Spending Quality Time Together…

The inspiration for today’s post comes from a recent conversation with two men in my life–my hubby, Ed, and our youngest son, Brad.  In conversation, Brad happened to mention that his pastor said, “husbands and wives need to spend more (quality) time talking with each other.”  Ed piped up and said, “Plant a garden, you’ll spend lots of time together!”

Which brings me to the subject of gardening with Ed!  We’ve spent the better part of the past two weeks together in our garden.  We’ve also had more arguments in the past two weeks, than we have had in the past two years!  Ed’s gardening style and my gardening style are not the same!

First of all, our garden rows are running north and south.  This has bothered me from Day One.  Our garden rows are 125 feet long!  Give me a break!  It takes forever to reach the end of a row, no matter what you’re doing!  Because of the length of the rows, we didn’t have enough of any one kind of seed to reach the end of a row.  As a result, we have part of a row of one kind of seed, followed by something different.  Only one row in the entire garden is planted all the way to the end with the same seed!

If I had designed the garden, I would have run the rows from east to west.  Then the rows would have been about 50 feet long, and each row would then be planted all the way to the end with the same kind of seed!  This would also permit me to run the water hose parallel to the rows, instead of having to cross over them like we’re doing now!  We have to be mindful not to damage plants!

The next argument involved using a planter.  Ed was all “gung-ho” about using an old planter which used to belong to my daddy.  Normally, I don’t have anything against using a planter, but this year I bought heirloom seeds, which are quite expensive!  (I want to be able to save seeds from this year’s plants, for future use.)  I counted each and every seed in the envelopes, and didn’t want to waste a one!  Sometimes there is waste when using a planter because it drops more than one seed at a time, occasionally.

Ed and I reached a compromise, when I told him he could plant the “regular” seeds with his planter.  He tried to plant some peas with the planter, but quickly realized how many seeds he was using, and resorted to planting them by hand–even though the pea seeds were  not expensive heirloom seeds.  Ed finally got to use the planter for the corn!

We also had another argument over how deep to punch the holes, then another over how far apart to plant the seeds!  We finally agreed on a proper amount, and Ed devised a clever planting tool.  It consists of an old mop handle, with a four-inch nail duct taped about an inch from the end of it!  It worked like a charm!

Gardening with Ed has been an interesting experience, so far.  We’re spending lots of “quality time” together in the fresh air and sunshine!  Even though we’ve had a few disagreements along the way, we’ve also agreed on a few things, such as (a) we’re not as young and agile as we used to be, (b) the sun is hot,  and  (c) gardening is a never-ending job!

Gardening is a never-ending job, but it’s also a little bit “addictive”.  There’s just something about watching a tiny seed sprouting and growing into a plant!  There’s also something about walking into the garden the next day, only to discover that something ate your plant overnight!  Stay tuned for more tales of  mine and Ed’s “quality time”…


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  1. Your son was right ….and you got closer to your husband …I stand outside the fence now and say “Wow that is nice hon …great job hon……. reminds me of my brother in law and his wife when I began to read …they stand in the middle of the fields and throw dirt clods at each other ….then plant the garden til the next round of dirt clods are thrown …I had fun reading your blog …thanks for sharing …;ove the mop handle with nails makes sense

  2. You and Ed have started my day off right! Thanks for the “quality” time. When you and Ed plant a garden, you don’t mess around! My little plot is a pygmy next to yours. I don’t think I could deal with success at the scale you are doing, even before my stroke. From less than 20 feet of okra, we ate fresh for the entire harvesting season and froze enough to add to a huge pot of vegetable soup about once a week. Oh and okra and tomatoes. Our other veggie attempts have been hit and miss. Except red sails lettuce. That keeps us in salad greens through the fall and into early spring. Can’t wait for the next installment of Ed and Kathy’s gardening quality time!

  3. I got a kick out of this story. It reminded me of my mama and daddy. Let’s just say that your story hit the nail on the head on several different points. LOL

    Just think…it’ll all be worth it when you’re sitting down to a meal prepared with the fresh vegetables that the two of you grew together. 🙂

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