Monday Quiz About Me…And The Weekend Wrap Up

Acting Balanced

I survived a very busy Easter weekend, and here I am on Monday to tell the tale! So much to tell, and so little time, but I have to start somewhere!

So, let me begin by saying, I’m joining in a brand new meme! It’s hosted by Heather from Acting Balanced. This meme consists of four questions which I am supposed to answer, followed by a fifth question that you are supposed to answer in my comments section. Sounds like fun to me, so let’s give it a whirl and see how it goes…

1. Which three words would describe you best?

Determined, faithful, compassionate

2. Describe your favorite place in the whole world.

At “home sweet home” (with hubby, Ed, by my side).  If I have to choose a different place, it would be a white sandy beach somewhere, preferably with clear, blue water along it’s edges!

3. Sunsets, Sunrises or Full Moons?

I can’t watch sunrises or sunsets from home because we have trees on either side of us–so those are out.   We usually have an excellent view of the full moon from our yard though, and we’ve been known to go outside and admire it!

4. If you were to get reincarnated what or who would you want to come back as?

I tell Ed this all of the time…“I’d love to come back as one of your pets!”  Ed’s quite attentive to the collection of abandoned pets that I’ve taken in from our local animal shelter– cats, dogs,rabbits, and even fish– he worries over them all.  And now we’ve added six chickens to the collection, too! (I’ll be updating about them tomorrow!)

Now, here’s my question for my visitors:

5.  What is your favorite Easter family tradition? (mine is our family egg hunt–it’s quite entertaining!)

My Weekend Wrap Up-

It was a fun, activity-filled weekend around our house, with lots of food, family fun, and laughter–three days of it!  We gathered together on Saturday evening to dye eggs and decorate Easter cookies.  Afterward, we ate pizza and laughed a lot!

Judging from the amount of food consumed on Sunday, I’d say our Easter cook-out was successful!  Ed was in charge of grilling the chicken, while son-in-law, Clint, took care of grilling the ribs.  Both did an excellent job!  I enjoyed the break from  baking the ham, too!

The family egg hunt, on Sunday, was great fun, as usual, probably because the adults get in on the fun, as well as the children!  We had one exception this year.  Clint decided he wanted to help hide the eggs, so he didn’t get to hunt.  The grandchildren got a five-minute “head start”, then the adults were able to join in the search.  With $27.00 in prize money on the line, the heat was on!

Our oldest son somehow managed to find both prize eggs this year!  As usual, his wife found the most!  Christina can search out eggs like a hound dog can find a bone!  Granddaughter, Madison, found thirty eggs this year–the most she’s ever found!  After about ten minutes of searching, the grandchildren declared “we’re tired”, and went to jump on the trampoline!  Thirty minutes later, the adults called it quits, too, leaving seven eggs unaccounted for.  Someone did a great job of hiding those eggs!!!

What would a holiday be, without a family portrait?  Probably a lot less chaotic, but we gathered in the backyard and took one anyway!  This was our first one with our newest addition, Chase, included.  Here’s the best of three takes:

That’s a wrap on our fun Easter weekend! Don’t forget to tell me about yours, and what your favorite family Easter tradition is!  Thanks, Heather, for this fun way to start out the week!!!

P.S.  I almost forgot to mention that I celebrated the third “blogiversary” of this blog on Saturday, April 7!  My how time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

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  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary and the success of your egg hunt! My favorite Easter tradition is probably shopping the post-Easter treat sales… I love discount treats! Plus, my kids keep re-hiding the plastic eggs for weeks to come… for each other to find…

  2. My favorite Easter tradition is spending five minutes to really think about how lucky I am in this world and allowing myself to be thankful for that.

  3. Congratulation on your blogiversary! Wow, I twent by fast! Love how your family is wearing flip flops and shorts, it was too cold up here for that! My favorite Easter tradidtion is picking out the best card for Hubby and then writting in it something sweet and loving (not just signing my name). It reminds me just how blessed I am to have him in my life. I am blessed indeed.

  4. My favorite Easter tradition of all time is dying eggs, but for the first time ever , there was no egg dying at the Skupien homestead. Well, actually it was the second time. But last year I was in ICU after a Good Friday stroke. This year we were on the road, visiting kids and grands then vacationing in the Smoky Mountains. I will be back to dying eggs next Easter, I hope; but my new tradition is savoring and giving thanks for all my abundant blessings.

  5. Oh yes! Congrats on blogiversary and your beautiful–and growing, family!

  6. My favorite Easter tradition was dressing up the kids in their new Easter outfits and taking pictures!

  7. Congratulations on your blogiversary!

    That Easter egg hunt sounds like an exciting time! How funny that the kiddos give up before the grown-ups do! 😉

    My Easter weekend included plenty of time with the Ts. I got a call from DD on Saturday morning, asking me to come get the Ts as she’d put her back out. Easter Sunday was breakfast at church, worship, lunch at DD’s (we grilled out, too), outdoor fun with the Ts (turned out to be a gorgeous day), and a very early bedtime for this Nana because she was TIRED from a busy but FUN weekend!

  8. Right now I guess I don’t really even have any Easter traditions. When I was a kid we always went to grandma’s house. My cousins and I (at least 5, but many times there were up to 15!) would do the Easter egg hunts over and over and over again all. day. long. Not sure why we liked it so much but we did. But it was with hard boiled eggs, not plastic ones. And there were several times where one would get lost, only to be found by one of the grandkids months later. Oh the smell!

    I always wanted to do an Easter Egg Hunt with my kids at our house but because we are on staff at our church we’re gone until 2:00ish. Then everyone is really tired and we’re usually lazy and just hang around the house. Every year the church does a giant Easter egg hunt at the park and I always figured that was enough for them. But this year Bethany asked if she could and Yohn and I thought why not? Since they are not “seasoned” egg hunters (the one at the park is much too simple) they ran right past eggs on the fence and had a hard time finding any that was not visible at ground level. Yohn and I had much entertainment yesterday as they tried to find all 18 eggs. And we used hard boiled eggs, just for the fun of it. Thankfully we found them all!

  9. My grandfather always wanted to come back as a cow!
    How many eggs did you dye? Sounds like a lot of family fun. Love the photo. Happy 3rd Anniversary. I just looked, mine is today. I thought we had them close together. I completely forgot!

  10. Wow, three years already! I’ll be having my second blogversary in June. Time does get away from you, doesn’t it? Hunting Easter eggs was always a favorite around here, but this has been something we haven’t done in several years now. Maybe, if we’re blessed to have grandkids one day then we can have fun again coloring and hiding eggs.

    Linking up for Monday Quiz About Me! Read: Just Another Manic Monday

  11. My favorite place is home as well. What more could you ask for 🙂

  12. Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary !!! 8)

    Ashley was out of town for most of the day, so I just sat around watching TV and watching for Pippin. He’s been missing since St. Patrick’s Day. I miss him SO much, but I refuse to give up hope that maybe one day he’ll come home. 🙂

    Sounds like you guys had a great day. I love the family stories and the beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing that. 🙂

    • All the kids (young and not-so-young) look like they had a ball. 😛

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