Happiness Is…

Happiness is having all of your kids living a stone’s throw from you!

Unhappiness is one of those kids having to temporarily work out-of-state…

Happiness is going for six whole weeks without seeing any signs of “predators” in the garden!

Unhappiness is discovering “hoof prints” in the soil–the day after bragging about not having any predators…

Happiness is the excitement of rescuing and bringing home a warm and furry new pet!

Unhappiness is having to watch the pet get sick and die a few years later…

Happiness is eating a home-cooked meal of fresh veggies from the garden!

Unhappiness is having to clean up the kitchen afterward…

Happiness is successfully getting the new Magic Jack Plus connected!

Unhappiness is discovering we can’t have our old phone number–or any “local” number, for that matter…

Happiness is having three grandchildren, and having  them over to play together!

Unhappiness is having  grandchildren argue over the same toy, even though there are dozens of toys to choose from…

Happiness is getting a haircut every 5 to 6 weeks!

Unhappiness is seeing all of those new gray hairs every 5 to 6 weeks…

Tell me, what makes you happy/unhappy on this first day of May?

Have a happy May Day, everyone  🙂


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  1. Cute post! Happiness today is a pot luck brunch with my women’s bible study group. Unhappiness is this is our last get together until September. Enjoy your day!

  2. How seredipitous that you ask today. Happiness was picking up my new car this morning. Unhappiness was saying good-by to my 10 year old truck.

  3. Happiness is having a hot pot of cheese ham and broccoli soup. Unhappiness is not having any left over for work tomorrow.

  4. I’m so sorry that you can’t keep your old phone number. The commercial says that you can. Sorry it didn’t work out that way. 😦

    Happiness, to me, is being too blessed to be stressed while unhappiness is not having a vehicle to get anywhere. 😦

    Hope you have a great week. 😀

    • By the way…I borrowed your cute flower picture. 😛

  5. Great picture! What makes me happy is that spring is here and what makes me unhappy is that it seems like it was just the new year and it’s May already.

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