Some “Sweet” Memories…

It turns out there was an “Antique Show” going on while Ed and I were visiting St. Simon’s Island on Sunday.  While we were there, we took a few moments to browse for a few moments.

One of the most interesting things I saw was an old Polaroid camera,  like the one Ed and I used to have–the one my brother used to take those wedding pictures of Ed and me.  What a blast from the past!  Our Polaroid has long been gone, replaced by a 35mm Minolta in October of 1978–three weeks after our daughter was born.  We still have that old Minolta around here somewhere!

While I was browsing, Ed never really made it past the first booth at the “Antique Show”–he got hung up with a coin collector!  Old money and coins have always interested Ed, and he has a small collection.  Ed struck up a long and interesting conversation with the coin dealer about a variety of interesting topics, such as–collecting coins, collecting guns, growing a garden, and preserving your vegetables.  Ed ended up purchasing a couple of silver dollars (for way more than a dollar apiece!)  Have you checked the price of silver and gold lately?  Ed’s purchase of those silver dollars brought up some sweet (and bittersweet) memories of my childhood…

Until the age of eight, my family and I lived in Florida, while the rest of our extended family lived in Georgia.  I only saw my grandparents a few times a year.  My maternal grandparents presented me with a silver dollar on one of those visits.

Being a young child, and having an enormous “sweet tooth” (and I have the cavities to show for it!), I somehow managed to take that silver dollar to the store and spend it for penny candy.  It was a choice I’ve regretted all of my life.  I knew that silver dollar was something special, but I spent it anyway.  There’s no telling what that silver dollar would be worth today–if only I still had it.

That memory of spending my silver dollar for candy, led  to a discussion of how much better candy used to taste back then,  than it does these days…  Has anyone else noticed this?

In my childhood years, nothing in the world was more special than going to the candy counter and picking out a selection of assorted candy for a penny a piece (Hershey’s kisses were two for a penny!)  Squirrel Nut Zippers, Mary Janes, Chico Sticks, Fireballs, Sugar Daddys, and BB Bats were among my favorites!  As I grew older, Jolly Ranchers were added to the list, as well!

Last year, when our son, Brad was in the hospital with the flu, I stopped by the hospital gift shop to browse.  While in there, I noticed they had a small selection of what used to be called “penny candy”–only now it would have to be called “ten cents candy” because that’s what each piece costs!  There was a box of Squirrel Nut Zippers, which I hadn’t seen in years, so I bought a few pieces.  I was so disappointed when I bit into the first piece!  I think they’ve changed the recipe, because nothing about it resembled the candy of my youth!

Speaking of Brad brings me to my final sweet memory of the day.  Until recently, he’d been working out-of-state for a couple of months, and had only been able to come home on weekends.  He would always stop by to see us whenever he got back to town–and sometimes he came bearing gifts!

An RC Cola and a Moon Pie–Oh the sweet southern memories the sight of those two things brought back!  Back in the day, those two things were my rewards for long, hot days spent working in the garden!

The problem with getting old is this– these days, by the time I’ve spent a long day, working in the garden, I was too tired to feel like eating or drinking ANYTHING!  I’ve saved those RC Colas and Moon Pies until I’m rested and can really savor and enjoy every delicious drink and bite…

Well, I’m all finished gardening and canning, and I’m all rested up!  I think today just might be THE DAY to try the RC Cola and a Moon Pie.  I sure hope they haven’t tampered with the recipes!

Bon Appétit

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  1. lol I remember, remember when under th RC Lids you had a chance of winning a free one

  2. Pressure from the self-appointed food police has probably led to the recipe change. I wasn’t a huge candy fan as a child, except at Christmas time when Mother and her sisters would make all kinds of homemade candy. Divinity fudge was my favorite. Some Christmas before my 6th birthday that all changed.

    The excitement of the season offered iys own sweetness, though, so I really didn’t notice until I was plumbing memories as an adult. That is when my mother said she couldn’t understand why I turned into a unholy terror several weeks before Christmas every year. She decided a big change was the sudden addition of huge quantities of candy to my diet. That year she didn’t join the candy-making marathon. She said the drastic personality change did not occur that year or any subsequent years.

    Thanks for the memories, Kathy!

  3. Your post reminded me of a funny happening. About a month ago I was at the health food store and since I always like to get rid of loose change, I handed the cashier a nickel as part of the transaction. The cashier, a young immigrant girl, examined it and held out her open palm, questioning what it was. I looked and saw a buffalo. (Uh-oh – a buffalo head nickel.) I snatched it back as in a nanosecond, replying “oh sorry, here’s a different one.
    I checked when I got home to the computer and since its date has been rubbed smooth it is not worth as much as certain dated ones, but at $36 that’s not bad for a face value of $.05. Great casino odds

    Also, I have about 10 or 12 silver dollars given to me by my godmother’s husband back in the 1947 when I was christened. I believe they were minted in the 1890’s.I’ll have to check their value as well.

  4. I haven’t had a moon pie in over 20 years-enjoy!

  5. great post! thanks for sharing!

  6. I hope the tonic and moon pie tasted just as you remembered it! I hate it when they just don’t taste the same.

  7. Hope you enjoyed your treats. 😀

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