This And That On Tuesday…

After two long sessions of working in the garden yesterday, I didn’t have the energy left to write a post last evening.  So, here I am writing at the last minute…again!

In between hoeing and watering, I did manage to make a picture of the place where I spend so much time these days.  Just in case you are curious…Oh, by the way, that’s my grandson’s cat, Bingo, in the picture.  Bingo lives down the road, but he’s a regular visitor here.

The plants around Bingo are “new potatoes” (with red skins), next are the different varieties of beans and peas.  I didn’t get to show the tomatoes, squash, or cucumbers, but, trust me, they are there!  As you can imagine, it takes a while to keep this massive area clean and watered!   Did I mention that I’m dragging 275 feet of water hose???  Should I show you my “farmer’s tan”?  Who needs the beach, when you’ve got a garden!

Moving along…These days I have to share my time between the garden and the chickens!  The “girls” are officially 4 weeks old now, and almost fully feathered.  Technically, I should just be moving them out-of-doors, but after they disrupted my nap on several occasions, last week, I sent them packing early:)  They were getting too rowdy for the house!   Trust me, they were ready to go!  I sent one of their cardboard boxes with them, and placed their light over it, so they still have their “security blanket” with them whenever they are outside.  They still enjoy that box!  Here they are inside of the hen-house for the first time, last week…

At first, the chickens were afraid, but after just a few short minutes, they were off and pecking!  Meanwhile, there was a lot of interest going on outside of the chicken coop–Just look at these “hungry eyes”!  Bobs and Kyle would like chicken for dinner…

Those cats, along with several others, sat around the chicken coop every day last week! Occasionally, a cat still sits there…watching.  Kyle has been the most persistent one of all. I’ve even seen him try to run through the fence!  And I thought I only had to worry about foxes, raccoons, and opossums!

Our most exciting “incident” with the chickens came on Easter Sunday–and I wish I had a video.  The chickens  had been in their coop for five days, when our old hound dog, Ethan, finally wandered over and saw them for the first time.  Ethan is very old, and doesn’t get around much, but when he spotted those chickens, HE CAME TO LIFE!  Old Ethan ran around that coop (chasing the chickens from outside) at least five times before I finally scolded him to make him stop!  I didn’t know he had that much spunk left!  I don’t think he’s had enough energy to come back for a second try.

The fluctuating weather has been a challenge with the chickens, with hot days and cool nights.  I never know what size bulb to burn inside of the chicken house (for warmth at night), and I never know whether to leave the windows cracked or close them.  The first night the chicks slept outside, I was inside of the coop at 4 a.m., checking the temperature in the hen-house!  I felt like a new mom again!

The “girls” love their chicken coop, but I’m having trouble training them to come out of and go into their hen-house. They do not like the ladder, and refuse to walk on it most of the time.  Instead they end up just flying out of the house!  (I sort of wished we’d built the house on the ground!) I suppose they will get the idea, eventually, but in the meantime, I have to spend time each evening trying to catch six chickens, because they aren’t willing to go back into their house via the ladder!

This is what I see each morning…(deciding whether to come out or not!)

I have a chair sitting inside of the chicken coop, so I can just go in and have a seat.  I enjoy watching the antics of those crazy birds!  I like to watch them trying to decide if they are coming outside of the hen-house or not once I open the door of it!  Their methods of exit are quite entertaining to see…

One hen is very friendly, and lets me hold and stroke her–that’s “Lucy”.  Another is quite feisty and likes to pick fights with everyone–that one is “Betty”.  I’ll bet Betty and I will have a few “run-ins” over eggs in the future!  I never knew hens picked fights!

Here’s a photo of the “girls” that I took yesterday.  They are getting big, but they still love their box!  I love having them outside of my kitchen window…very entertaining to watch!

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  1. Who knew that chickens could be so entertaining. 😉 And I’ll bet it was a hoot watching Ethan “chasing” the chickens!

  2. We’re planning for chickens eventually, Honey Bear is going to build a chicken tractor to move them to different areas of the yard…..
    Our potatoes look like those….the garden is all Honey Bear’s this year, now that he is home every afternoon and evening. He spends an hour or so out there each day….
    Mama Bear

  3. WOW that is one big garden! I had something a lot smaller in mind. The chickens sure are cute.

  4. They will eventually be big enough and comfortable enough to hop in and out of the henhouse on their own. They look like so much fun, but I remember all the work when they are bigger so I think for now I will live vicariously through you! 🙂

    Watch your cats though. If they find a way in it could mean a dead chick or stolen eggs later on.

    That garden is huge! So glad to know your son-in-law is helping in that area.

  5. Please tell Caden that I think Bingo is a very nice looking cat. He reminds me of Pippin. 🙂

    I got a big kick out of the look on Bobs’ and Kyle’s faces as they sat there looking at the chicks. LOL 😛

    Your garden looks great. The first thing I thought when I read the words potatoes was, “Mmm…potato soup.” LOL

    Just think – with the tan you’re getting – you won’t get sun burned when you go to the beach this year. That’s what I call a silver lining around a black cloud. 🙂

    Have a great week. ♥

  6. And, as far as Ethan, he was just doing his duty as a Guard Dog. He saw something out of the ordinary and was letting you know about it. LOL I would’ve liked to have seen some video of it too. LOL

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