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Around here, many things are winding down, as we get ready for the beginning of summer.  Grandson, Caden, played his last T-ball game on Tuesday.  Ed and I took granddaughter, Madison, with us to watch his final game.  Those little T-ball players are quite entertaining to watch!  At one point, Caden hit the ball, then took off running after it!  When you’re only 3, it’s hard to keep all of those rules of the game straight in your head.  It wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining if everybody did what they were supposed to do!

Following the T-ball game, Madison convinced us to take her out for supper–at McDonald’s!  I have to take a moment and rant here.  Thanks to Michelle Obama’s campaign for “healthier eating”, a trip to McDonald’s is no longer the pleasure  it used to be!  The “Happy Meals” are so small, it shouldn’t even be considered a meal anymore (more like a snack)–and there’s no caramel dip for the apples!  The Happy Meal prize?  It was a microphone/hairbrush!  Really?

Speaking of winding down, Madison is also in her final week of pre-K.  She “graduates” next Monday night.  It seems like just yesterday when she was leaving for her first day of school!  Madison has really learned a lot this year.  She’s now beginning to read, and I love it!  Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy teaching/watching a child learn how to read?  I think it’s the real key to success.

The regular public school has already ended for the summer.  Yesterday was their last day.  It seems like school ends earlier and earlier each year!  I don’t ever remember getting out of school in mid-May!  In fact, I remember having to go to school on Memorial Day!  Of course, school will probably be starting back in July!  Who in the world creates our school calendars???  (I know, it’s those clever people at the BOE!–and I use the term clever loosely)

When I wrote earlier about Mother’s Day, I neglected to mention what a nice Mother’s Day gift my daughter-in-law, Christina, received on Mother’s Day.  As the family was sitting around relaxing after lunch, the newest member of our family, baby Chase, said “Mama” just as clear as day!  It was priceless–and quite unexpected.  Chase is only 4 1/2 months old.

I’m resting and relaxing today, after another grueling day in “Bountiful” (our garden).  I picked and canned 14 more quarts of green beans yesterday!   That puts the total up to 53 quarts of beans–so far.  Yesterday, I noticed little butter beans on the bushes next to the green beans.  Oh how I dread picking those butter beans, because it’s hard on the old back!  Thank goodness for my little “Grasshopper” gardening stool!

Speaking of grasshoppers–I take a jar with me whenever I go to the garden now.  If I am quick enough to catch any bugs, who are busy eating my plants, I put them in the jar, and later feed them to my chickens!  I normally don’t  catch bugs, but the chickens are so grateful for their “bug treats”!  Bugs are special to chickens, like  candy is special to children!  One night I went outside, with a flashlight, catching “tater bugs” (large hard-shelled bugs)!  What a sight that must have been!!!  Life in the country is never boring…especially if you live on a farm!

Speaking of life in the country–our daughter saw a deer running from the garden on Tuesday.  We couldn’t see any deer tracks or signs of anything eaten, so…perhaps our little doll in the garden scared it away!  We added a “man” to the garden yesterday.  We dug our Halloween man, “Spooky Dude” out of storage, and placed him near the peas!  I don’t know about deer, but this thing would certainly scare the daylights out of me!

Last night, I researched ways to deter deer.  Some of the answers I found through Google were quite interesting, but I didn’t find anyone who suggested using dolls…One of the highest rated solutions (on Google) was to use “coyote or mountain lion urine”!  It’s too bad that I don’t have any coyote urine on hand!  Ha Ha

Okay, I suppose this is a good place to end this post!  I need to get up and get movin’ anyway.  Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. Holy Cow! That dude IS scary! Gosh but I LOVED seeing those precious grands! They are absolutely ADORABLE! I can just envision Caden chasing that ball –how cute!!! And Madison, or Ms Hollywood, is such a cutie! And then Chase saying, “Mama” on Mother’s Day! It just doesn’t get much better, does it?

    Oh, and I used to use clever loosely when talking about our school district too. Now, I just leave that word out completely. They aren’t even worth the sarcasm. LOL

  2. Did you let the police know about Spooky Dude? I don’t know how far Bountiful is from a road but I could just see someone driving by and freaking out on 911!

  3. I couldn’t help but notice right away that Caden was wearing a St. Louis Cardinals cap! Way to go, Caden! 😉 T#2 is the only one playing ball this summer … and her games are on the evenings that DD & DSIL host their small group, so I’ll only get to see DD and T#2 at the games … I’ll miss helping to keep T#3 and T#4 entertained.

    I’m with you on the downsizing of the Happy Meals.

    T#3 is starting to read a little … what a joy that is for this grandma! 😉

    How precious that Chase said Mama on Mother’s Day!

    If Spooky Dude doesn’t scare away the deer, I’ll be surprised – he’d sure keep ME out of your garden! ha!

  4. Caden is so cute. And Miss Maddie the fashionista in her sunglasses. And Chase the talker, wow!

    I have been MIA and was astounded by the garden. You have your work cut out for you. And I laughed about the bug treats. That is Kathy, always thinking of the exact treats that each individual regards as special, even if some of those individuals are chickens!

  5. Great stories about the grandkids. Christina will remember this Mother’s Day forever and ever. ♥

    And, gosh – that Halloween man is super scary !!! :-O

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