Acting Balanced

I’m beginning the week by joining Heather over at Acting Balanced for her weekly meme. Here are her questions, along with one of my own. If you’d like to join in, just click Heather’s button at the top of this post…

1. Finish this sentence – The first thing I do in the morning is...Head for the bathroom.  After doing my daily bathroom routine, I go outside and let “my girls” (aka the chickens) out of their coop, and then I feed the cats.  This is my morning routine–every day without fail.

2. What is your favorite kind of pie?  My “all-time” favorite pie is Shoney’s Strawberry Pie (remember that?) because once upon a time,  I loved that pie almost as much as life itself!  There wasn’t a Shoney’s located near where I grew up, so getting a piece of Shoney’s pie was a real treat.  One of the high points of the early days of mine and Ed’s marriage was living in the city.   We had easy access to a Shoney’s–and their famous strawberry pie!

3. Do you have pets?  OMG!  Do I ever have pets!   A dozen cats, two dogs, a rabbit, a parakeet, and of course, six chickens.  This is our lowest number of pets since 2004,  when I volunteered at the animal shelter.

4. What is your favorite chair in your house?  I’m going to say it’s my computer chair because I spend so much “happy time” there!

Now, here’s my question for you-

5.  What kind of music do you like best?

Boy, those weekends really fly by, don’t they?  This weekend was much needed and very welcomed by this blogger!  By Friday I was suffering from “garden overload”!  We put all things “garden” behind us for two wonderful days and just relaxed.

On Saturday evening, our daughter hosted a cookout.  The weather was perfect for being outside, and we enjoyed having the family time that we missed last weekend!  We played some corn hole, ate bar-b-que, then built a fire and made some smores.  The moon was full and the evening was beautiful!

On Sunday, I finally felt well enough to take my belated “Mother’s Day” trip to the beach.  Ed and I left early Sunday morning and spent the day on St. Simon’s Island.  There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the beach to rejuvenate one’s spirit!  Once again, the weather was perfect, and the scenery was just beautiful…

Now I’m ready to tackle whatever life throws my way this week!  Have a great Monday, everyone!

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  1. I like anything with a good beat – I am not as fussy about music type as some. Though I am not a big fan of opera.

  2. We were just discussing Shoney’s Strawberry pie this past weekend. It was good! I like pretty much all music except rap. My favorite is 70’s soft rock, country, and Christian.

  3. What great ocean shot. I can feel the breeze and smell the salt.

    Also – a dozen cats!!! Wow. I once had four – back when I was married in California. Four was my tipping point, or should I say tripping point? It seemed like one or another was always underfoot

  4. Ah, Saint Simon’s Island. We were there in 2009 and 2010 … I think it’s time for a return trip! 😉

  5. Hi, I just stopped by to visit your site and thought I’d say I enjoyed myself.

  6. Glad you finally got to the beach. I absolutely LOVE the beach. I could sit and stare at the ocean for hours. I think it’s one of God’s GREATEST creations !!! 😀

    I like all kids of music. There are a few kinds I’m not too crazy about (rap or folk), but for the most part, I can listen to just about anything. ♫♪♫

    As far as dessert – I bet the Shoney’s Strawberry Pie is good, but I still love cheesecake! ♥

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