It’s Wednesday Hodgepodge Time…

It’s time for some mid-week fun with Joyce’s “Hodgepodge”!  This week’s questions were fun, and they put me in a summertime frame of mind.  Thanks, Joyce!  If you’d like to join in, all you’ve gotta’ do is click the button at the top of this post!

1. In what way are you your own worst enemy?  

I don’t always know when it’s time to stop–working, shopping, talking, and yes, even adopting pets!  This tendency has gotten me into trouble more than a few times over the years.

2. Jacques Cousteau’s birthday was Monday, June 11th…ever been scuba diving? Is that something you’d like to try? What’s your favorite ‘under the sea’ creature?

No, I’ve never been scuba diving, and I’ll never try it, but it looks so exciting!  How neat it would be to see all of the fish, or explore a ship wreck!  As for my favorite under the sea creature–I don’t really have one, but I’ve always liked dolphins.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you in and around the water? (1=not at all, 10=very) Do you know how to swim and if so how and when did you learn?

Around water, I’m a 10–however, in the water I’m about a 3.  I’m not comfortable in water that’s over my head.  I attribute this to the fact that I almost drowned twice as a child.

Once Ed and I put in a swimming pool, I finally learned how to swim well enough to swim across the pool, in the deep end, but I’m still not much of a swimmer.  I can tread water and dog paddle though–or at least I could when we got rid of our pool.

I love, love, love being around water.  We once owned a boat, and I had no qualms at all about going out on the water, but going in the water was another whole story!  Eventually, I  conquered my fears enough to put on a life jacket, and  ride a ski board.  It took a lot of coaxing to get me to do it, but  I was proud of myself once I did.

4. What’s something you do to motivate yourself to tick an item off your to-do list?

I don’t really need any special motivation–I just have to wait for the right timing.  When I’m feeling good and have lots of energy, the sky is the limit...remember my answer to question #1?  I constantly have to remember Dr. Morley’s advice to me, “Pace yourself!”

5. What makes a good neighbor? Are you a good neighbor?

I think a good neighbor is friendly, helpful, respectful, and they give you plenty of privacy and space.  I think I’m a good neighbor, but I guess to know for sure, you’d have to ask my daughter!

6. Who loads the dishwasher at your house? Is there a right way and a wrong way?

No doubt about it, Ed is the dishwasher loader at our house!  He thinks there is a right way–and it’s HIS WAY!  Whenever I load it, he goes behind me and rearranges the dishes.

7. You know it’s summer when…you see plenty of peanuts and watermelons in the produce section of the grocery store!


I’m tired today.  Yesterday, I worked with corn all day, then Ed and I picked and shelled butter beans late in the afternoon.  My kitchen table is filled with ripening tomatoes, and our peas are almost ready…Guess what I’ll be doing the rest of this week?  Ah, the joys of growing a garden!   (and this brings me back to my answer to question #1!)

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  1. I’m sure that this winter you’ll be glad you had that garden … when you’re eating all that you’ve worked so hard to harvest and store this summer. 😉

  2. “Pace yourself”: My summer mantra! 🙂

  3. So you really did answer #1 a few times then! He he. Come winter you will be gald you put all that time into the garden, you just wait.

  4. I remember helping my grandmother with corn and beans and all sorts of summer veggies when I was little. I wasn’t a fan then but I sure miss doing it with her now. And I do look back on it fondly. I’m not sure that the husband even knows that we have a dishwasher. LOL

  5. I almost said red ripe watermelon for my answer to #7. Good luck with all your canning!

  6. Sounds like you worked hard at conquering your fears in water. My husband barely puts a glass in the dishwasher!
    Never thought about peanuts being a summer item. Wow, sound like your garden is doing great. Enjoy!

  7. There is nothing better in the summertime than vine-ripened tomatoes! We’ve grown some ourselves this year and they’re so GOOD! I’ve been eating them on everything!

  8. I think dolphins definitely win as the most favored underwater animal!

    I bet you are tired. But sounds like you have lots of delicious food to eat!

  9. We’ve not started getting tomatoes yet although we did ripen one in the house. I wish we had some of your peas, though.
    Mama Bear

  10. Very funny about your daughter being your neighbor. Loved that comment! hee hee

  11. I have had what I thought was a full day today until I read your post. Now I am Really tired, just thinking about you and the veggies!

  12. I love being around the water too. I used to enjoy swimming alot, but it’s been ages since I’ve been in the water. I’d love to see the scenery of scuba-diving, but I’m not much for being under the water. I get earaches from the shower. 😦 Besides…knowing my luck – I’d jump in to scuba-dive and Jaws would be sitting there waiting for me. LOL

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