Thursday’s Thoughts ~ What A Proposal!

Whoa!  Have you seen this  YouTube video of one guy’s recent proposal to the love of his life, whom he lovingly refers to as “Sweet Pea”?  Isaac’s proposal took place last week, on May 23rd, and was featured on CBS This Morning this past weekend.

As of this morning the YouTube video has already gotten 9,390,070 views–and it’s only been posted on YouTube for six days!  If you haven’t seen it, you should take a moment and check out this man’s elaborate way of proposing.

So much activity is going on during the video, you may need to watch it twice to get the full effect! It’s worth watching twice– once to see all of the participants, and again to watch “Sweet Pea’s” reaction to what is unfolding before her eyes…

All of the participants in the video are friends and family of the couple–including those people featured on the laptops, who wanted to participate but couldn’t be there in person! Watch and enjoy!

Since the proposal was so elaborate, it kind of makes you wonder what the wedding day will be like, doesn’t it?

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  1. That was so sweet! I loved it! I shared it with the lovelies!

  2. Thanks for sharing it. He kind of put her on the spot. Hopefully he was sure of her answer before he did it.

  3. This really raises the bar for all other men out there wanted to propose now doesn’t it!

  4. I hadn’t seen or heard about this before … it was sweet … and brought tears to my eyes.

  5. did see this. How sweet of him and how much work and planning that took. It reminds me of the tribute Grand Rapids, Michigan did for their town. My Daughter #1 lives in GR and it really is a beautiful city. It is Grand Rapids Lip Dub
    (New World Record.)

    It’s a fun one to watch too.

  6. Now THAT’s not your everyday proposal. LOL ♥

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