think for me it proves that I work best under pressure, like when company is coming and your house needs a really good cleaning!

  9. Hope your chicks do well outside. It’s been so cold around here I wouldn’t be putting them outside at night, but it seems like everyone else’s weather has been pretty nice lately except ours! 🙂

    Good luck in jury duty. I’ve only gotten as close as watching the jury selection. I never ended up in the seats being questioned. I would have been dismissed anyways because it was a drunk driving case and they were dismissing anyone who didn’t drink. Hope the case is an interesting one for you!

  10. I’m very glad that God has blessed you with better health so that you could work in the garden and take care of the baby chicks. 🙂

    Just try to keep in mind that you can’t do everything every single day, so don’t over-do it. Take care. 🙂

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