Easter Revisited ~ A Few Photos Worth Sharing…

After a third night of not being able to sleep, due to a head cold,  my brain is dead.  Therefore, I declare today a good day to share a few photos.  These were taken during Easter, but I haven’t shared them.

Here’s a photo of two of my three favorite little people.  They are our grandchildren (and cousins to each other), Maddie and Cade.  The trampoline is one of their favorite outdoor activities!  Notice those nice, sturdy steps (complete with hand rails) that Maddie’s dad and Ed built to go along with the trampoline…Sure beats using a chair!

After the children got bored with the egg hunt, they jumped on the trampoline while the adults continued to search for lost eggs.  We still have five eggs unaccounted for, by the way!  Anyone feel like hunting eggs???

Those sturdy steps also make a nice place to rest and take a “Skittles Break”!   Cade’s Skittles were inside one of the eggs he found.  Cade loves to eat candy–just like his daddy!

Here’s my other favorite little person, known as “baby Chase”.   He is Cade’s little brother, and the newest member of our family. These photos show what Chase was doing while everyone else was hunting eggs on Easter…E-pa was sitting close by keeping an eye on him!

The adults hunted eggs so long that baby Chase soon went to sleep!  I’ll bet he won’t sleep through next year’s egg hunt!

Last, but not least, here’s a photo of little Alex, the baby my daughter keeps each day.  I took this picture on the Friday before Easter.  I wish you could see his beautiful blue eyes, but I couldn’t get him to look at me!  The little stinker!

Although some days are still challenging, Alex is continuing to grow and do well–and, of course, we consider him one of the family, too.  We rejoice in every pound that he gains, and each milestone he achieves.  Have I mentioned how “busy” Alex is these days?

That’s it for me today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with the Hodgepodge.  Hopefully, by Thursday, this cold will be a fading memory, and my brain will be working again!  Have a great Tuesday.


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  1. What a cute picture of Alex!

    I can’t believe you guys still have 5 eggs unaccounted for! That was one awesome egg hunter! ha!

  2. What a great job you did for someone who is Brain Dead. Great photos.

  3. This all looks like a great family Easter. I enjoyed your canning experience too. My MIL used to can venison but I was never that brave. I don’t like venison, but I didn’t do any meat. I’m sure it will be wonderful in the winter.

  4. I just love the pictures. Those are some nice steps for the trampoline. The pictures of the kids are great and Alex looks wonderful. Like I keep saying, I think him and Brandy are good for each other. God definitely had a purpose for being those two together. God bless Brandy for everything she does to help Alex. ♥

    • * bringing those two together.

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