Sic ‘Em On A Chicken…

Our son, Brad, celebrated a birthday yesterday, but he’s not the only one in the family who’s celebrating a birthday this week.  Our chickens, aka “my girls” officially turned four months old this week!  I haven’t written much about the chickens lately, so I figured it’s about time for a little update.

The girls are almost fully grown now, and are at least thirty times bigger than they were four months ago.  There’s a reason for this–they eat constantly!  Those ladies are constantly scratching, digging holes, and eating!  Did you know that chickens dig holes?  I didn’t know this!  Ask me why I keep a shovel in the chicken coop, and what I do with it… If it weren’t for Ed’s buried wire, those girls would’ve flown the coop a long, long time ago!

Ed and I didn’t get to eat a single watermelon from the garden, thanks to the squash bugs, but alas, the half-ripe melons didn’t go to waste!  The girls didn’t have a bit of a problem with half-ripe melons!  They cleaned those babies right down to the rind.  Oh, and that shovel that I keep in the coop also comes in handy for chopping watermelons in half, too!

I always make sure that I wear my glasses when I enter the chicken coop.  I  don’t trust those girls!  I once had an uncle who was blind in one eye, and I was told that he got pecked in the eye by a chicken, when he was a small boy.  I never forgot that!  Sure enough, there has already been an incident where a hen pecked at my eye while I was bent down changing the water in their coop.  Thank goodness for glasses!  Who knew one needed safety goggles to safely deal with chickens???

Chickens are naturally curious creatures, and they will cock their head sideways and peck at anything out of the ordinary.  I have to be prepared at all times whenever entering the chicken coop.  My girls are quite attracted to certain types of clothing–like the kind with small flowers or dots scattered about–and buttons or beads drive them crazy!  Not a day goes by that I don’t get pecked or prodded by at least one chicken–and if the others see one hen pecking, they all want to join in!  I always thought hens were docile creatures, but some of ours can get quite rowdy!

All of this rowdy chicken talk reminds me of an old family story, concerning Ed’s mama…

Back when Ed was a young teen, his family had a large white rooster.  The rooster was a little on the aggressive side, and liked to jump up and try to spur people occasionally.  One Sunday, Ed’s mama was wearing a dress, along with her brand new “Londonaire” ladies hosiery.  (For those who may be too young to remember those, they were hose that were guaranteed not to run!)   Ed’s mama walked by the old white rooster, and he flogged her…Tore those “Londonaire” hose all to shreds!  She got the last laugh though, when she spread the word to “kill that d@mn chicken”!  It was time to put him in the frying pan!

Ed begged his mama not to  kill the rooster, and he and a friend eventually caught the old rooster and took him over to the friend’s house–where Ed’s old white rooster ruled the roost until he eventually lost one eye in a fight.  Ed still laughs every time he recalls his mama stomping, her new “no-run” hose tore into shreds, yelling “kill that d@mn chicken”!

I heard a song by Zac Brown Band the other day called “Sic ‘Em On A Chicken” and I couldn’t help but think of Ed’s mama!  I also couldn’t help but think of some of mine and Ed’s past experiences with raising chickens…If you’ve ever raised chickens, you can bet that you will always have some good tales to share!   In fact, Zac Brown wrote his chicken song from life experiences…

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  1. I love your chicken stories. I remember our chickens as a child. I had a big white hen as my pet. She was at least twice the size of all the other chickens…probably because I gave her food constantly. She was the only chicken that didn’t end up on the dinner table.

    I have been longing to raise some chickens again. Been watching your ‘girls’ grow and living vicariously through you until we get settled in enough to raise our own.

    Love the story about Ed’s mama…I can visualize that, LOL!


  2. I’m not cut out to raise chickens. I’m too chicken : )

  3. hahahahaha! I love that story about Ed’s mother! So funny! I can just see the whole episode! I never knew chickens could be so rowdy. I’ve been wanting to move somewhere so I could have them but maybe I’ll rethink that now. LOL

  4. I’ve enjoyed your chicken stories too. I didn’t know a thing about raising them. They can be down right ornery can’t they? I have a disturbing memory of being at a grandmother’s house and a chicken running around without a head. ewwww…

    Love Zac Brown…. such a fun song.

  5. I didn’t realize that chickens dug holes. I’m learning all kinds of interesting bits of info when you post about “your girls”. My hubby grew up on a farm where they had chickens … I need to ask him for any interesting stories. 😉

  6. We just returned from our annual trip to Oregon to see the family and my kids loved the chickens once again! My daughter especially liked the eggs collecting and eating of the eggs. My parents let their chickens roam the yard for bugs after 4:00, when they’ve finished their egg laying for the day. There is one rogue chicken who won’t go in at night and Bethany enjoyed trying to help my dad scare her so she would want to be in with the safety of the others. It didn’t work but she still had a lot of fun!

  7. Wow – they have grown ALOT. 🙂

    Ashley and I were watching a Zac Brown concert and he sang this song. LOL

  8. Thanks for the update on your girls. When I was 5, I had an experience with a rowdy rooster, too, but it was my lip that was cut. The next week he attacked my 6-year-old cousin who grabbed a hoe and ran the rooster down and enjoyed every bite of Sunday’s fried rooster dinner!

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