The Monday Quiz And A Few Random Things…

Acting Balanced

I don’t know about you, but the weekends pass entirely too quickly for me! One minute it’s Friday, the next it’s Monday again. Whew, time seems to be moving at warp speed…

Since it’s already Monday again, I’m going to join Heather at Acting Balanced for her Monday meme. If you’d like to join us, just click Heather’s button at the top of this post.

1. What are two must haves when you go on a road trip?

I like to have some kind of music to listen to and a snack.  Ed doesn’t really enjoy listening to the radio or cd’s quite as much as I do, so we’ll ride in silence or talk for part of the trip, and then I’ll play music for the other part of the trip.  We both enjoy the snacks!

2. What is your favorite amusement park ride?  Back in the days of my youth, I loved all of the rides!  A few years ago, I found out, while riding “The Georgia Cyclone” at Six Flags, that my body doesn’t appreciate so much motion these days!  Now my favorite ride is the good old Ferris Wheel.  I still love that “over the top” feeling!

3. Post favorite picture from the last six months?  

It’s impossible to pick one favorite, but here is a recent photograph of our grandsons, Caden and Chase, and it is definitely among my favorites.

4. What do you (did you) call your grandparents? If you are a grandparent what do your grandchildren call you?

I called both sets of my grandparents “grandma” and “granddaddy”, and just added their last names when talking about them to someone.  I’m the grandmother of three, and all of the grandchildren call me “Mimi”.

My question for you is:

5.  What’s your favorite way to deal with the sweltering summer heat?

Speaking of sweltering heat, we had plenty of it here this weekend!  For the second weekend in a row, the heat was practically unbearable here.  My favorite way to deal with the heat at home is by eating ice-cold watermelon (preferably seedless), inside, under the air conditioning!  Today is already shaping up to be more of the same…HOT…HOT…HOT!  I still have a bit of watermelon in the fridge.

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  1. Your #5 question seems to be on everyone’s mind. We’re supposed to get a break this week….all I can say is Thank the Lord! It has begun to get on my nerves.

    Your answer to my #5 would be the same for me. We’ve tried vacationing with family and we prefer just the two of us. I like to visit family but I don’t consider it a vacation.
    Mama Bear

  2. I too love to have cold watermelon. I keep cut up watermelon or cantaloupe in the fridge all summer long. Your grandsons are darling! Nothing in the world like grand children! Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. I would have to answer the same to #5. That’s how I got through our heat wave (not that the coming week will be much better … still above normal temperatures, but thankfully we’re looking at double digit instead of triple digit temps … 95 sounds so much cooler than 110!).

  4. Your grandsons look terrific and I asked the same question. We don’t have airconditioning so we did a lot of sitting and ready in the shade or under a ceiling fan. We kept the house dark for most of the time as well.

  5. That picture is precious!

    We listen to a lot of music but on longer trips we often will listen to a book on tape. Definitely makes the hours pass more quickly.

  6. Mimi, that is so sweet. Love the picture of the boys. I love the Tilt-A-Whirl!

  7. My favorite way to deal with the heat is the AC!! Lame, I know, but we don’t have a pool and I burn so easily so outdoors aren’t the best option for me. 🙂

  8. I hate to say it, but I haven’t had ANY watermelon this year. 😦

    I really love that picture of Caden and Chase. It is TOO cute !!! 😛

    I used to love to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl. I wish I could still ride it, but after having a broken back – it’s a no-no. Oh well…too many others blessings to be sad over something simple like this. 🙂

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