This Week In Review…

Do the weeks pass by as quickly for you as they do for me?  I find myself barely getting into a Monday routine, then I blink and it’s Friday!  One thing I do know, time did not pass this quickly when Ed was overseas for nearly two years!  Back then, time seemed to d-r-a-g…

It’s been a rainy week here!  I think we’ve received  over 3 inches of rain this week.  We’ve had rain every day except Monday and today!  The ground is 100% saturated–and that includes the garden, the chicken pen, and everything in between!  On Tuesday, Ed was forced to wear his rain boots and rain coat when he went outside to feed the animals.

Tuesday was also the day that we had a huge storm down the road from us, which caused us to lose power for six hours!  Fortunately, the hail cooled the temperatures off considerably, so at least we weren’t hot.  However, we were forced to sit around straining our eyes in our dimly lit living room.  I resorted to reading a book with a book light!

Speaking of the storm, and the hail–our daughter, and daughter-in-law were on their way to the library with their kids when the storm hit just ahead of them.  Christina, our daughter-in-law ran through some of the hail.  All ended up turning around and coming back home!  They said no magic show at the library was worth enduring that storm!

I’ve been enjoying my brief rest from working in the garden this week–partially due to the rain, and also the fact that nothing is ready to be harvested.  Our corn is almost ready though.  We’ve had fresh corn on the cob twice, thanks to our son-in-law who planted his corn a bit ahead of us!  I picked a few peas late yesterday afternoon, but there weren’t enough of them to do anything with, so I’ll save them for making soup.  I have a few tomatoes ripening on the kitchen table.  Soon they will be ready for canning.

Brandy didn’t have to keep Alex yesterday, and her mother-in-law wanted to keep Madison, so she and I went on a “girls day out”.  We hadn’t done that in ages. It was good to get away and have some uninterrupted conversation together.  We went out for lunch, and did a bit of shopping.  Brandy and I see each other every day, but it’s usually in the company of two kids–which makes a real conversation very hard!

Believe it or not, I finally decided to get my first MP3 player.  I know, I know, now everyone has an iPod or some kind of fancy phone loaded with music now, but I don’t really care about all of those bells and whistles.  I just want a portable way to listen to music in private.  My player arrived on Monday–and I still haven’t loaded any music on it!  I’m a little intimidated, but  I think I’ll give it a try this afternoon.  I’m not particularly “tech savvy” so wish me luck!

The house needs cleaning, clothes need washing, and the clock keeps on ticking!  I guess that’s my cue to get off this computer and get busy!  Have a great weekend everyone–I’ll see you all on Monday!

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  1. I love having some adult time with my daughter, too.

    Corn on the cob is my favorite homegrown veggie (followed by tomatoes). Yummy!

    Wish you could have sent some of that rain up here … it’s been so dry, and with the heat, all our plants are suffering, even the well-established ones. 😦

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Enjoy your new toy, that is once you take it out of the box and load your music on it! Sounds like God gave you a full week to rest so that you will the engery to harvest all those crops! Get ready to spend lots of time in the garden…….

  3. My patio pots are swimming. I snagged a few and put them in the garage before the rains came yesterday but it has been ridiculous. Hoping for a sunny weekend! Enjoy yours : )

  4. How funny. I just said how fast time keeps flying on my last post!

    We have not had much rain lately, but keep bouncing back and forth between early summer temps 80’s to 40’s and 50’s. One day we’re in shorts and the next pants and jackets or sweatshirts again. At least the allergies have backed off now. The guys in our family are happy for that one. No more red itchy eyes. blah!

  5. I think your choice was a good one. I have an MP3 and I really like it a lot and it’s very easy to do. Glad you had a girls day out. Sorry about all the rain. Wow, fresh corn on the cob sounds delicious.

  6. I’m glad you and Brandy had a “girl’s day out”. I’m sure you both enjoyed it. 🙂

    Good luck with your MP3 player. ♫♪♫

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