Thursday’s Thoughts ~ About Those Annual Frog Parties!

It’s that time again!  It’s time for “The Annual Frog Party” that’s held in our yard each year.  Every year, about this time, a bunch of frogs gather in and around our goldfish pond.  They sit on top of the lily pads, swim in the water, make a lot of noise, and have frog sex with each other!  (You’d think they are on “spring break” or something!)

I always know when the frogs are having their annual party because I can hear their noise from inside of my house!  Seriously, the noise is deafening.  I almost need to wear ear plugs when I’m standing beside the pond.

From observing the frogs, I’ve learned that they blow a large bubble under their throats whenever they are making this loud noise.  It looks almost as if they are having a “croaking contest” with each other!  Last year, the frogs were so loud, they scared our little granddaughter, who lives next-door.  She couldn’t  sleep at night because their noise!

I went out to watch the frogs on Monday night, and folks, there was some funny stuff going on out there!  Without giving many details, let me just say there was some kinky frog sex going on–involving as many as four frogs at the time!  I’ve never seen anything quite like it!  Fortunately for me, all of this kinky frog behavior results in lots of little tadpoles in our goldfish pond.  While the tadpoles are living in the pond, they eat some of the algae–and that’s a good thing!

On Monday night, things got so rowdy at the “Frog Party”, we discovered a dead (frog) body in the pond on Tuesday…I guess his poor heart just couldn’t take it!  He was left floating on top of the pond–with his tongue hanging out…What a way to go!

On Tuesday evening, the “Frog Party” was still going on!   I went back out to observe about 10:30 p.m.  I was dressed in my pajamas, armed with a camera in one hand, and a flashlight in the other!  Have you ever tried to shine a light on a frog with one hand, while taking a picture with the other?  It’s quite difficult to do–and probably would have been quite a funny sight to watch!

Tuesday night’s “Frog Party” was a lot more subdued than it had been on Monday night.  My cleaver husband suggested that perhaps the frogs were having a “wake” for their friend who passed away the evening before…

Last night, while watching television,  I heard those familiar loud noises coming from outside again!  Once more, I grabbed my camera and flashlight, and headed to “the party”. I have no shame, and don’t mind crashing a good “party” for the sake of my blog!   The frog crowd was thinner than the previous two nights, so I’m guessing the “Annual Frog Party” is nearing its end.  I’m gonna’ miss those partying toads, but it sure was fun while it lasted!

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  1. Every spring when the frog lay their stringy eggs, I take a net and scoop them out. It helps keep the frog population down.

  2. You’re a riot!

  3. Thanks for reminding me the Peeper serenade will be starting soon. That’s what they call baby frogs here. I never heard of the term until I moved here. It’s different from croaking. Kind of like a constant medium high pitched buzz. And I’m mean constant , no breaths taken. When they’re in full bloom, it’s a total immersion, you feel it as well as hear it.

  4. That is so charming, I had no idea they party like that!

  5. I used to get them in my pond too and I agree they did help the algae problem. Mine were more well behaved though. I never heard any late night ruckess or orgies going on. You must have the party spot in town.

  6. Excellent photos … in spite of trying to take a photo with a flashlight in one hand and the camera in the other! 😉

    I’ll never be able to hear frogs croaking without thinking of your annual frog parties! 🙂

  7. I’d probably faint if I walked out there and saw all of those frogs. Frogs scare me more than just about anything else that I can think of. And they look so gross…eww!!! LOL

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