Some Of My Rainy Day Thoughts…

For the second day in a row, today I woke up to a dark, cloudy sky.  I am thankful for the clouds, and hopeful for more rain.  So far we’ve received a little over an inch.  That one inch of rain will do more for our lawn and garden than an entire month of watering would ever do, but it’s dry and we can always use more rain.

Some of our children and their families have embarked on a journey to the Jacksonville Zoo today.  It will be the first trip for grandson, Caden, and the second for granddaughter, Madison.  I hope the rain holds off, in Jacksonville, long enough for the little ones to enjoy their zoo trip.  Ed and I were invited along on this trip, but we’re slowing down just a bit these days, and didn’t feel up to a weekend at the zoo! (besides, now I have these chickens to see about, too!)

Speaking of chickens, my sister-in-law called this week.  She told me after she finished reading my blog adventures concerning the chickens, she said a prayer of thanks that they didn’t get chickens, too!  LOL  She was referring to those early days when I was getting up at all hours of the night to check the temperature in the baby chicks’ box–while keeping them in Ed’s pool room!  I simply told her, “Everybody doesn’t do things the hard way like I do!”

A clever person would have waited until late spring, bought older chicks, then put them outside–no light or special care necessary!  In fact, I saw a lady doing that just last week.  Of course, I’ll be eating fresh eggs at least a month before she will–and of course, my chickens now think I’m their mother, and will willingly fly up and sit on my lap!  I’ll bet the clever lady can’t say that!

Before I leave the subject of the chickens, I just have to share about my parakeet!  I’ve had “Tweety” for about seven years, and he sits high up in a corner of the living room.  While I was keeping the baby chicks inside (in Ed’s pool room, adjacent to the living room), “Tweety” became quite fond of listening to their lively chirping, and he would chatter along, too.  With the chicks no longer in the house, I’ve noticed “Tweety” has begun to imitate the sounds of the chirping chicks!  Isn’t he something?

I haven’t spent much time in the garden this week, due to being sick with a cold.  It’s been windy each day, and the wind just made my sore throat hurt worse.  I’m much better today, and it’s a good thing!  After this rain, the weeds will be coming out in full force!  We have lots of tiny squash on our plants, and should have some large enough to pick this weekend!  Yay!

I’ve been enjoying my new vacuum cleaner.  There’s just something about a new vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning more fun–sort of!  Unfortunately, the “new” will wear off, and the chore will become mundane once again…The bad part about getting a new vacuum is– trying to get Ed to get rid of the old one–he has two of my old vacuum cleaners in his storage house–and now he’ll add a third!

Brad and Jennifer will be involved in wedding activities all weekend.   Thank goodness it’s not their wedding, this time!   Jennifer’s oldest brother is getting married tomorrow, and both Brad and Jennifer are in the wedding.    Only two more months and Brad and Jennifer will be celebrating their one year anniversary!  I wonder if time has passed a fast for them as it has for me…

Speaking of time passing, it’s getting late, so I’m going to stop rambling now and get up and do a few chores.  I hope everyone has a long and enjoyable weekend!  See ya’ on Monday!

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  1. Do you read The Lumberjack’s Wife’s blog…she just got chickens and she’s so funny. You should hop over and read of her chicken woes : )

    We have gorgeous weather today but it’s supposed to rain all weekend. We need it…our sprinklers won’t be turned on until next week and our grass is so dry and our plants are finally budding.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. It is interesting how a Parakeet will pick up certain sounds and repeat them….I’ll bet he misses the Chicks.
    Sorry about your sore throat…it is still pollen season I suppose.
    We have little squash showing between the bloom and the plant but it will be a few more days before we’ll be able to pick them. This cooler weather is slowing things down a bit which is fine. We picked Strawberries again yesterday but could have waited.
    I hope you enjoy your weekend.
    Mama Bear

  3. Thought of you when I saw this. Take a look

    • Completely agree with you.

  4. I agree with you it is more fun to raise the chickens from babies… they attach better and it makes it easier to get them to come to you for a check up and if they get too losse to come back inside their safety area. My husband and I raised 10 this past fall/winter and they have been out a couple months now and give us delicious eggs. I love to watch them run towards me when I go out the door in the back yard. Good luck with yours 🙂

  5. Wow – I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since Brad and Jennifer got married! Where does the time go?

    Aww…Tweety misses his little friends. You outta take him out there and set his cage next to the palace for a few minutes and let them “catch up”. Not without you sitting there guarding him, of course. Bobs and Kyle might not be far. LOL 😛

    The news said some heavy rains should hit us through the weekend. I hope so, we could really use it. Have a nice weekend. 🙂

  6. I have missed being on the computer. Sorry you have been under the weather. I have to tell you, though, that reading your reflections about hearth, home and family, human, furred and feathered included, gives me a feeling of comfort, an “all’s right with the world” feeling.

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