After The Storm…

It’s been a little over thirty-six hours since the surprise storm blew through our yard on Tuesday.  I’m not quite sure if it was just a storm or a small tornado.  I’m thinking small tornado because the damage seemed to be so sporadic.

We lost three large trees, while our daughter next-door only had a few small limbs, and a broken piece of toddler playground equipment in her yard.  Our oldest son, who lives directly in front of us,  lost two smaller trees, and had his lawn furniture strewn all about.

A couple of other nearby neighbors suffered some damage–one large oak tree uprooted, and a mangled trampoline—while most others remained untouched.

Whatever it was, we’re grateful no major damage was done to us or any of our homes.  Here’s another photo showing just how close those trees actually fell…

Ed came home from work on Wednesday afternoon, and began cleaning up most of the debris out of our yard.  Some of the fallen trees were blocking access to our storage building, and needed to be moved quickly.  We still have three very tall tree trunks standing, but all of the fallen limbs and tree tops have been removed!  Yay for a helpful son-in-law who pitched in to help Ed get our mess cleaned up before dark!

We didn’t get a chance to check out the damage to our garden until Wednesday afternoon.  The garden fared much better than our yard did, but still suffered some moderate damage.  Some of our corn blew over, as well as some of our pea vines.  Several of our tomato bushes broke, too.  Still, we can’t complain considering…

When I went to check on the dolls out in the garden (who were placed there to scare away deer), I discovered that “Spooky Dude” was missing his head and one hand!  I figured I’d never find his head, but luckily it was laying right beside his body!  At the moment, “Dude’s” still missing those body parts because nobody’s had time to re-attach them yet!

I walked down to the other end of the field to check on “The Doll”–the one who is guarding Ed’s peanuts from deer– and here is what I saw…

The wind had completely turned the doll around, so that she was now “mooning” anyone passing by!  Notice, however,  that the wind did not blow Ed’s hat off of her head!  How strange!  I straightened “The Doll” up and placed her back in a more “respectable” position.  She’s now waving instead of mooning!

Speaking of the doll–we’ve gotten a few strange looks and comments from people passing by on our little dirt lane!  Most think she’s just “creepy” looking…I hope the deer agree!

Today it will be back to business, as usual.  I’m feeling a bit better (after “Uncle Arthur’s” visit), so I’ll be heading out the the garden to pull a few weeds–but only a few.

Our garden may look a little “rough around the edges”, but it doesn’t have to be pretty to provide food.  I still see lots of little peas and beans coming on those vines, and it doesn’t bother me a bit if the corn is crooked–just as long as that doll stands up straight and behaves herself!

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  1. Wind storms can be so scary. Glad no tress hit your buildings

  2. Glad to hear you didn’t suffer any more damage. I hadn’t heard about that storm. We were watching the first named hurricane (tropical storm) here in May. That probably brought your storm too. Love the doll. She is a bit like Chuckie in the Garden isn’t she?

  3. Glad you, your family, your homes and your garden fared so well. Isn’t it wonderful to have children who had the good sense to marry helpful, kind, loving and hardworking spouses!

  4. So glad that you escaped any significant damage. It does sound like a tornado, doesn’t it.

  5. I am SO glad none of you were hurt. Praise the Lord. ♥

    As far as the doll…yeah…she is a little creepy. LOL

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