Make Me Crazy Monday ~ Stumbling Through Modern Technology…

After wandering around Wal-mart yesterday looking in the electronics section, I realized how “technologically challenged” I really am!  I’m still living back in the age of cd’s, boom boxes, and old original cordless telephones!  My how things have changed!

With the soaring cost of everything, including phone service, we are considering kissing our “land-line” good-bye, and trying  Magic Jack (internet) phone service.  Doing this will require the purchase of one of the newer cordless phones,  with multiple hand sets, so I’ve been doing some browsing in electronics.

Any sort of change is sort of intimidating to me, especially as I get older!  (Just in case you happen to be wondering why Ed and I don’t just use our cell phones, it’s because we live in a home with a tin roof, surrounded by pine trees.  Cell phone reception is virtually non-existent in our home. )

Pondering this move forward, into”uncharted phone territory” (for us) doesn’t come lightly…  First of all, Ed and I have had the same phone number for 35 years!  The thought of giving it up that phone number (and learning a new one) almost unbearable, so I think I’ll be looking into porting it over…  I still haven’t gotten over the “trauma” of having to learn a new address five years ago, when we built our new home!

Next, I’m quite fond of the old phones that I’ve been using for so long, especially this Coke phone, that I found on eBay.

This phone hangs on the wall of my kitchen–with its short cord and all!  (It’s not adaptable for a longer cord–I tried!)  This phone has a fantastic volume control, which can be turned up,  so Ed can hear the person on the other end with ease.  I’m sad at the thought of never hearing that phone ring again–and I worry if Ed will be able to hear as well on some of these newer phones.

Then there is the problem concerning all of the “features” one these new phones!  I wonder if Ed and I will ever be able to figure them all out?!  Remember, our phones are old, and phone features were very limited back in the day.  Sometimes, I look at our son’s iPhone and it makes my head want to explode!

I can feel myself becoming more like my 89-year-old mother-in-law every day!  When she was still living at home, at least once a week, she would call someone to help “fix” her television.  She couldn’t keep the functions of  the remotes straight in her head, and would inevitably mess things up.  Brad even wrote directions down on paper for her, but she’d still get confused.  We finally solved her television problems when she went to live at The Griffin House.  We found a remote called “The Flipper”, which hides most of the function buttons, except for volume control, channel up or down, and on/off!

Do you suppose they have the equivalent of “The Flipper” for new phone technology?  I may be hollering for some help soon–I say “hollering” because I might not know how to dial for help on my new phones…

Have a great Monday!

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  1. I know how you feel and I try to be open to the new stuff because you kinda have to. The phones aren’t too bad. You don’t have to use all the functions. I’m going to convert to an iphone in June when my upgrade becomes available. As my husband says I already have the ipad and it’s essentially the same thing (smaller print!) but it makes calls. Good luck!

  2. I hear you as well. I have a iPhone and love it but its the TV that drives me nuts! switch the Wii off to watch a movie from the DVD player or is it turn the TV to channel 3? I can never remember!!!

  3. For a time, whenever I was at my Daughter’s house and wanted to use my cell phone, I had to walk to the top of the hill…then they did away with their landline and got iphones and needed a booster to get the signal…you might look into that…
    I haven’t had a land line since 2003 and I haven’t missed it. I program everyone into the phone and seldom answer it if I don’t know who it is. This way there is seldom any telemarketers. To solve the hearing problem, Ed could probably put whoever is on the line on speaker…Jim has problems with hearing but if he turns the volume up on his cell, he doesn’t have problems unless the speaker has an accent.
    My parents still had a rotary phone in their home when they passed away. It was the old black wall phone which had once been an 8 party line. Remember those days.
    Its been a nice Spring with these cooler mornings and mild days….our fish are dormant when the temperature drops below 50…..our female recently laid her eggs…wonder if we’ll have any babies this year…all 18 lived from last year’s batch. We gave my uncle 6 of them.
    I have to go to the grocery store today…I hate going to the grocery store.
    Mama Bear

  4. We had an old rotary wall phone until well after both sons graduated from high school and the oldest from college. I suspect our youngest’s best friend thought coming to our house was like coming to a museum.

    We still have a landline but are considering a change, although not very urgently. Right now I am dealing with the blogger changes, including the fuzzy words required for leaving a comment on some blogs. Do you think Blogger purposely discriminates against people with age- or stroke-related limitations or their techie designers all just young and oblivious?

  5. I’m not sure about Magic Jack, but when I switched from land line to all cell I was able to take my old number with me.

  6. We’ve debated going with Magic Jack, but so far, we’re doing just fine with cell phones only … so I guess we’ll just stick with them. Good luck with the phone switch!

    I’m getting to the point where I just won’t comment on blogs that require word verification. I almost never get it right the first time, and I’m trying to cut back on time online, not add to it! 😉 I suspect that most bloggers who have word verification don’t realize that it’s a simple process to disable that.

  7. I don’t like change very much myself. Like you, I am a Creature of Habit. I have the package where I pay one fee for my long distance and internet service. I have unlimited long distance calling. I’m not sure what package you have, but you might be able to call Windstream and “bundle up” and save enough to where you won’t have to change anything. Just a thought. If you do decide to go with the changes – let me know how it works out. 🙂

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