Tuesday Tidbits…

I hope everyone had a nice, long, Memorial Day weekend.  I took three days off from blogging, so I haven’t caught up with what everyone else has been doing yet.  I plan to do some visiting today.  It’s raining cats and dogs outside today, so it’s a good day for reading!

We spent an unusual holiday weekend here.  First of all, we made no plans for the entire weekend.  No cook outs, no family gatherings.  It was a little sad, but we have family cookouts, fairly often, so it’s okay.  The truth is, I just didn’t feel like entertaining a crowd this weekend.  We saw everybody, at one time or another, over the course of the weekend, but not all at one time–and I didn’t have to cook or clean up the kitchen.

For most of the weekend, Ed and I sat around watching to see what tropical storm “Beryl” was going to do.  “Beryl” managed to keep our weather in a turmoil for two of the three days–and it’s not over yet.  One minute it would be sunny, then suddenly it would turn windy and begin to rain.  This pattern repeated itself for two days!  The crazy weather kept me on edge–especially after that freaky storm last Tuesday caused three of our trees to fall!

I was amazed at the number of people who gathered on the beaches (and in the water) despite the tropical storm warnings and rough seas at the beaches in our area.  I hate sitting on the beach when the wind is blowing sand in my face!  The local news reported that there were 38 rescues from the water on Sunday alone!  What the heck?!  I think many people have taken leave of their common sense sometimes.

I didn’t start out the long weekend feeling my best, and neither did our youngest son, Brad.  My health complaints were just the usual stuff,  but Brad had been sick with a sore throat and high fever since Wednesday evening!  After two doctor appointments, and a few doses of antibiotics,  by Sunday evening Brad was beginning to feel better.

Speaking of Brad, I haven’t mentioned this, but he’s been working out-of-state for several weeks.  He’s been working four hours away, so we only get to see him on weekends.  Jennifer, his wife, goes to be with him, whenever her work schedule permits.  She stays in South Carolina on her days off, then heads back to work from there, after her days off end.  When Jennifer doesn’t have days off during the week, she takes turns staying with different family so she won’t have to stay alone.   These past few weeks have been difficult for the couple, but hopefully this out-of-town job is nearing completion!

Brad and Jennifer have to leave for work at 4 a.m. when heading back to work to-or-from South Carolina.  I worry about both of them being on the road at such a ridiculous hour.  It began to  rain heavily at 4 o’clock this morning.  It woke me up, and I immediately worried about Brad having to drive 4 hours in such rotten weather.  I hope he made it there safely.

All of the rain we’re getting should make our garden grow like crazy!  I just hope I’ll be able to keep up with gathering the vegatables when the time comes!  I expect that everything will be ready to pick within the next couple of weeks.  Everything is peas, beans, corn, and tomatoes.  This has been a year of learning for us, and I think we’ve learned not to plant so much at one time!   There’s something to be said for staggering crops…

That’s about all of my “weekend news” so I’m going to call this a post.  Enjoy your Tuesday, as for me, I’ll be listening to the rain…

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  1. We had rain all last week and some really crazy rain on Saturday. Now it is hot and humid but sunny. Hope the job situation settles down a bit for your son and his bride : )

  2. I wondered if you were going to get any of Beryl.

    It doesn’t matter how old our kids are … we moms still worry.

    Enjoy your rainy day.

  3. Beryl is supposed to hit me with rain on Wed. I’m like you about worrying about my adult children. One of my Michigan Daughters went ( and came home safe) to vist a friend in Ohio for the Memorial weekend. I want to tell her (at 26) to not get on the roads on a holiday but she she has to live her life. Of course she was the one that climbed our floor to ceiling bookcase with her little bare toes when she was about 3. I came into the room and found her at the top.

    I too wonder about people that get in the ocean on these storm days. We like to go to the beach to watch the waves crest but then see surfers out there. I don’t know if it is bravery or supidity.

  4. Our holiday was quiet, too. We could use rain here, but not not with a hurricane. Katrina is still too fresh in mind. Kids on the road, especially in wild weather, is nail-biting time.

    Hope their employment takes a turn for even more lucrative and local!

  5. I’m glad Brad is feeling better. I bet they will both be glad when this out-of-state job is over. I know what you mean about worrying. I worry about Ashley every time I know he’s out there on the road. ♥

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